Top 10 Brilliant World Records In Sports


The Top Ten

1 Bob Beamon In Long Jump

It was called 'record of the century' in 1968.

2 Jonathan Edwards In Triple Jump

This record stands from 1995.
Jonathan Edwards is the first athlete who broke the 18m barrier and the 60 feet in triple jump.
P. S. I can't understand why Banister's record is regarded an important one. It's not even in an Olympic event. It shouldn't be even in the top ten.

3 Florence Griffith-Joyner In 100m

Can"t you put the list in the right order?

I'm not so sure if Beamon's record was the greatest of the 20th century or the 10.49 of Griffith in 100m. Beamon improved the previous record more but the time shows that Griffith's record is harder to be broken.

4 Roger Bannister In Mile
5 Jarmila Kratochvilova In 800m

In 1983, Kratochvíloveá broke the 800 m. world record with a time of 1:53.28. It still stands and is currently the longest-standing individual world record in athletics. The record was described by 1996 Olympic champion Svetlana Masterkova as ".. very fast. It's impossible for women to run so fast. It will last for 100 years."

6 Paula Radcliffe In Marathon
7 Roman Sebrle In Decathlon
8 Sergei Bubka In Pole Vault
9 Usain Bolt In 100m

The 100m final of the Olympic Games is the most popular sports' event, even more than the FIFA World Cup final.
The final of 2008 Olympic Games will remain unforgettable as the legend Bolt won with the hands down and with a new WR.

10 Jim Hines In 100m

In 1968 James Ray Hines became the first man to officially break the 10-second barrier in the 100 metres (9.95), and won individual and relay gold at the Mexico Olympics.
His record lasted 15 years.

The Contenders

11 Uwe Hohn In Javelin

"The eternal world record".
His world record of 104.80 m (343 ft 9 3⁄4 in) was achieved in 1984 and he's the only athlete to throw the javelin more than 100 m.
A new javelin design was implemented in 1986 as throws of his distance were in danger of going beyond the available space in normal stadiums.
Fortunately, Jan Železný has send the javelin 'only' to 98.48 m. (1996) and none is even close to this new record.

12 Marita Koch In 400m

Her record stands since 6th of October 1985.

13 Florence Griffith-Joyner In 200m
14 Yuriy Sedykh In Hammer Throw

Sedykh is the best in his sport and his record stands from 1986.

15 Natalya Lisovskaya In Shot Put

During a two decades period (1967-1987) four Eastern European athletes (Nadezhda Chizhova, Helena Fibigerova, Ilona Slupianek, Natalya Lisovskaya) won all major international tournaments and broke the one world record after another.
Finally, the Russian gold medalist of 1988 Olympics Lisovskaya reached 22.63 m (74 ft 2 3⁄4 in) in Moscow, 1987.
Athletics experts believe that this record is one of the most difficult to be broken.

16 Usain Bolt In 200m
17 Jesse Owens In Long Jump

This record (8.13 m or 26 ft 8 1⁄4 in) lasted for 25 years (since 1935).
It isn't the longest lived in long jump but the same happens with Beamon's record.

18 Jürgen Schult in Discus

The German athlete holds the world record since 1986. It is the longest standing record in men's track and field.

19 Gabriele Reinsch In Discus

Although the East German athlete didn't manage to have a succesfull career, on 9 July 1988 at the East Germany " Italy tournament in Neubrandenburg she set a new world record with a throw of 76.80 metres (252.0 ft). This was 2.24 metres (7 ft 4 in) further than the previous record, set by the Czechoslovakian Zdenka Šilhavá.
This record still stands (as of March 2019).

20 Yelena Isinbayeva In Pole Vault
21 Javier Sotomayor In High Jump
22 Stefka Kostadinova In High Jump
23 Jackie Joyner-Kersee In Heptathlon
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