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I have a London accent and feel so happy when people from the north try to put on a London accent even though they are hopeless at it!

Don't care much for south London accent but well-spoken north London is like velvet on the ears!

I use to have this when I was a kid. My voice was so high pitched back then...

Since that I live in Alabama I have a London accent too almost all of my oral words


I'm from Yorkshire its an epic place everyone should live there I can't see how London is at the top!

Goodness gracious chicks of yorkshire and scotland are okay but turn incredibly hot as soon they open that mouth

Honest, trusting. Yorkshire folk tell it as it is.

Do it for Yorkshire!


We'll win it now in a minute.

And so, A legend was born.

Always gets thicker around February/March


I want to hold your hand...

Especially if they're singing...

The sloppy British

Come off!
Ello Grandfather!
I'll crippl' ya!


I like to hear a true East Ender talking in Cockney rhyming slang - it's like a whole other language.

Because it's Jason Statham!

I wouldn't buy a used car from a cockney but I'd sit and eat pie and mash with them while they spoke rhyming slang. I like it - it's like another language.


Gotta be Bristolian because the funniest thing on Facebook has to be Bristolian Talking' Tom. He's hilarious!

I'm a propper bristolian And I think we should all LOVE IT! Cus its right gert lush mates, - Bristolian

I was born in bristol but I live in jersey but I am trying to learn the bristolian accent

Simple it's all the cider we bristolians drink! For tonight we merry be!


I love the mansnchester accent


Hmm...what accent is "posh"? I guess whoever added this must mean, Southern England. My regional accent isn't supposed to be posh but for some reason, I always get told I sound like slightly poorer Joanna Lumley; whatever that means. Well-spoken working-class I assume.


This accent I can accomplish!

Second favorite

Now listen, don't be fooled by that thick Scots burr; they're a talented bunch, you know. No one but NO ONE is able to roll their tongues round their R's quite like the Jocks can... ;P

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Its alryte I suppose

Its a rlly sxc accent


I love this accent, even though I can't understand it! They sound like singing dolphins.

My favourite accent - musical and emotive.

Funny, yet so awesome-sounding.

Funniest accent

Northen Irish

Irish. Just Irish. Northern Irish is a disaster.

Top of the afternun ta ya!

Top of the marnin to ya!

Norn Iron belongs to the republic, hey.


Best accent ever!

Just very epic

Why aye?

So friendly


Carlisle, a little bit geordie a bit scottish abit scouse


Notts n derby accents are the perfect mix of northern and southern.

I have a lot of family based in the East Midlands, so have a lot of affection for Notts/Derbyshire accents. :-)


I used to think this accent was mediocre, that was until I heard Angela McCluskey singing "In The Air" for Morgan Page. She added life to one of the best songs of 2012.


Best accent everrr

Best accent

LoveŠ² it to bits it since heard it for the first time


Um Yup I can't do one very well but being part Scottish I love the accent!

I can do this accent!

Received pronunciation (RP)

It's what Daniel Craig's James Bond speaks with.

David Attenborough.

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