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101 Naz Osmanoglu

Funny guy
Hilarious bear grylls impression
Best friends with mike tickell
Almost better than nelson mandela and mike tickell

102 Gina Yashere

She is so funny. Watch her Live at the Apollo gig about Americans and Nigeria. I laughed so hard I got a stomach ache. Why isn't she on this list already?! And why are there so few women? The top ten are all men! Let's get some more women on this list!

Reason no women in top ten is because like gina Yashere their not funny. Jo brand considered a top female comic! Point proved.

103 Ian Hislop
104 Omid Djalil V 1 Comment
105 Da Ginge
106 Terry Alderton

By far the most innovative and exciting comedian I have ever witnessed live leaves you wanting more and keeps you on the edge of your seat don't go to watch with preconceived ideas just go with the flow and enjoy

107 Josie Long

Simply brilliant, funny, quirky and lovely.

108 Phil Cool V 1 Comment
109 George Formby
110 Marty Feldman
111 Lenny Henry Lenny Henry Sir Lenworth George Henry, known as Lenny Henry, is a British stand-up comedian, actor, blues singer, writer, and television presenter, best known for co-founding charity Comic Relief and presenting various television programmes, including The Magicians for BBC One.

Originally very good but seems to have lost it with age.

Hasn't been funny since about 1990 - dunno how he still gets T.V. work. Mind you they only seem to wheel him out for Red Nose Day these last few years.

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112 Andy Parsons
113 Joel Dommett

Laugh out loud... Just laugh out loud

"Brilliant laugh-out-loud sketches, combined with great flow and personality. A unique act of individualism; unmatched as a compère"

114 Chris Addison Chris Addison

Top comic, hilarious on Mock the week, him and Hugh are the funniest now that Frankie has left.

115 Jennifer Saunders

Pure comedic genius! ! French and Saunders & Ab Fab I mean come on, she's the best!

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116 Bennett Arron

One of the cleverest, funniest yet still relatively unknown comedians on the circuit. "Genuinely original and funny" The Times "One of the best on the circuit" The Guardian

117 Julian Barratt

Come on if you have noël fielding on this list then you've got to have Julian Barratt.

I miss the mighty boosh, what ever happened?

118 Britgirl

Is this a joke? - gemcloben

119 Matt Lucas
120 Garry Meier

Saw him perform in Londons eastend around 1979 - very underrated the crowd used to chant baldy bastard at him for some reason, think it was a popular joke in his act funny man. Think he retired and went into property development

Underrated English standup from the eighties - went to the USA and disappeared off the scene. Known for his notorious "c of c " routine - what happened to him?

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