10 Greatest British Children's Shows

I think the best children's shows come from the UK. Tell me if you like any of the British children's shows just as much as I do.

The Top Ten

1 Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

Best show EVER! I have always loved this show ever since I was a baby. Today the show is 30 years old. Currently one of the longest running children's shows in the UK. I love collecting the merchandise, DVDs, books, games and other things associated with the show. I love every single character, especially James. Hooray for Thomas! Thomas we love you!

Thank for put this on number 1

My Favorite British Childhood show of all time!

Chuggintons, that Thomas and friends wannabe ripoff.

2 Bagpuss

Amazing show. I wasn't born when it first aired, but repeated in the UK a lot and I find it fascinating. I love the characters, music and the stories. And the theme is just so classic and perfect. It's too bad I don't think it will return for a new series.R.I. P Bagpuss.

3 Teletubbies Teletubbies Teletubbies is a British pre-school children's television series created by Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood CBE and Andrew Davenport, who wrote each of the show's 365 episodes .

Why is this number 3 when everyone hates it so much?

I loved this show while I was still only a little baby. It was the first ever T.V. show I watched. I used to sit down with my Mum and we watched it together. I love the story lines and it's very funny. The Teletubbies themselves are so cute, especially Po. And I am excited cause Teletubbies will be coming back to T.V. with new episodes soon. Eh Oh!

4 Pingu Pingu

I was a fan of this show as well. I love the way the characters talk plus it reminds me of Wallace and Gromit because it was made using plasticine. Very realistic and funny.

Its Swedish-British show. Like The Magic Roundabout which was French-British. Just two countries.

I didn't know it was British, for some reason I expected it to be Asian. - RaccoonCartoon

This show is Swedish, not British. - KennyRulz244444

5 Bob the Builder Bob the Builder Bob the Builder is a British children's animated television show created by Keith Chapman. In the original series, Bob appears in a stop motion animated programme as a building contractor, specialising in masonry, along with his colleague Wendy, various neighbours and friends, and their gang of anthropomorphised ...read more.

Don't know why this show is so disliked. First, I'm 14 and I don't know why I still kind of like this. But first, it's a kids show, so expect it to be not your cup of tea. Second, it teaches kids that with teamwork you can do anything! This really helped me as a kid as I used to say F off to the rest of my friends when they decided to something together, because I thought I'd be better on my own. Apart from secondary school (now), no I wasn't, I needed teamwork and this inspired me to just get the job done. Third, unlike stupid shows such as Barney, the characters in this show have a personality. Everyone is NOT friendly such as Mr. Bentley - very stubborn at times or Spud - very mischief at times but in the long run, it is a very good children's show and should be #1! - sryanbruen

Bob the Builder was also a good programme. I used to collect the characters and the story lines were just good. Can we fix it? Yes we can! Over 15 years of Can-Do!

6 Brum

Brum! He was an old favourite of my childhood. I loved his actions and the ways he saves the day. He had to be on the list somewhere. Well done Brum!

I want this T.V. show back for ever

7 Rainbow

The top 5 won't be complete without this classic programme - Rainbow. It's very fun, colourful and full of laughter. My favourite character was Zippy. He was very bossy, naughty and quite cheeky. Paint the whole world with a Rainbow!

8 Dangermouse

Ahh, Dangermouse. The legendary David Jason is the voice of one of the most classic superheroes in the world. Dangermouse was funny, full of action and his sidekick Penfold is just quite hilarious at times. Hooray for Dangermouse. This show will be returning to your British screens soon as well.

The show aired in the 1980s and ended in 1991. Then all of a sudden a reboot of this show aired on the British channel CBBC. The reboot was pretty good, really.

My dad loved Dangermouse.

9 Art Attack

This was the show that got me into art. Neil Buchanan was very creative and I love all the makes. I really prefer the old version compared to the new current version.R.I. P Old Art Attack.

This brings back memories.
Also does anyone remember SMart?

Art Attack - Head Statue
SMart - Morph

10 Dream Street

Dream Street is such a brilliant show that not many people remembered. It's a show about a breakdown truck called Buddy which he uses magic to help his friends get out of trouble. There's characters like Daisy Do Right the police car, Tech the robot, Hot Rodney, Jack Hammer, Half Pint and those crazy Wild Bunch. I remember seeing this on VHS and CITV (when they re aired it in 2008 and 2009) and it's still one of my favourite shows today. The characters are likeable, the stories brilliant, the humor top notch and the voice acting by people including Charlotte Bellamy (Emmerdale), Chris Jarvis (Show Me,Show Me), Dave Benson Phillips (Get Your Own Back), Emma Tate (Horrid Henry) and Russ Abbot is fantastic. Dream Street may be forgotten by many but for me it's a classic I grew up with and still do.

Dream Street is a brilliant show I remembered. The characters are likable, the stories great and the humor funny.

The Contenders

11 Sherlock

Everyone should watch this brilliant series. Even little kids.

12 Rosie and Jim

And to complete the top 10 - Rosie and Jim. They were my favourite rag dolls ever. I love the way they got up to mischief when no one was looking. And of course, don't forget Duck. Quack! One of the most classical 90s shows in the UK.

13 Fraggle Rock
14 Postman Pat Postman Pat

Wheres the love for everybody's favourite postman?

15 Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom

Far better than stupid Peppa Pig

16 Peppa Pig Peppa Pig

Take this show off the list!

17 Tots TV

Come on you remember the theme song.
Tots T.V.
I'm a Tot
Je suis une Tot
Tilly Tom and Tiny
We're the Tots on Tots T.V.
One Two Three
I'm a Tot
Je suis une tot
Tilly Tom and Tiny
We love our house, our secret house
Shhh, it's a secret
It's all right, they're not going to tell anyone
Lovely donkey
Our friend donkey
I'm a Tot
Je suis une tot
Tilly Tom and Tiny
We stay together every day
Un deux trois
I'm a Tot
Je suis une tot
Tilly Tom and Tiny
We take our magic bag with us
Sac Magique, sac magique
Ssh, do you know it's a secret?
It's time to go now
Come on
I'm a tot
Je suis une Tot
Tilly Tom and Tiny
Off we go together now
One two three
I'm a tot
Je suis une Tot
Tilly Tom and Tiny
Off we go together now
To see what we can see
What will we see?
Qu' est - ce qu'on va voir?
What will we ...more

18 Blue Peter
19 The Wombles
20 Mr. Benn
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