Top Ten Brawlers in Brawl Stars with the Best Super

Vote on which Brawler in Brawl Stars do you think has the best Super

The Top Ten

1 Mortis Mortis

Mortis's special is beast! It does damage and it heals him once u use it u can kill your opponent.

After you get him down to low health he just uses his super and his health is back up - TheHabsFan

2 Nita Nita

Her bear is just a major distraction - TheHabsFan

3 Jessie Jessie

Her turret that she deploys is so sweet. The rate of fire is OP - TheHabsFan

4 Pam Pam

Place her healing station in the right spot and you may win - TheHabsFan

5 Bull Bull

Use it in Heist, it's so awesome - TheHabsFan

6 Tara Tara

Wait for the enemies to gather up, then black hole them and card them to death - TheHabsFan

7 Spike Spike

His super Slows down the enemies so he can do way more damage - TheHabsFan

8 El Primo El Primo

When he's running low in health he just flies away - TheHabsFan

9 Shelly Shelly

Usually if you get it once you get it again an again and again - TheHabsFan

10 Piper Piper

She sits back and shoots everyone and when a Primo attacks, she blows him up and flies away - TheHabsFan

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