Top Ten Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Which of the Brawlers in Brawl stars do you think is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Tara

Tara is good for all maps and game modes. Anyone can win with Tara and her super can be used in many different ways.

Can cramp up enemies and attack them at once with her super+ normal attacks.

Ultimately, ranged brawlers are the best if the user is good because in theory, any brawler can beat another with a shorter range than it (but for an arena like erratic blocks a thrower is best). This spot belongs to either Piper or Leon, the brawlers with the longest range in the game. The best thrower spot belongs to tick.

Come on we all know that sandy is the best brawler, now what place is he at?

2 Spike

Spike is my boy the legend that defeats a bull and I almost have him on power 9

He is all round epic. His attack is good and his super is great for chipping damage off tanks.

Spike is a awesome guy! He's so cool, he throws spikes and he's cute!

The best for me because he is very effective I don't have anything to say

3 Crow

It is a shocking 7 seconds of time until enemies can heal again. Combined with long range and speed, he is DEADLY!

Poison damage is op, especially with the 2nd star power. Crow has a lot of buffs.

Crow is so OP cause when it is being cornered, he can just fly away with his super and at the same time he could deal damage on opponents

Honestly the best brawler in the game. No healing and 500 damage over 4 seconds is insane. Also he has one of the longest ranges in the entire game. In addition he can do up to 4000 damage with his super twice! Adding onto that he has 2 of the best star powers in the game.

4 Mortis

I love his Coiled Snake Star Power! He can kill anything under 6000 health with super and gadget.

If you know how to use him, he is OP with his speed and survivability.

Mortis is WAY TOO much op. He should honestly be number 2. I love that he can dash away from enemies.

I recently got Morris and quickly go him to 500 trophies. In short Morris is amazing!

5 Bull

He is so good at close range and is the best close ranged brawler (besides el primo and darryl).

He deservse to be top one cause one v one any brawler he can beat any brawler

Too good in close range, So much health.
Bull is way op than others.

I know it really depends on your playstyle but most people that didn't vote Bull probably just don't know how to use him. But if you know how to use him correctly, then he's the tank of tanks.

6 Pam

She is so boss she literally can beat a Rosa up close if u have her at power 6+

Pam is the best in competitive matches for a reason but all of you are below 12000 so you wouldn't understand

Pam can serious deal a whole lot of damage up close

She is way better then all the brawlers listed here

7 Poco

He is a great support brawler because he has a wide range, great super and just good overall.

I wreck people with Pocoi got 1000 trophies with him his super is good his attack is decent and a good carrier

Poco is simply a god. Extremely versatile in everything(but heist) with his heal, he dominated the map with his attack's wide spread and chips everything to death.

Pretty good health, very good range and very useful healing, overall a very good character

8 Leon

His super is overpowered. Leon does a ton of damage and can win in every game mode. By far the best.

Have you guys heard of the "always invisible Leon?" because you get your super, and attack and get it again and again.

he is a good long range brawler he is a op legendary not as good as spike

Leon is the coolest! He can turn invisible and even the people that made brawl stars said he was the coolest one!

9 El Primo

He is a very op Brawler when he does hi elprimo junp and he can beat many brawlers in close mostly with he's super move and he's gadget is very funny and useful I think he deserves to be the best brawlers or top 1 or 2 I really think his the best brawler in the world

Seriously this guys is BEAST! I don't know why he's not the top of the list.

Really good in brawl ball and duo showdown if used correctly, same with gem grab

He can kill the robot in shodown in um... 5-10 hits. And he is op should be #5+

10 Brock

After they buffed him his super has been awesome

Gadget is too op, especially disabling Frank supers.

Very good sniping from far if controlled properly

Amazing in bounty, great in heist, ok in gem grab and solo showdown, pretty good- amazing in duo showdown

The Contenders

11 Nita

Nita is the best brawler I have ever used. First, I will rate the attack on the scale of 1 to 10, the super, and lastly, the skins and skills needed for playing it. Nita is a really good brawler for gem grab, she can grab as many gems and distract the others with the big baby bear. The bear overall is really overpowered, sort of like another brawler overall that you don't have to worry about. While the bear is attacking someone, Nita can run away from them if her health is low, or help the bear fight the person if her health is high. Nita is really well balanced. The only person who could really beat her in gem grab badly is Barley, who I also commented on. Overall, the attack is actually sort of mediocre, the bullets don't last long, but they recharge at a steady rate. I would give it a 4/10. But it all pays off when Nita can summon big baby bear, which usually happens in a quick rate. The super is good, especially paired up with the power ups (after power 9). I would rate the super ...more

Nita just got buffed so she can 3 shot almost half of the brawlers in the game.

Nita is the BEST brawler I have ever used and I love the cute skins!

Can shoot through walls

12 Shelly

Her star power, bandage, is OP. If Shelly's ho is lower than 40%, she will heal up to full hp.


