Top Ten Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Which of the Brawlers in Brawl stars do you think is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Tara

She is quite OP. Her cards can do so much damage because they go through the enemy - TheHabsFan

New brawlers: frank and Penny

Tara is definitely a force to be reckoned with.
Her narrow, long range provides for multiple hits off with her throws.
Her piercing shots provide for an easy chance to gain her super.

Super is crazy good

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2 Spike

Better than crow

Deals so much damage up close and far away his super is really cool

His Super is sweet if used correctly. He's a boss in Smash and Grab - TheHabsFan

he's good

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3 Crow

His poison damage can do a lot - TheHabsFan

Crow is good because faster then a normal brawler poison,special is good as well as star power. Does more damage up close. And is very good at annoying people! He is also very cool and grabs peoples attention especially with crows cool skins!

It is awesome poisonous


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4 Mortis

Why is mortis so high on the list, the only game mode mortis is good in is brawl ball and in every other game mode, there are many better picks then mortis - kok2

He is top 1 because he can:
Drain life of opponents by using his bats

Mortis is fast and it's quite difficult to hit him

I am speechless because he so op

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5 Bull

Super is very helpful for getting out of tough situations very quickly and is a beast in heist

Fantastic in solo showdown.

Only on certain maps plus he's a boss in heist and duo showdown if used correctly - kok2

He's got a lot of health and if he gets close he can do a ton of damage - TheHabsFan

Deals tons of damage great in tight situations

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6 El Primo

Seriously this guys is BEAST! I don't know why he's not the top of the list.

The best tank in the game, GODLY get him upgraded really high and anyone who fights you are screwed

The Tank of the game - TheHabsFan


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7 Poco

Big range, heals.

If you get the enemies in a group then they get wrecked. And his super is sweet - TheHabsFan

I find poco extremely versatile. I use him in all situations

Lots of health and can heal

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8 Pam

Her healing station and spread shot makes her OP!

She is OP on gem grab and Bounty.

People usually don't use her healing station right, but if you do it'll be OP - TheHabsFan

Pretty versatile, amazing in gem grab, heals teamates, very tanky, has a mid-long range, but not very good in heist or brawl ball - kok2

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9 Leon

Sorry for the guys that hate Leon, he's just op

He flicks lethal fidget spinners that do about 6000 up close, so yeah, he's the goat.

This guy seriously needs a nerf - kok2

Honestly, how is this one not number 1? He needs to be nerfed to the ground

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10 Nita

Her super can be used very wisely - TheHabsFan

Her bear super is extremely destructive should be ranked higher than Poco

Can shoot through walls

Nita is very versatile but there is also a better choice - kok2

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? Lex
? Shellex

The Contenders

11 Brock

After they buffed him his super has been awesome - TheHabsFan

Very good sniping from far if controlled properly

Amazing in bounty, great in heist, ok in gem grab and solo showdown, pretty good- amazing in duo showdown - kok2

He sucks al ot the worst jiaming

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12 Colt

His aiming can be a pain if you're a pleb, if not then he's a beast. His damage is pretty flipping good.

Pretty good in bounty, gem grab, and showdown - kok2

Best brawler in my opinion

He has one of the fastest moviment speed of the game

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13 Shelly Shelly

Shelly has an awesome super

Versatile and deals a nice amount of damage

Works well in every game mode accept bounty - kok2


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14 Barley

Barley,s normal attacks are really good, since they lob and it leaves a pool of poison. Aw man, don't even get me started on how op the special can be. Its range is so large, its super useful in any game mode. Its damage just bulldozes any other character!

One of the top 3 brawlers for heist, but in other game modes he's very annoying to deal with but I wouldn't call him good - kok2

His splash damage is so hard to get out of, OP on heist and duo showdowns

If you get wizard barley he looks good and is op

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15 Frank

Personally my favorite brawler, does a lot of damage, especially when you upgrade him. He's a beast at brawl ball if you know how to use him, and his super freezes opponents for like 2 seconds. He is the best.

He sends a shockwave with high damage and his attack reloads quickly

The only weakness of frank is his attacking speed.

da best

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16 Penny

Penny deals so much damage, and the coin pouch is so good, I mean how can you not like her?!?

Penny is the best

Op mortar in all game modes if used correctly, penny herself, however works in all game modes well accept heist and rawl ball - kok2

Op. Just a G.O.A.T.

17 Ricochet

Great in all game modes if you know how to use him - kok2

Have a high damage

He's Colt but with a much better skin, more damage and awesome ricoche bullets. The only thing about him weaker than Colt is his HP, but if you upgrade him enough it won't matter. He isn't number 1, but should be in at least top 12.

Best ever

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18 Jessie

Very good at gem grab, her damage is an abuse cause you can wipe half health the entire enemy team if you know how to use her

God in my opinion. Just shoot at a crowd and BOOM.

19 Darryl

Super versatile after his rework.

He is a beast against sharp shooters and deserves #1

Darrl is the best brawler in my opinion, he can roll in and deal massive amounts of damage. Also his super charges automatically. His star power is also way overpowered, making him almost unkillable when he uses his super and briefly after.


20 Piper

If learned how to use her correctly (like I did) You will become godly

She s a beast takes out almost every opponent in two shots just gotta use her right.

God of bounty.

Queen of bounty and ok in some duo showdown maps. other then that piper is pretty trash - kok2

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21 Dynamike Dynamike

He is the best

Dino is the best brawler


He is a very good Allrounder and has a good Range and Splash damage the Hit Points are ok and when you has him on a good Level then it's over powert

22 Bo

Amazing, best overall Brawler

Versatile super

23 Extra Thicc Extra Thicc

How the hell are u not licking him right now

Extremely op better than Leon

So good

sexy beast

24 Big Boy
25 DKurtis

Gene is Mythic

Hella fast sniperr

26 Kairos

The God of Brawl Stars

Heese weelly good because hee alwais won

27 Gene

New brawler. Shoots a single shot that explodes into a shotgun blast after traveling a certain distance. His super pulls a brawler close to him, doing damage as well. His star power allows teammates to heal health in a certain range of him.

His regular attack is a long range shot that explodes forward in a similar way of penny's attack, but doesn't hit an enemy to explode.

What is his rarity?

28 Gin
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