Top 10 British Hooligan Movies Ever Made

This list focuses on the pure British football firms. This list includes some of the most violent movies to some of the most successful movies around the world such as ( green street hooligans,football factory,the firm,ultrá and many more, if you do not agree on this list comment below please.

The Top Ten

1 Green Street Hooligans

This one is probably my favourite about two firms west ham and millwall west ham leader pete and millwalls tommy about a wrongly expelled harvad university who soon bonds with pete and experiences the real football violence and the beginning fight amazing - Cain

2 The Football Factory

More realistic then green street.

I couldn't choose to put this one first or second because it is amazing full of hooligans some funny scenes and a boatload of drugs wicked - Cain

3 Scum

This one is about ray whinstone a young teenager sent to borstal and has a hard time there, basically started the whole hooligan movies off - Cain

4 Cass

About a young coloured boy who soon becomes one of the most feared west ham hooligan - Cain

5 Mean Machine

Comedy set in a prison with other people who become friends starring danny dyer jason stathem vinnie jones and more - Cain

6 The Hooligan Factory

Basically mugging off every football movie such as green street,the firm and a lot more - Cain

7 Ultra

Also I haven't seen but heard its good but when I done research on this one I found out its not british and not English but I had to include this one - Cain

8 I.D.

I haven't seen this one yet but I done research and found out it's a pretty cool movie - Cain

9 Awaydays

This movie is based to a similar story to the firm, a young teenager who does anything to fight with a pack of hooligans - Cain

10 The Firm

This film is about a young teenager who becomes a member of west hams firm along side bex the leader. - Cain

The Contenders

11 Okolofutbola

Russian film about hooliganism in Russia.Spartak Moscow,Zenit,Lokomotiv and others.

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