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1 Drink and Drive Safe

Drink and Drive safe offers breathalyzers online that are laced with new and updated features, accuracy and also are easy in use. The devices allows consumers to complete tests with near police accuracy. - david008williams

2 Vastar Professional Breathalyzer

The Vastar Professional Breathalyzer uses a compact design that allows you to take it with you wherever you go. Running on only three AAA batteries, the Vastar Professional Breathalyzer provides 75 tests on a single set of batteries. - david008williams

3 Flexion Breathalyzer Keychain Alcohol Tester

The Flexzion Breathalyzer Keychain Digital Alcohol Tester is a lightweight device that provides accurate results in just a few seconds. This small device can easily fit into any bag or even on a keychain. The simple design of the device makes it easy to use while the LCD screen makes it easy to view your blood alcohol level. - david008williams

4 Obest Professional Breathalyzer

The OBEST Professional Breathalyzer Portable Digital Breath Alcohol Tester uses a semiconductor to provide highly accurate BAC readings. The audible alert lets you know without even looking at the device if your BAC is over the legal limit. - david008williams

5 Pictek Breathalyzer

The Pictek Breathalyzer is a lightweight device that will immediately alert you if your blood alcohol level is over.050. With a four-digit display, the Pictek Breathalyzer is one of the most accurate personal breathalyzers on the market today. - david008williams

6 Imountek Digital Display Professional Breathalyzer

While other personal breathalyzers can fit on a keyring or in a purse, the iMounTEK Digital Display Professional Breathalyzer comes with a lanyard that allows you to place the device on your wrist or neck. - david008williams

7 Bactrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

The BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer for iPhone and Android Devices infuses all of the features you love about the standalone BACtrack personal breathalyzer with modern technology. - david008williams

8 Bactrack S80 Portable Breathe Alcohol Tester

The BACtrack S80 Portable Breath Alcohol Tester is one of the most accurate personal breathalyzers available on the market. This breathalyzer can provide results up to 0.400 percent, whereas most breathalyzers can only show a BAC up to 0.40 percent. - david008williams

9 MARS Breathalyzer Portable Alcohol Breath Tester

T measures BAC with a high-precision instrument. This device has been put through many years of rigorous testing and uses a high-tech fuel cell sensor, which means it delivers a level of accuracy that you can trust. - david008williams

10 Alcohol Tester VicTsing Professional Breathalyzer

It uses semiconductor technology, this device delivers reliable accuracy. You can use it to measure your blood alcohol content from any location. It needs only five seconds to tell you if you’re safe to drive. - david008williams

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