Top Ten Brawlers in Brawl Stars with the Best Super

Vote on which Brawler in Brawl Stars do you think has the best Super

The Top Ten

1 Mortis Mortis

Mortis's special is beast! It does damage and it heals him once u use it u can kill your opponent.

After you get him down to low health he just uses his super and his health is back up - TheHabsFan

Op kill stealer, special could hit through walls, low health so u should better have his star power to get the best of him, and SO epic in boss fight as boss as you could just play around with the enemy by running away and hiding again. -AurumYT

2 Nita Nita

Her bear is just a major distraction - TheHabsFan

3 Jessie Jessie

Her turret that she deploys is so sweet. The rate of fire is OP - TheHabsFan

4 Pam Pam

Place her healing station in the right spot and you may win - TheHabsFan

5 Bull Bull

Use it in Heist, it's so awesome - TheHabsFan

6 Tara Tara

Wait for the enemies to gather up, then black hole them and card them to death - TheHabsFan

7 Spike Spike

His super Slows down the enemies so he can do way more damage - TheHabsFan

8 El Primo El Primo

When he's running low in health he just flies away - TheHabsFan

9 Shelly Shelly

Usually if you get it once you get it again an again and again - TheHabsFan


10 Piper Piper

She sits back and shoots everyone and when a Primo attacks, she blows him up and flies away - TheHabsFan

The Contenders

11 Poco Poco
12 Poco Poco

Some super will miss this one doesn’t

13 Barley

Power does ton of dmg does more than 50% to heist box if concentrated it's pretty nice.

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