Top Ten Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Which of the Brawlers in Brawl stars do you think is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Tara

She is quite OP. Her cards can do so much damage because they go through the enemy - TheHabsFan

New brawlers: frank and Penny

Great brawler

Super is OP

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2 Spike

Better than crow

His Super is sweet if used correctly. He's a boss in Smash and Grab - TheHabsFan

Get spiked very op

It’s the bet

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3 Crow

His poison damage can do a lot - TheHabsFan

It is awesome poisonous

Hi he is really good

Great man

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4 Mortis

Smash and Grab beast, he can move fast - TheHabsFan

He's super good he can dodge anything any special and he can get away from any melee types ex. el primo, bull. and with 4 swipes he can take out most of hid opponents.

He is so GGODD

5 Bull

Super is very helpful for getting out of tough situations very quickly and is a beast in heist

He's got a lot of health and if he gets close he can do a ton of damage - TheHabsFan

Fantastic in solo showdown.

Amazing player just started the game and I have shelly rank 15... After playing him in 2 showdowns after the map changed I got 2 1st places in a row while I got dumbstered with shelly (before map changed most of the times I was top 3 with shelly )

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6 Poco

If you get the enemies in a group then they get wrecked. And his super is sweet - TheHabsFan

I find poco extremely versatile. I use him in all situations

I hate his healing


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7 El Primo

Seriously this guys is BEAST! I don't know why he's not the top of the list.

The Tank of the game - TheHabsFan

Op damage at close combat can move around the map

Fast speed and super if good for getting away

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8 Pam

Her healing station and spread shot makes her OP!

People usually don't use her healing station right, but if you do it'll be OP - TheHabsFan

9 Nita

Her super can be used very wisely - TheHabsFan

The bear used wisely is a tideturner


Daño en area, y un oso que la acompaña, es de los mejores brawlers, excepcional.

10 Brock

After they buffed him his super has been awesome - TheHabsFan

Very good sniping from far if controlled properly

The Newcomers

? Big Boy
? Extra Thicc Extra Thicc

The Contenders

11 Frank

He sends a shockwave with high damage and his attack reloads quickly

The only weakness of frank is his attacking speed.

Most health and 2nd fastest reload speed

Showdown god

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12 Barley

Barley,s normal attacks are really good, since they lob and it leaves a pool of poison. Aw man, don't even get me started on how op the special can be. Its range is so large, its super useful in any game mode. Its damage just bulldozes any other character!

Definitely the best if used right

Best of best, does some dmg, easy to use, super star upgrade is nice.

13 Shelly Shelly

Shelly has an awesome super

BANSODIAN KINGS: Bansodia was once a mighty empire that ruled the game of BrawlStars, until it tragically came to an end... here's the sad story: The original leader of this band was known as Jeff. 2nd in command, Hamid, was filling in for Jeff when Jeff was exploring other bands just for fun. However, someone known as "FreezeFlare" joined the band, and told Hamid he was Jeff's second account and to give him leader. Hamid, for some very stupid reason, believed FreezeFlare and gave him leader... the beginning of the end. (Hamid, also known as "AHMAD", is known as the most gullible person Bansodia has ever had) FreezeFlare, who wasn't really Jeff, went on a kicking rampage, kicking out key members such as Hamid, Goody, The God, and King Kaelan. Every hour or so, FreezeFlare would kick out 10-15 more members and say hateful things such as "I hate u guys! " or "This band is mine! Hahaa, losers! ". The real Jeff actually joined in the middle of all this, and of course FreezeFlare kicked ...more

14 Colt

His aiming can be a pain if you're a pleb, if not then he's a beast. His damage is pretty flipping good.

Dat range though

15 Ricochet

Have a high damage

16 Penny

Penny deals so much damage, and the coin pouch is so good, I mean how can you not like her?!?

17 Dynamike Dynamike

He is the best

18 Piper

She s a beast takes out almost every opponent in two shots just gotta use her right.

If learned how to use her correctly (like I did) You will become godly


19 Leon

leon op



20 Jessie
21 Bo

Amazing, best overall Brawler

22 Darryl


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