Top 10 Breathtaking Moments In One Piece

we're gonna talk about the most epic moments that took our breaths for a few seconds

The Top Ten

1 Fire Fist Ace's Death

It wasn't expected, we all thought Ace was already free and they were gonna escape together. - saidbahmed

It was really heartbreaking. Portgas D. Ace was one of my favourite One Piece characters. - Goku02

2 Edward Newgate's Death [whitebeard]

Saying that he was the strongest in the series, he should have at least lived for a few more arcs - saidbahmed

3 Luffy Shielding Zoro During Execution by Axe-Hand Morgan

Let's be honest, bullets don't affect the guy? how? if you start watching One Piece from the beginning, your mind would be blown away at that moment - saidbahmed

4 Luffy's Gear Second Moment

Never expected that. I swear I didn't blink at that moment. - saidbahmed

5 Gear Fourth

This moment was epic and the only thing that made me underrate it was the theme song used. - saidbahmed

6 Sabo Appears In Dressrosa

After like 12 years and he chose to appear as the 2nd in command of the Revolutionary Army. - saidbahmed

7 Sabo Being Able to Match Fujitora In Dressrosa

Being the 2nd in command of the revolutionary army that was expected of him - saidbahmed

8 Shanks Stopping the War of the Best

Even the confident Akainu was sweating in the presence of the red haired Shanks - saidbahmed

9 Captain Buggy Being a Member of Gol D.'s Ship V 1 Comment
10 Doflamingo Being a Celestial Dragon

Who could have guessed that a bow legged, insane guy could be from a noble family - saidbahmed

The Contenders

11 Enerus Defeat/Ringing the Bell

It was epic because it used a one time only move that we will probably never see again

12 Meeting Up After Time Skip
13 Sex scene
14 Zoro Takes Luffy's Pain

Best one piece moment

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1. Fire Fist Ace's Death
2. Edward Newgate's Death [whitebeard]
3. Luffy Shielding Zoro During Execution by Axe-Hand Morgan



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