Top Ten Breath of the Wild Songs


The Top Ten

1 Divine Beast Vah Medoh (All Terminals Active)

Oh yeah broski!

Oh. My. God. GHIBLI OVERLOAD! - Cats43

2 Breath of the Wild Main Theme

The song that started the whole game... Wow, it's good! - Cats43

3 Kakariko Village

This song is just amazing! I really love the new style for the village! - Cats43

4 Divine Beast Vah Ruta (All Terminals Active)

This song just screams "PLEASE GOD AVENGE MIPHA PLEASE GOD! " - Cats43

5 Rito Village

Lovin' dat Dragon Roost Island remix, boi! (My soul just dyed while writing that sentence a little bit.) - Cats43

6 Revali Revali

His theme just sounds so... cocky, yet sad and mournful at the same time. It's hard to place a finger on. - Cats43

7 Mipha

Mipha is the most interesting character in this game to me.
Her relationship with Link is the deepest. She became a champion for protect Link and spend time with him.. her backstory was by far the most developped of the champions. Mipha actually has more impact on the game than any other character too. The entire Zora's village remembers Link. Mipha's impact as a dead character is still bigger than Sidon's work as a prince. Sidon have this popularity based on two or three lines and his sympathy but Mipha's impact comes from a way way more special feeling: love.
Mipha is underrated and to me she's the greatest Zora to ever be developped on this franchise in this day.


8 Daruk Daruk

Once again, this song sounds mournful and sad, yet proud and glad in the beginning. - Cats43

9 Cave

This song just sounds so peaceful... I could fall asleep to this... - Cats43

10 Kass

Man, I love this theme! - Cats43

The Contenders

11 Hyrule Castle

It's so EPIC! Best castle-infiltration music ever.

12 Attacking Vah Medoh
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