Top 10 British Insults

The Top Ten British Insults

1 Wanker

One which I've overused. But only when I really, really mean it. - PositronWildhawk

Meaning: "Basically the insult for a pervert." - MontyPython

Say You Bloody Wanker in a really over the top English accent even me ( I am English) - Skillageisreal

To me, this sounds funny. - JaysTop10List

2 Git

Hence John Lennon's line in the Beatle song The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill "...and I curse sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid Git."

Meaning: "Calling someone a 'sod' or a 'moron'." - MontyPython

3 Cheeky

This has been used so much in my family, and naturally I say it as well.

And the way we use cheeky, it isn't really an insult. More of a light hearted dig. - RaineSage

Same thing, although it means sneaky or little bit rude in our family. - PizzaGuy

Meaning: "Someone is acting very rude." - MontyPython

If someone said this to me I wouldn't be offended. These insults are lame. I know they're British, but seriously? Cheeky? Is that saying that their cheks look big? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Duffer

Meaning: "Calling someone slow or stupid." - MontyPython

5 Divvy

Meaning: "Calling someone an idiot." - MontyPython

Haha! So very british! - gemcloben

6 Gormless

I'm English and I use it to call someone a bit slow and divvy

Meaning: "Calling someone a slacker." - MontyPython

7 Grotty

First entered the American vernacular via George Harrison in the movie Hard Day's Night, when he muttered "I think they're Grotty", when referring to some supposedly fashionable shirts somebody asked him about.
Shortly after that it was picked up and used by the California surfer sub-culture, gradually working its way into US fame by Moon Zappa's hilarious Valley Girl song in 1982.

Meaning: "Calling someone disgusting." - MontyPython

Short for "grotesque", and later co-opted from the colloquial Val-Speak by Moon Unit Zappa in the famous 1980's song "Valley Girls", but mis-spelled by the media as "Grody- to the max! "

8 Nutter

Meaning: "Calling someone insane." - MontyPython

I use this sometimes. - PizzaGuy

9 Munter

Meaning: "Calling someone unattractive." - MontyPython

10 Nosey Parker

It looks like a nosey parker deserves a big punch on the bloody nose!

Meaning: "Telling someone they're getting into people's business and they're really annoying." - MontyPython

This one is always popping up in old books. - PetSounds

The Contenders

11 C**t
12 Ginger T**t
13 Homer Simpson

That British insult reminds me of a Simpson episode (the older ones) that the Simpson family (including Abe) had travelled to England for a holiday, and Homer got into trouble for bad manners towards the Quern of England. LOL! 😂

14 Bollocks
15 Clangers
16 Pleb
17 T**t

Good insult!

18 Tosser
19 Pandi
20 Bellend
21 Bawdy idle-headed foot-licker!
22 Disoriented

Someone who lost direction, someone who has gone nut

23 Poof

Like boy your head looks like water proof

24 Dickhead

Yep. That insult is pretty good.

25 Scouse
26 Bugger
27 Pillock
28 Googly
29 Fanny Liker
30 Donkey

Why insult donkeys? Why? I love them!


31 Knob
32 Pratt
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