Best British Soap Opera Villains


The Top Ten

1 Den Watts (Eastenders)
2 Clare Devine (Hollyoaks)
3 Richard Hillman (Coronation Street)
4 Phil Mitchell (Eastenders)
5 Nick Cotton (Eastenders)
6 David Platt (Coronation Street)
7 Janine Butcher (Eastenders)
8 Niall Rafferty (Hollyoaks)
9 Cameron Murray (Emmerdale)
10 Trevor Morgan (Eastenders)

The Contenders

11 Kim Tate (Emmerdale)
12 Silas Blissett (Hollyoaks)
13 Stuart Highway (EastEnders)
14 Pat Phelan (Coronation Street)
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Updated 21 Feb 2019

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Top Remixes

1. Den Watts (Eastenders)
2. Clare Devine (Hollyoaks)
3. Richard Hillman (Coronation Street)
1. Den Watts (Eastenders)
2. Kim Tate (Emmerdale)
3. Richard Hillman (Coronation Street)


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