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61 Steve Coogan

Hysterical, clever, great actor!

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62 Tim Vine Tim Vine Timothy Mark "Tim" Vine is an English writer, actor, comedian and presenter, known for his role on the BBC series Not Going Out until his departure in 2012. He has released a number of DVDs of his stand-up comedy and has written several joke books.

One line wizard machine with impeccable timing

'Albino, can't say fairer than that'

Say no more..

Love his witty puns

Funny man.

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63 Dawn French Dawn French Dawn Roma French is an English actress, writer, and comedian. She is best known for starring in and writing for the comedy sketch show French and Saunders with comedy partner Jennifer Saunders and for playing the lead role as Geraldine Granger in the sitcom The Vicar of Dibley.

I think she is a very good comedian

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64 Russell Brand Russell Brand

Russell is a genius of a human being; a caring, loving person. He has so much's endless. He's probably the sexiest comic ever and should probably go into business teaching other men on the art of loving a woman the right way!

Simply amazing, shame about his prank call with Mr ross, effectively ruining his carear, but I challenge any person to watch the Big fat quiz of the year 2006 and 2007 and dislike him.

One of the first comedians I cared to watch. Such an intelligent human being, will always be the best in my opinion.


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65 Omid Djalili

He's great - can't stop laughing once he starts - best ever!

He is an idol for comedy lovers and as a student stand up comic, he inspired me

Enjoyed his show, Hilarious!

Actually it is Omid Jalili without D at thd begining of his surename!

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66 Richard Ayoade

Why is he not at the top of the list? So deadpan and almost anti-funny. He makes the other comedians laugh their heads off and never cracks a smile. Priceless and unique.

I have been on another planet these past few years and only just discovered the IT Crowd. Richard is a comedy genius. I cannot get enough!

He's actually able to dismantle other comedians' jokes, by which he gets to own them... Classic Richie...

With one look he can steal an entire scene!

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67 Charlie Brooker Charlie Brooker Charlton "Charlie" Brooker is an English satirist and broadcaster. He has worked in television, radio, print and online media.

Should be way higher hi send of year review is hilarious

This guy is hilarious should be way higher

Basically a god.

Love Charkie Brooker. So funny. Especially in wipe of 2015

68 Simon Brodkin Simon Brodkin Simon Benjamin Brodkin is an English comedian, performing both on the stand-up circuit and in comedy television series.

Truly brilliant and consistently funny. Great story teller.

My favourite comedien hands down! Even had his own T.V. show for two series. Interepted Sepp Blater at a news conference and has performed at the apollo.

69 Joe Pasquale

He's funny but without being rude and sarcastic at the same time

What is funny about a guy with a put on voice no talent what so ever

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70 Paul Merton

Very clever with his comedy and never has to resort to cheap, crude jokes in order to be funny.

Paul Merton the funniest man in the UK, his comedic mind is as sharp as they come,

71 Stephen K. Amos

He is so funny! Completely hilarious and his Nigerian accent is spot on laugh out loud.

He is hilarious and the way he dilivers his jokes are perfect and the way he can improvise comedy is outstanding with jokes appealing to all audiences.

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72 Frankie Howerd
73 Ben Elton

Talks about environmental issues, sexism in comedy, and the macho male, love it!

He was very good but he seems a bit false these days.
Still was a great comedian.

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74 Noel Fielding

He's like marmite you either love him or you hate him and I love him! He's so funny, slightly insane, but I can't stop laughing every time I watch him. Love his crazy outfits as well obviously.

He's the number one funniest person of all time. His comedy style is a masterpiece that no one can replicate.

He is so amazingly eccentric and I just love him to bits
Just because it's not normal doesn't mean it's not incredible

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75 Bernard Manning

Still funny to this day. One of the "Grandads" of comedy although in this "new age" we live in probably one of the least favorite amongst the politically correct

Remember it was the seventies! Bit racist bit sexist etc but still a brilliant stand up - could really work the audience and superb timing from years of working the clubs. Made it look so easy.

The best

76 Aisling Bea
77 Catherine Tate Catherine Tate

Catherine tate has a funny way in interacting with the audience, she even embarrassed Prince Philip in the royal variety show for napping.

She is number one without a doubt.

"She's just not bovvered. "

78 Al Murray

Public school posh boy who's pub landlord is a thinly disguised dig at the white English working class who he and his other middle class labour supporters so clearly hate. And he's not funny.

As about as funny as a wet packet of crisp how do these terrible comics get there break

Genius, loves to rip into the audience which is always funny to watch!

In a class of his own. Execution is amazing

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79 Greg Davies Greg Davies

"we fired a whole bag of measly snacks into that arrogant prick's face" - foxmcloud21

Just watched on apollo ( still on Infact)
Is this what we have came to
Look at the audience there not laughing
They might be grinning but not laughing
Probably nice fella but not a comic

80 Frank Skinner

A lot of the guys on the list are gimmicky (shaky head McIntyre and manic lee Evans for example) but frank is so intelligent with his comedy that his written work can be as funny as if he was in the room with you. Check out his first autobiography. So well written that I cried laughing, reading the same passage about his driving test five times over. He is a total genius and doesn't rely on putting others down (take a bow Gervais) or being over the top offensive (Boyle).

Discovered him online doing an interview with Eric Clapton. I liked his style and checked out his stand-up work, which is brilliant! One of the best!

Sorry, why the hell isn't he up higher? Love him, he knows how to make someone laugh and feel good.

Filth & footy. Funny

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