Top Ten British Sitcoms The Americans Stole

There have been A LOT but to be fair here are the top ten.

The Top Ten

1 The Office

The people who created the British version of The Office also created the American version of The Office, so... - ParasN2000

2 The Inbetweeners

Which was a flaccid attempt and totally f-lopped. Plop! - Britgirl

3 Steptoe And Son

Became Sanford and Son. I've never seen it but the British version was hilarious! 'You dirty old man'

4 Dad's Army
5 Little Britain

How on earth did this work? Was it funny? I didn't know this was an American remake.

6 George & Mildred
7 Love Thy Neighbour
8 On The Buses
9 Are You Being Served
10 Only Fools And Horses

This was a right royal flop; it didn't even get past pilot episode. 'Rodney you dumbass' and 'Awesome jawsome' would've just sounded weird!

The Contenders

11 Fawlty Towers

So much bias in this list, wow. America did not "steal" your beloved British sitcoms. Even if they did ruin them, "stealing" refers to plagiarism, not copying them for other purposes. - Swellow

The Americans tried to make it more interesting by getting rid of Basil! What the hell?!?! He was the highpoint of the show! What was wrong with them?!?!

12 Red Dwarf

Would have loved to have seen Robert Llewellyn's face when he went to America to see the script and just went straight home! Laugh out loud! - PositronWildhawk

13 Man About the House

Became 'Threes A Company' in the USA.

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