Top Ten Breaking Benjamin Song Titles Replaced With the Word Bacon

My sisters were eating bacon, I was listening to Breaking Benjamin and I just got the idea. So say hello to Bacon Benjamin!

The Top Ten

1 Anthem of the Bacon (Anthem of the Angels)
2 Bacon Design (Simple Design)

You must be out of your mind
This was a bacon design
You eat it up every time
How could you leave me behind - AngryByrd

3 Bacon Lies Beneath (What Lies Beneath)
4 Bacon of Eden (Ashes of Eden)
5 Bacon Angel (Evil Angel)

Wouldn't evil bacon be better? - gemcloben

6 Bacon of the Angels (Anthem of the Angels)
7 The Diary of Bacon (The Diary of Jane)
8 Dear Bacon (Dear Agony)
9 Close to Bacon (Close to Heaven)
10 Without Bacon (Without You)

A world without bacon, would be a world I would not like to live in... - Jeff_The_Killer

Search for the rashers I smelled all along
I lost myself, we all want chow
Never the frier of what's in the pan
Alone I stand, a hungry man.
All I have is one last fat
I won't try to digest you
Take my plate, give me chow
With mustard and onion too
But I can't savour cabbage, eew.
Singe something new
I have nothing left
I can't taste the heart without bacon
There's nothing left to chew
The line never ends
I can't taste the love without bacon. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 You Fight Bacon (You Fight Me)
12 Dance With the Bacon (Dance With the Devil)
13 Next to Bacon (Next to Nothing)

Breakfast is almost over
Getting colder
I need hash browns right here
Next to bacon. - AngryByrd

14 Natural Bacon (Natural Life)
15 Give Me a Bacon (Give Me a Sign)
16 Until the Bacon (Until the End)
17 The Great Bacon (The Great Divide)
18 Bacon Will Not Bow (I Will Not Bow)

Bacon will not bow
It always breaks
When I try to change it's shape - AngryByrd

19 Shallow Bacon (Shallow Bay)
20 Bacon I May (Wish I May)
21 So Bacon (So Cold)
22 Bacon We Are (Here We Are)
23 Blow Me Bacon (Blow Me Away)
24 Into the Bacon (Into the Nothing)
25 Evil Bacon (Evil Angel)
26 No Bacon (No Games)
27 Bacon Games (No Games)
28 Bacon Life (Natural Life)
29 Simple Bacon (Simple Design)
30 Bacon Out (Lights Out)
31 Bacon Away (Fade Away)
32 Ashes of Bacon (Ashes of Eden)
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