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1 Charles II

A king is supposed to be the father of his people, and Charles II definitely was father to a good many of them. He stayed in London to help put out the great fire and granted rights to the Irish people.

2 Elizabeth I Elizabeth I

Very skillful politician and inspirational during the Spanish Armada. Also would not suffer fools gladly!

She didn't want to conquer. She cared about having her country safe. Go Queen Elizabeth! - AStumpedHuman

Defeated the Armada and inspirational to her people.

Goddess of England

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3 Henry VII

The last king to take the throne by force of arms. The good thing is not that he won his battle for the throne, but that having done so, he took the nation around the corner and left his successors a nation in which they did not need to, where succession was determined more peaceably.

There is nothing else to say is there? Agree Henry VII should literally take the crown. I would have put George V as a very close second, though. - Britgirl

He was devoted to his wife and children!


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4 Victoria

I like learning about Victoria and his one of the greatest rulers!

Had descendants in most European countries. Very influential.

Victoria is my favourite monarch and she's very interesting!

She expanded Britains empire and lead England in an Industrial Age of new inventions. She was a great leader she is probley the best British monarchy

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5 Richard I

Richard Lionheart was a fantastic warrior and commander but no King of England. He only spent 6 months of his reign in England and his reckless return journey from the Third Crusade nearly crippled the English treasury after he got captured and held to ransom.

Powerful ruler who would have suceeded in defeating Saladin if he hadn't been betrayed.

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6 Henry I

Introduced the nuts and bolts of the financial system we used today. Was a great force in Europe and conquered Normandy from his brother Robert, the first steps towards the Angevin Empire.

7 Henry V

Henry V conquered all of northern France and would of conquered all if he had not died.

Victory at Agincourt speaks for itself.

8 Elizabeth II Elizabeth II

The best by far

Definitely - I love the Queen!

I love ya Queeny! - TealBoyxx

9 George V

Great leader during World War I and helped save the country from political disaster after Ramsay MacDonald wanted to resign during chaos in government.

10 William III

A great military commander with his victory at Boyne and successfully kept the Jacobites and the French out.

The Contenders

11 Edward IV

Underrated monarch.

12 Edward III

Started the Hundred Years War, making great headway into France. Also brought the English army up to date.

13 Edward I

Restored faith in the monarchy after the lackluster reign of his father, Henry I. Became effectively overlord of Scotland and consolidated power in Wales.

14 George VI

Never truly expecting the throne, a good man, father and King. Led us with Churchill through the war, but sadly died young at 56.

Good king after his useless brother.

Fought hard against his stammer and proved his worth as a ruler during World War II and presiding over the Commonwealth.

15 Henry VIII

Who put him on this list?

16 Mary II

A great combination with William I and ruled successfully whilst he was driving out invaders.

17 Richard III

A great monarch who achieved so much considering he only had a two year reign. He was a loyal brother who ruled successfully in the north as the Duke of Gloucester and as king made improvements to the justice system and gave England many great buildings. In my opinion he was sadly one of the many victims of the wars of the roses

18 Henry II (Henry Plantagenet)
19 Anne
20 Eleanor of Aquitaine

She was one of the powerful and wealthy women in Europe!

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