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81 Ronnie Barker

Never will there be anyone so missed in the world of comedy-true icon

Inspirational wonderful deadpan loved my millions

Probably the best performer we have ever had. (And one of our greatest losses) Genuine 'Old Skool' who pissed over the competition from a great height!

82 Jasper Carrott

He's so funny doing stand up. The detectives. Singing funny songs a Birmingham City F. C fan who takes the mick out of his own team. Funniest comedian ever.

There's only one way to get rid of a mole..
Comic brilliance.

83 Sarah Millican

One of the best I have seen

A truly wonderful comedian

A True Star

Never fails to cracking me up, I watch anything she does as it always makes me laugh 😁

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84 Jim Davidson

Jim is a proper comedian not a lefty and never scared to offend. Should be rated higher.

By far the funniest comedian you can see live. Should be top 10

Saw him at torquay in the 1970s me and my mum couldn't stop laughing for ages. Really made your sides sore. Neep neep

Best standup you can get!

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85 David Walliams David Walliams David Edward Williams, known as David Walliams, is an English comedian, actor, author, television personality and activist, known for his partnership with Matt Lucas on the BBC One sketch shows Little Britain, Rock Profile and Come Fly with Me.

I just love his style, he is just a funny guy without jokes or gags, I think he would be great doing stand up.

He deserves to be #1!

He is the best author.

Why so low! David Walliams is hilarious😀

86 Dave Allen Dave Allen

I'm far too young to have seen him live, but I've watched repeats of his shows and loved his old-fashioned, anecdotal style of comedy. He's like the James Bond of stand-up (or should that be sit-down in Dave's case? ); he just has an air of cool and class about him. He'd take digs at many things including Catholicism, which was pretty brave considering his background and the time he was around, and wasn't afraid to make a point. I'd say his brand of comedy is pretty scarce these days, which makes it a treat to be able to see these old videos of him in his prime.

Dave was a great comedian of his time, and had a must-see show in the 70's. Smoking, drinking and telling great jokes and anecdotes. Simple, brilliant humour. Could never get a full measure of whisky in the bar though.

Amazingly funny individual.

87 Alan Carr

His jokes are funny. He's hilarious

Amazing overly camp and overly FUNNY love alan car he should be in top 10!

An AMAZING comedian, the whole atmosphere he creates is simply awesome and you can't stop listening and laughing...should be number 1 not 56!
Much love from NZ

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88 Simon Amstell

Lefty student humour with no personality or delivery never even made me smile let alone laugh

Genius. Biting wit. Underrated.

89 Les Dawson

What's he doing down here. Miss you Les.

90 Phill Jupitus
91 Kenny Everett

Ahead of his time. Pioneered special effects and made the best of the props available to him. Watched the show over and over. It just got funnier...

92 Richard Herring

What? You must be nuts, richard is the most articulate, creative, funny in all this list, should be on 1st page, 1st position, he is not mediocre, intelligent, deep stand up, and again above all very funny. I put Richard in the same sentence with Bill Hicks, Patrice Oneal, Bill Maher (or Don Rickles & Jackie Mason in the more classic list). Stand up comedy is an art and art should not compromise with being careful not to hurt the mediocre audience ears, as many of the others try to do in order to get more money. If you put money before your art, you are not an artist.

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93 Alan Davies

Really? Why so low? He has great jokes which everyone can understand of all ages. Shows you don't need language to be funny.

Naturally funny man, great comedic instinct.

Good story teller.

C'on, most of the QI audience comes just to hear his jokes! (and to see his admirable hair, of course :D)

94 Stephen Merchant Stephen Merchant

Deserves as much respect as Karl and Ricky. His input into the shows is uncanny and it wouldn't be the same without him!

95 John Finnemore

Wrote Cabin Pressure, should definitely be higher.

96 David Hadingham

Seen this guy at London Comedy Store on a work night out, very funny man!

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97 Josie Long

Simply brilliant, funny, quirky and lovely.

98 Spike Milligan

I told them I was ill - on his gravestone in Gaelic

Voted "the funniest person of the past 1,000 years". His best lines were: "How long was I in the army? Five foot eleven."
And, "I speak Esperanto like a native". So funny.

99 Vic Reeves
100 Milo Yiannopoulos
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