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1 Drink and Drive Safe

Drink and Drive Safe are driving suppliers of astounding Personal breathalyzer items. We engage individuals to have the capacity to remain safe while driving regardless of whether you are drunk. - david008williams

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2 Value Breathalysers

The company was started in 1999 by two UK doctors with a specialist interest in onsite & workplace drug & alcohol testing. Prior to starting the company, they had both been working in drug & alcohol testing. They both still work within the company. Our aim was to source & supply reliable, accurate drug and alcohol test kits & supplies to meet the exacting testing requirements & standards expected by the UK & EU customers and to always treat our customers, as we would wish to be treated ourselves. - david008williams

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3 AlcoHAWK

LcoHAWK breathalyzers provide the highest quality personal units supported by a U.S.A. based calibration program. Before AlcoHAWK units ship to customers the units are professionally calibrated using DOT certified equipment and solutions to help ensure the highest accuracy. No other consumer breathalyzer brand offers the quality and support of AlcoHAWK. - david008williams

4 Advanced Safety Devices

Advanced Safety Devices is a leading manufacturer and distributor of precision alcohol testers, enlarged door viewers, professional geological compasses, and many other safety products. In two decades we have built out a company focused on quality, innovation, and providing value to our customers. We manufacture the largest selection of breathalyzer alcohol testers and cater to consumers, law enforcement and military clients. - david008williams

5 Alco Prevention Canada

Our single-use breathalyzers can also be supplied in a package with your logo and a personalized message. They give your alcohol level in 2 to 4 minutes. - david008williams

6 Alcohol Breathalysers

We offer the best prices for alcohol breathalyzers in South Africa and we will beat the pricing offered by any competitor. - david008williams

7 Breathalyser Sales & Service

We are a group of strong and diverse individuals unified by a clear common purpose. We know our business flourishes or dies because of our customers. Customers service is everything. - david008williams


We believe that portable breath testers can help discourage drinking and driving and unsafe levels of alcohol consumption, and also serve as educational and entertaining safety devices. - david008williams

9 Alcosense

After 2 years of research and development AlcoSense was launched in September 2007. Since then AlcoSense has stopped over 50% of its customers from unintentionally drink driving the morning after, saving countless lives in the process. - david008williams

10 Blow Me First

"Blow me first” may sound like a provocative turn of phrase, but at the heart of this phrase lies an organisation’s commitment to starting a conversation with young adults about responsible consumption of alcohol.

Since 2013, Blow me first has been exploring innovative and practical solutions to ensure peoples safety and wellbeing at events and parties, where excessive alcohol consumption has become the norm. - david008williams

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