Top Ten Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Which of the Brawlers in Brawl stars do you think is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Tara

Ultimately, ranged brawlers are the best if the user is good because in theory, any brawler can beat another with a shorter range than it (but for an arena like erratic blocks a thrower is best). This spot belongs to either Piper or Leon, the brawlers with the longest range in the game. The best thrower spot belongs to tick.

Tara is the greatest brawler in the whole game, high skill cap required but if you can master her she is an absolute monster in all game modes and most maps.

Come on we all know that sandy is the best brawler, now what place is he at?

I don't even know who tara is but sandy is definitely better

2 Spike

Spike os an absolutely amazing brawler, in fact supercell should nerf him. (Hope supercell doesn't see this comment)

Spike is so op literally no one can beat him his health may be a problem though but that damage!

Best brawler so far

Tara is horrible currently so spike should be higher than her
Boi Spike should be first

3 Crow

Crow he is a boss because his jump can be good for running and assassinating which is great. He also has the coolest skins ever. But I think crows robo skin are too expensive

His poison makes him too op

I have crow add me I'm in the group bunch-of-scrubs but crow I amazing he is beast but I suggestby using crow kill players slowly.

Crow is incredibly powerful. He may have low damage per shot but because his shots stop enemies from healing, he can easily hunt down individual targets. Additionally, he has increased movement speed and has a relatively short load time for shots allowing for him to dodge while landing a lot of damage. His utlra allows for you to escape when you are trapped while it can also be used as a finisher or simply a way to land a bit of extra damage. However, his lack of health can quickly become a weakness, ecspecially if you forget to clear bushes as most meless can 2, if not 1 shot him at point blank

4 Mortis

Morris is really OP he can dash forwards and doge enemy attacks and he does a Insane amount od damage he can kill brawlers in to hits when he gets to a certain level his ultimate can heal him which is really usefull

Creature of the night!

He is op with his coiled snake

He is the best!

5 Bull

Too good in close range, So much health.
Bull is way op than others.

Bro so OP. And that hair...

Best brawler ever at level 6
he does 1000 damage

Bull is probably in the top three

6 Poco

Good brawler I'm the best of world with this brawler

Power 7 he is the best

Worst Brawler EVER!

Best brawler in the game "my opinion"

7 Leon

I love Leon the best brawler in my opinion. I love his skins and his super move.

LEON is godly my favourite by far also my first legend great for long and close range

So much damage and he has range best brawler. Once power 9 with smoke trails, to op

He is a best brawler in short range and invisibility

8 Pam

She is so boss she literally can beat a Rosa up close if u have her at power 6+

Pam is the best in competitive matches for a reason but all of you are below 12000 so you wouldn't understand

Pam can serious deal a whole lot of damage up close


9 El Primo

Very good I always win with him

Fast and special is op

Flys everywhere

That special is so good

10 Brock

Amazing in bounty, great in heist, ok in gem grab and solo showdown, pretty good- amazing in duo showdown - kok2

He sucks al ot the worst jiaming

Brock is gobrock

After they buffed him his super has been awesome - TheHabsFan

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The Contenders

11 Nita

Nita is the BEST brawler I have ever used and I love the cute skins!

She can rush with that sick bear

Lol no I always kill her with my Gene - XtheXlmao

Can shoot through walls

12 Shelly Shelly

Shelly super is op

Band aid broken

She stole me potato

Her star power, bandage, is OP. If Shelly's ho is lower than 40%, she will heal up to full hp.

13 Colt

I am a colt god (1068 trophies)

I it is best bra


His aiming can be a pain if you're a pleb, if not then he's a beast. His damage is pretty flipping good.

14 Frank

Frank is extremely good, especially during the showdown matches ( duo even better) for if you use his super correctly you take most of the brawlers health (including even the healthed up el primo) you then do your super -freezing them-, plus frank has a good reload time meaning during the freeze you deal another 2000-3000 damage (at basic level) if the brawler has any health left you'll easily finish them off. the one problem is that frank is quite slow, which means (unlike el primo) he is unable to chase other brawlers and/or run away from others, also if frank get hit whilst he is performing his super, he then just stops and reverts back to 0 charge on his super, this can prove quite tedious especially with Rosa and el primo, but the bonus with frank is that his super can break through walls, and he is capable of doing good damage to numerous amounts of brawlers at once.

here are my rankings of heavyweight (close range, big health) brawlers

1. Rosa (although el primo ...more

Way better than primo, super is OVERPOWERED and... a tip: don't do the super while carl is doing his!
Should be in top 5.

Frank is so op. People say that when he attacks it is easy to escape FALSE he has a long and wide range and packs a huge amount of damage

Nerf him right now. - XtheXlmao

15 Barley

Barley is my faverote and best for me

Super dorian

Barley is good at showdown because he can shoot over walls.

He is beast in heist since can spam super at the safe

16 Danny Carey Danny Carey Daniel Edwin "Danny" Carey, born May 10, 1961 in Lawrence, Kansas, is an American drummer and instrumentalist best known for his work in American Grammy Award-winning progressive rock band Tool. He has also contributed to albums by and played with such artists as Zaum, Green Jellÿ, Pigface, Skinny more.

