Top Ten Breadwinners Episodes That Should Be Created


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61 Extreme Suicide V 1 Comment
62 Buhdeuce and Craig Date
63 Swaysway and Sanjay Date
64 Bloody Ducks
65 Buhdeuce Eats a Flute
66 Buhdeuce Goes Gaga

Inspired by the Simpsons episode "Lisa Goes Gaga"

67 Buhdeuce And SwaySway Steals Kim Kardashian's Butt
68 SwaySway Gets Pregnant
69 Sway Sway Gets Rabies
70 Every Cartoon Character In The World Comes and Beats Up SwaySway and Buhduce V 1 Comment
71 Gidget (The Secret Life of Pets) Beats Up Swaysway and Buhdeuce
72 All of the Jedi Slice Swaysway and Buhdeuce's Heads Off
73 Batman Punches Swaysway and Buhduce Into A Wall
74 Different Way
75 The Slicer

Buhdeuce and SwaySway commit suicide by slicing themselves. - Goatworlds

76 Different Way: Breadwinners Edition
77 Skunk Fu!: Skunk and The Duck

Swaysway finds Skunk in a jungle and captures him. Once Rabbit, Fox, Pig, Bird, Ox, Duck, and maybe Master Panda find out, they travel to Pongea, rescue Skunk, and take down the Breadwinners. They use Buhduce as an escape vehicle and Skunk tells everyone the journey he had for the last 10 minutes of the episode.

78 Breadwinners/Dora The Explorer Crossover

Then Dora kills them with her annoying voice and murders Boots, then Caillou kills her, then Barney kills Caillou, and Spongebob assassinates Barney

79 Don't Fear The Roofer
80 Boating Buddies
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