Top Ten Breadwinners Episodes That Should Be Created

"Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 Of SpongeBob" and "Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens was A television Show" inspired me to do this! It's kinda dumb though.

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1 Everyone Dies And The Show Ends

Let's make it a 10 hour special, where SwaySway and Buhdeuce commit suicide but they want to take it more extreme will they have extreme suicide to see who does the worst suicide ever. then, SwaySway is running from Sanjay, who is trying to kill him. When he gets home, he sees Buhdeuce burning Noodman's house in stupidity, and the police come and arrest Noodman. Buhdeuce than admits to SwaySway that he burned the house on purpose. They than go to Pondgea to arrest random innocent people. SwaySway than gets back home and sees Puffy Fluffy eating Hector. He than sees Noodman trying to commit suicide after escaping jail earlier. Then with Pondgea overflowing with lava, it turns out that SwaySway is made of pee! He has to hold in his pee for a lifetime if he wants to live. Then, Buhdeuce eats a pizza with laxatives and the city gets drowned in poop so they eat their way out. The end. - Goatworlds

This should be number 1

It should happen for real

Hell yes! This is the one! - Mcgillacuddy

Please be real I ****** hate this show!

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2 Poisonous Bread

They eat poisonous bread and they all die - Goatworlds

SwaySway and Buhduce give out poisonous bread - PatrickStar

SwaySway and Buhduce get a letter from the F.B.I (Feathered Bird Investigators) saying that bread has been discovered to be poisonous to ducks and that they were after them. Despite it being totally legit, they throw it away like it was no big deal. They then celebrate their outsmarting of federal agents by shaking their butts in a heavy rave party. But it's only when SwaySway returns to driving the rocket van when they learn about the truth. The two ducks notice that the whole town is like a post apocalyptic movie. All the streets were abandoned, nobody was home, and hundreds of duck corpses are laying in the road. That was when Buhduce heard what sounded like police sirens from behind the van. It turned out to be those F.B.I agents from earlier in a helicopter and 10 army vans and 300 men with assault rifles in their hands. The top agent then stood up, who told them the usual about coming out with their hands up. Our two Anti-heroes were obviously terrified and decided to make a run ...more

NOO! We died!

3 The End

I agree! Breadwinners is stupid.

Just end the series after a nuclear bombs cleanses the lot of them.

Darth Vader invades Pondgia and kills almost everyone. Sway Sway and Budeuce try to fight him off with a resistance, but Vader kills everyone except for Sway Sway and Budeuce. They fight with him with Lightsabers, but Vader Force Chokes Buhdeuce and Sway Sway falls into lava. The End.

4 Buhduce Abuse

For some reason, my cousin which likes Breadwinners wanted this episode to be made. - RalphBob

Wait is that really that character's name? That's so stupid!

That rhymes

Extended with various more punishments, starting with Buhdeuce being used as a buttrag, and ending with Buhdeuce being stabbed deliberately. - Goatworlds

5 SwaySway Abuse

Humans finally eat him with buffalo sauce and wings - Goatworlds

6 The Creator Figures Out The Basics of Writing

Whoever added this is awesome - simpsondude

7 BreadLosers
8 BreadKillers
9 Deadwinners

The cast gets a plague and they die - Goatworlds

10 One Coarse Delivery

After a failed delivery, they commit suicide - Goatworlds

Do you want this to be like South Park?

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11 Goku Kills Everyone
12 A Pal For Jelly

That actually happen in a episode called PB And J however it junk because it tried way too hard to be A Pal For Gary that it ends up not being A Pal For Gary

Jenny Quackles gives a gift to Sway Sway and it's in fact a river shark and it eats them alive. The end.

13 Poopy Bread

Oh great. More toilet humor once again...!

They eat poop bread and die - Goatworlds

14 Ketta Goes Wild and Kills the Breadwinners
15 Sway Sway Gets a Splinter
16 Optimus Prime and the Autobots Kill Swaysway and Buhdeuce
17 Stuck in the Wringer
18 Plankton Kills SwaySway and Buhdeuce and Gets Away With It
19 Serialbread Killerwinners
20 Ebola, Genocide, Murder, and Alcoholic Ducks

Good except for genocide - MrSmith

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1. Everyone Dies And The Show Ends
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