Very op and ugly asf

17 Rosa

Honestly I just spam with her and win every game (op strat)

Rosa has, lots of damage and health and attacks fast I got 38 gems with her
Oh and I recommend using many brawlers as it increases chance of getting new brawler


OP but after the nerf, she is still one of the best

18 Penny

Op mortar in all game modes if used correctly, penny herself, however works in all game modes well accept heist and rawl ball - kok2

Penny deals so much damage, and the coin pouch is so good, I mean how can you not like her?!?

Penny is the best

She’s good, just not the best...

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19 Ricochet

He is litoraly the best. He is also the second fasrest

He is beast+His bouncy power makes him more usefull.

Rico is the best if u know how to use it

Great in all game modes if you know how to use him - kok2

20 Darryl

Not broken but works for me

Best assassin

He is a beast against sharp shooters and deserves #1

Super versatile after his rework.

21 Jessie

Very good at gem grab, her damage is an abuse cause you can wipe half health the entire enemy team if you know how to use her

God in my opinion. Just shoot at a crowd and BOOM.

22 Piper

The best brawler! Use her!

If you know how do you play Piper then she is very good

I Once used her in bounty and killed 90 % of the people. at power level 5 (or 6)

She is the best. Nice demage and nice range!

23 Gene

I always win with this brawler

He is cool,cute and does a lot of damage

Its super is amazing in my opinion its should be in the top 10

New brawler. Shoots a single shot that explodes into a shotgun blast after traveling a certain distance. His super pulls a brawler close to him, doing damage as well. His star power allows teammates to heal health in a certain range of him.

24 Extra Thicc Extra Thicc

Too good

Contender for podium

What the what? - XtheXlmao

How the hell are u not licking him right now

25 Dynamike Dynamike

So op in heist and siege

Dino is the best brawler


He is a very good Allrounder and has a good Range and Splash damage the Hit Points are ok and when you has him on a good Level then it's over powert

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26 Bo


Versatile super

Amazing, best overall Brawler

Bo is a largely undervalued class but it is quite versatile and is the first class I got over 500 trophies. He is simple to use and his potential widespread allows for him to almost always land at least one shot in. He has a decent amount of health, a decent amount of damage, a decent amount of speed, an amazing star power, and a powerful ability. He’s perfect in showdown. No one wants to fight against him unless he’s already in a bad position because even if bo can’t kill he can generally leave the opponent at incredibly low health and quite susceptible to being killed by others. His biggest weakness, in my opinion, would be against skilled quicker players such as people who know how to play crow or leon. Similar to the boss in the boss fights, his attack can entirely be dodged if you rotate in a clockwise direction and stay a decent distance away. In this cases, fighting against people who can rotate with my shot, I generally find the only way to win is to find some shelter or ...more

27 8-bit

8-bit is obviously the best he is WAY to op and if somebody does not pick him it was probably before he came out.

Does a lot of damage

The only weakness he has is speed but other than that he is a G.O.D

He’s too strong he should be at number 1 even though he’s slow

28 Bibi

Bibi is so op her home rub bar is op as well very good in bushes

I think she is the best. In duo showdowns she dominates at the end when the smoke gets small

She has the most power and nearly the health

She is so good

29 Chief Pat

He likes to miss rockets

Am I a joke to you? - XtheXlmao

my ass

He is great

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30 Carl

Best brawler mid range more health dammage


An executioner and a valkyrie on wheels. One extra speedy boy too.

Nerf his super. - XtheXlmao

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31 Big Boy
32 Nibba

He's op deserves to be number 1

Such a god though

no. 1

Who is Nibba?

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33 OJ


very pro

34 Kairos

The God of Brawl Stars

Heese weelly good because hee alwais won

35 Lex

Lex is the best person that plays brawl stars in the universe

He is the best

Best youtuber

good luck

36 DKurtis

Gene is Mythic

Hella fast sniperr

37 Ninja

It's really good

Lol up vote

38 Hekkenk
39 Shellex


40 Wonderbrad
41 OG

First person to reach 20000 trophies and highest right now. He and canyadigit is op and U guys all suck compared to him. Everyone. So stop saying lex and kairos is good when OG is in the room. Wait, look behind u.

OG is the topper of the BRAWL STARS UNIV. He’s OP

42 Pennywise Pennywise It (sometimes capitalized as IT), more commonly known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, is the titular main antagonist of the novel, its 2017 film adaptation and the 1990 TV adaptation. It was portrayed to be a shapeshifting and malevolent entity millions (possibly billions) of years old, and with no more.

Penny's mother

Peeny's dad

43 Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

Too op better than Leon I mean literally is regular attack is shooting lightning while his super shocks the opponent dealing over 3000 damage, that can one tap a Bo! so op... I mean his star power is when he does damage to opponents, the damage converts to health and he gets it way way to op

ya too op

44 Gin
45 Jeffy Jeffy
46 Master Terry

It is the best brawler in the game!

Best Brawl Stars Player (September 16, 2019). 1st in World Record!

Very good

47 Yasuo
48 Coach Cory

He is gay

49 Tick

He is the fudging worst

He's not that bad, but he habe way too much counters


50 Borris

god mode

The greatest character in the game. your a true idiot if you think otherwise. BANSODIAN KINGS IS THE BEST BRAWL STARS BAND EVER!

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