Top Ten British and American TopTenners

Was originally going to do these separately, but had to make ten of THE BEST.

The Top Ten

1 Britgirl (British)

Yes She's one of my favorites and thanks for putting me on the list - Jake09

Agree with you, anonymous, Britgirl is best. And thanks for including me as well. - PositronWildhawk

She is THE BEST, and that's all that can be said.

Hi, anonymous, might I suggest a follow-up list of Top Ten Canadian TopTenners? There a handful of good ones.
Britigirl and PositronWildhawk, both British, are my two favourite TopTenners, hands down. I also really like MoldySock (American), Ajkloth (American), and HollyRolo (British). - PetSounds

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2 PositronWildhawk (British)

He is really funny. And he and Britgirl make a great pair!

He's so nice and funny! I love his lists - MoldySock

I SAY! How long has this delightful list been knocking about? Would I'm so flattered that my name appeared on here! Absolutely chuffed to pieces, what!
Would love to vote my fellow British buddy, old Posthing. Dashed funny fellow and not lacking in the old grey matter either - hawhawhaw! - Britgirl

3 MoldySock (American)

I do agree. This is a great list, by the way. -

4 Ajkloth (American)

Dear PositronWildHawk, the most wise and generous thing you wrote in your previous remark is that 'each member is unique in their own way'. All the rest was pretty childish. You've been brought down? In which way? Reread my remark about shallow lists, if you are not so narcissistic to omit that. You are very young and I don't want to wound your pride with my observations, but I bet you can always be more thoughtful and humble and stop writing about your high intelligence so often. It's kinda.. You know what I mean anyway. I don't think that I have ever put you down. Your remark actually in this list kind of put you down. My criticism was for making lists like that, not for your lists (some of your lists are excellent, indeed, no doubt about it. ) I would have never written this remark but this list has been made numerous times already with another title on it. It's not one or two times, or even three times! It's really insulting to make such lists because you make other people feel ...more

Dear anonymous, I agree that Ajkloth is underrated and deserves more attention, but the fact that I put this on a list of members who deserve more attention proves that I am not shallow. And I respect every person on this site as equals; and I do not intend to drown out the talent which I see in them. I also think you'll find that a number of lists like Britgirl's and mine are intelligent and well-crafted, as well as a number of which that are based on intelligent and intriguing subjects. A number are also sensitive and originative. Each member is unique in their own way. I do not intend to criticise, but I think you should see our work with different eyes, and also respect us as equals. We are people as well, with our own opinions and feelings, and, although I agree that users like Ajkloth deserve more recognition, I do not believe that any members on the site should be brought down like so. - PositronWildhawk

Ajkloth is really creative and sensitive. He is not just empty and sarcastic words. He should be much highter in this list, but anyway, it doesn't really matter. I mean he is already popular here, but I think that putting him in number seven it's silly. Ajkloth has more quality in him than other persons who have been put in higher places in this list. There is just a propaganda in favour of certain people here and I don't think that it's a coincidence. It's ugly to see all this repetition again and again and it's pretty funny when it's not unfair to the other eponymous members who have been left out. Stop doing such lists! To be honest they are not creative, they are so idiotic and shallow. You have made this list a couple of times actually by changing the title of the list and you keep on putting Britgirl and PositronWildhawk in the first places. Ok we got it. All this licking and this propaganda is pretty nauseating from a monent and on. Just because some people are insecure and ...more

Yes PositronWildHawk, I'm indeed her! Anyway, I was very glad that you replied the way you that you did. I mean, there was no need to ask an apology from me, but I really appreciate it when someone have the guts and the good will to say that they maybe overdid it somewhere along the way. Not all people have the strength and the will to do so, you know? Now it's clear that you mean well, or at least that you try and I hope that you didn't feel like falling on your face by explaining some things. On the contrary, actually, that added a beautiful light to your personality. I wish the best for you too. In general, I hope that this will be a better year for all the TopTenners. Take care all.

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5 ozzydog12 (British)

Ozzydog12 deserves a lot more attention than he gets. He's awesome.

6 heather (American)
7 Liam31idents (British)

I added myself... - Liam31idents

8 emraldYE (American)
9 Jake09 (American)
10 MikeFuller (British)

Refer to "Users Of TheTopTens Who Deserve More Attention". Which he does.

The Contenders

11 Wolphert (British)
12 HollyRolo (British)
13 happyhappyjoyjoy (American)
14 DunnaNunnaBatman (British)
15 Dureckl (American)
16 Thequxxn (American)
17 YouShallNotEatPoopy (American)
18 Artattack (American)
19 JandS300 (British)
20 Alexcousins (American)
21 XanderMartin98 (American)
22 Camaro6 (American)
23 LightningStrike (American)
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