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1 Big Screen Buhdeuce

Liars, there are no good episodes of Breadwinners, all of it is crap, they just deliver bread and do their butts, that's all, so please stop killing your brain with it.

This is only an opinion of people's How would you like it if someone said your favorite show sucks and you are wrong to like it!? I like breadwinners. This list is good for some and bad for most

I hate this show but I respect your opinion unlike the other people here - VideoGamefan5

I don't think there are any good episodes. - KalloFox34

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2 Pondgea's Got Talent

There's nothing interesting about Breadwinners, kill this list.

3 Thug Loaf

Why would anyone make this list, it's just a useless waste of life.

Its called an opinion ass - yellowshadow

And a bad opinion to,jk,no such thing as one - Nateawesomeness

4 Food Fight Club

I can watch whatever I want to - yellowshadow

Nobody wants to watch Breadwinners unless they're idiots with no social life or talent, it's just too gross and unplotted.

5 Drivers Breaducation

There's no way you can learn how to drive by watching this episode, because the show is nothing but utter bull.

6 Diner Ducks

Listen, nobody wants to watch Breadwinners, because it lacks plot, detail, comedy, action and morals, and lets kids hurt their brains and heads with crap like this.

7 Birds of a Feather

They don't even have any feathers, they're just crappy green balls of gunk delivering rotten bread to other creeps and shaking their butts, twerking, what has happened to Nick?

They actually do have feathers just so you know.

8 Robot Arms

There aren't any robots in Breadwinners, because the art design is too poor and so is the plot, if it ever has one, which it doesn't even have one bit of.

9 PB and J

More like Pee B and Jackoff, there's nothing but crap and waste in Breadwinners, anybody who watches it is brain dead.

10 Kettastrophe

This show is a MAJOR Catastrophe for Nick as well as society, a Craptastrophe, Why can't Nick make anymore good shows, they need to stop being so greedy.

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11 Employee of the Month
12 Quack to the Future
13 Switcheroo
14 Pizzawinners
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