Shelly has an awesome super

Shelly super is op

13 Frank

Frank is extremely good, especially during the showdown matches ( duo even better) for if you use his super correctly you take most of the brawlers health (including even the healthed up el primo) you then do your super -freezing them-, plus frank has a good reload time meaning during the freeze you deal another 2000-3000 damage (at basic level) if the brawler has any health left you'll easily finish them off. the one problem is that frank is quite slow, which means (unlike el primo) he is unable to chase other brawlers and/or run away from others, also if frank get hit whilst he is performing his super, he then just stops and reverts back to 0 charge on his super, this can prove quite tedious especially with Rosa and el primo, but the bonus with frank is that his super can break through walls, and he is capable of doing good damage to numerous amounts of brawlers at once.

here are my rankings of heavyweight (close range, big health) brawlers

1. Rosa (although el primo ...more

Way better than primo, super is OVERPOWERED and... a tip: don't do the super while carl is doing his!
Should be in top 5.

Frank is so op. People say that when he attacks it is easy to escape FALSE he has a long and wide range and packs a huge amount of damage

Personally my favorite brawler, does a lot of damage, especially when you upgrade him. He's a beast at brawl ball if you know how to use him, and his super freezes opponents for like 2 seconds. He is the best.

14 Colt

Colt range is long and his damage high so , that all are the advantages of colt

colt is a very good brawler in brawl stars
long range my clt is rank 15 poower 11

His aiming can be a pain if you're a pleb, if not then he's a beast. His damage is pretty flipping good.

Colt is best if you use him correctly

15 Barley

Super covers a very large area, so good in brawl ball/showdown.

There is no contest. No-one has the range, power, or class of Barley

"Best for Heist because people can chase you and all you have to do is run while still attacking enemy safe.

Barley,s normal attacks are really good, since they lob and it leaves a pool of poison. Aw man, don't even get me started on how op the special can be. Its range is so large, its super useful in any game mode. Its damage just bulldozes any other character!

16 Darryl

Darryl Is a very op brawler with his super he is good in brawl ball. he is better than many brawlers he is one of the best brawlers in brawl stars.

He is a beast against sharp shooters and deserves #1

Super versatile after his rework.

I have Darryl and, honestly, he's one of my best characters.

17 Rosa

Rosa has, lots of damage and health and attacks fast I got 38 gems with her
Oh and I recommend using many brawlers as it increases chance of getting new brawler

Honestly I just spam with her and win every game (op strat)

Her super is overpowered

OP but after the nerf, she is still one of the best

18 Penny

when brawlers line up she is op she is not bad for a super rare I like her

Penny deals so much damage, and the coin pouch is so good, I mean how can you not like her?!?

Op mortar in all game modes if used correctly, penny herself, however works in all game modes well accept heist and rawl ball

Penny is the best

19 8-bit

Very long range, so can kill enemies with the last bit of health.

8-bit is obviously the best he is WAY to op and if somebody does not pick him it was probably before he came out.

The only weakness he has is speed but other than that he is a G.O.D

Does a lot of damage

20 Ricochet

His attacks and super can bounce on walls which can help u and be creative with him

Great in all game modes if you know how to use him

Have a high damage

He is a clean, mean killing MACHINE! LITERALLY!

21 Bibi

She is great is showdown and is a boss at brawl ball, when she needs to be she can dominate any mode. My favorite brawler

I think she is the best. In duo showdowns she dominates at the end when the smoke gets small

So OP in brawl ball and duo,when I have her special its kills people. You know... SHE DESERVES TO BE NUMBER 1,BIBI FOREVER!

She may be a melee,but when you unlock her star power, she is really the best brawler

22 Piper

Piper is remarkable. Her long range attacks are good, and she is actually pretty good for solo and duo as she can escape sticky situations with her super and she can hide in bushes for regular attacks to bring out its' true potential. First, I will grade the super and reg attacks, and then I will give a overall grade. The regular attack is fairly well if you know how to use it strategically, but if you don't, it can end up being a mess. So this is a 3/10. Her super is also bumpy sometimes, but it is overpowering if you know how to use it, and can help you escape while killing the enemy. It is a 3/10 as well. If you spend time in the training grounds, you could try to perfect the strategy, and when you do, it is by far the best brawler in the game. So, overall, 5/10 is the score. Because 5/10 is the passing score, I thereby give it a vote.

I Once used her in bounty and killed 90 % of the people. at power level 5 (or 6)

If you know how do you play Piper then she is very good

If learned how to use her correctly (like I did) You will become godly

23 Gene

New brawler. Shoots a single shot that explodes into a shotgun blast after traveling a certain distance. His super pulls a brawler close to him, doing damage as well. His star power allows teammates to heal health in a certain range of him.

His regular attack is a long range shot that explodes forward in a similar way of penny's attack, but doesn't hit an enemy to explode.

What is his rarity?

Its super is amazing in my opinion its should be in the top 10

24 Jessie

Very good at gem grab, her damage is an abuse cause you can wipe half health the entire enemy team if you know how to use her

God in my opinion. Just shoot at a crowd and BOOM.

25 Bo

Versatile super

Amazing, best overall Brawler

Bo is cool, he like so serious.


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