Top Ten Breath of the Wild Songs


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1 Breath of the Wild Main Theme

Absolutely amazing in every way. and is also very similar to dark beast ganon theme. to me these two songs are the best two songs in the game in terms of the climax. (other than the story trailer theme)

The song that started the whole game... Wow, it's good! - Cats43

It’s good but hard to play on the piano! 😅

2 Divine Beast Vah Medoh (All Terminals Active)

A masterpiece. that’s the tea

Oh yeah broski!

Oh. My. God. GHIBLI OVERLOAD! - Cats43

3 Kakariko Village

Very relaxing

I like the whole traditional Japanese take on the theme and the village - it reflects how ancient the Sheikah tribe is.

This song is just amazing! I really love the new style for the village! - Cats43

4 Rito Village

This is the best ballady song from BoTZ.

Lovin' dat Dragon Roost Island remix, boi! (My soul just dyed while writing that sentence a little bit.) - Cats43

5 Divine Beast Vah Ruta (All Terminals Active)

This song just screams "PLEASE GOD AVENGE MIPHA PLEASE GOD! " - Cats43

6 Revali Revali

His theme just sounds so... cocky, yet sad and mournful at the same time. It's hard to place a finger on. - Cats43


7 Mipha

Mipha is the most interesting character in this game to me.
Her relationship with Link is the deepest. She became a champion for protect Link and spend time with him.. her backstory was by far the most developped of the champions. Mipha actually has more impact on the game than any other character too. The entire Zora's village remembers Link. Mipha's impact as a dead character is still bigger than Sidon's work as a prince. Sidon have this popularity based on two or three lines and his sympathy but Mipha's impact comes from a way way more special feeling: love.
Mipha is underrated and to me she's the greatest Zora to ever be developped on this franchise in this day.


8 Hyrule Castle

How come this isn't top 1? This is probably the best soundtrack of Hyrule Castle in all of the Zelda games I've played... just... amazing. You can feel the march of spirits marching toward the castle trying to aid you so you can finish Ganon once and for all.

Best Ever

It's so EPIC! Best castle-infiltration music ever.

9 Daruk Daruk

Once again, this song sounds mournful and sad, yet proud and glad in the beginning. - Cats43

10 Cave

Love it!

This song just sounds so peaceful... I could fall asleep to this... - Cats43

The Contenders

11 Kass

Man, I love this theme! - Cats43

12 Molduga Theme

I fight moldugas just to here that music

Most epic soundtrack in the game

13 Prince Sidon Prince Sidon
14 Guardian Theme

So relaxing...

15 Dark Beast Ganon Theme (Phase 2)

This song is so good! Great song to end up the boss battles. The feeling of the different combined songs from throughout the game just wraps up the game nicely. Ya, there is the added cutscene/s at the end, but this really is the one that leaves the last impression of the game on me. It really is one of the best in the game!

16 Tarrey Town

Such a cool theme and I like how it changes when you build the town.

UListen to Sample
17 Attacking Vah Medoh
18 Fighting Vah Ruta Song
19 Korok Forest - Day

The Korok Forest music is upbeat and light, and it matches the forest, with its cheerful, eager Koroks and the heavy emphasis on the sun within the forest.

20 Calamity Ganon Battle

I think this is one of the most epic soundtracks in the game, regardless of how much the fight sucked. It's slow first phase and faster second phase really make you feel like the fate of Hyrule is in your hands. The fact that this is a remix of the blight Ganon battles along with the horror-like fragments scattered throughout the soundtrack truly makes Calamity Ganon an intimidating foe.

21 Hateno Village

I just really enjoy how mellow this village's collection is

22 Parasailing Minigame Theme

So happy and positive... it's a standout from the often minimalist (but gorgeous) soundtrack of BOTW. It's only used in two areas... so if you forget, check it out here: v=5vwWFYy9UA0

23 Dragon Theme

Adds to the experience of seeing farosh/dinraal/naydra for the first time. sounds exactly how id picture the theme of a massive, nearly harmless dragon soaring overhead.

24 Talus Theme

The sound of the instruments blending into each other is enough to make me take my sweet time while farming minerals

25 Default Battle Music
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