Top 10 Best Brawl/Universe Nights Fights


The Top Ten

1 Michael vs Jon vs Scott (Brawl)

My Favorite match get's me excited every time - Partyguy

Brawl Nights 91#
Very hyped match very close also. - Partyguy

2 Michael vs Jon (Brawl)

Very close and proves that you can still beat a Meta Knight player - Partyguy

3 Noah vs Scott (Wii U)

Close match and unexpecting ending even match - Partyguy

4 Robbie vs Michael (Wii U)

Very Epic match and closest person to beating Michael - Partyguy

5 Noah vs Scott vs Chris (Brawl)

Closest Triple Threat I've seen - Partyguy

6 Brian vs Scott (Platinum Wii U)

Best match between Brian and SWL ever both giving it their all, all the way through - Partyguy

7 Brian vs Jon (Gold Wii U)

Really good match for the gold champion - Partyguy

8 Partyguy vs Timit (Gold Brawl)

Was a great way to end the series in my opinion - Partyguy

Hands down a badass fight

9 Robbie vs Brian (Bronze Wii U)

Very funny and surprisingly good - Partyguy

10 Alec vs Scott [Second Time]

This was the last good match Alec has before he left - Partyguy

The Contenders

11 Matthew vs Brian

Derpy match but it was still good - Partyguy

12 Jayme vs Niah

Very short lived but still a good match - Partyguy

13 Niah vs Scott

Eneded up being one of the best matches to date - Partyguy

14 Party vs UglyBowser

Close Match - Partyguy

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