Top Ten British Stereotypes Americans Believe are True

The Top Ten

1 We all have bad teeth

That is NOT true!

I have never heard of this one. - RustyNail

I smile a lot. I HAVE to have nice teeth. - Britgirl

2 We just drink tea

Well I watch a British YouTuber and he drinks tea a lot.

Definitely not true - a lot of us Brits are starting to take a liking to coffee these days as well (with myself being no exception! ) - Entranced98

3 All we care about is royalty

NOT all British people care about royalty.

4 We all speak like the Queen

In Scotland, where I live, most people sound nothing like the Queen at all; the east end Glaswegian accent is the polar opposite of the Queen's accent. Other parts of UK speak totally different from the way the Queen does too.


Haha hmm... - Britgirl

5 We go to the pub all the time

Not true at all - I almost can't stand the places! - Entranced98

6 We maintain a stiff upper lip
7 We eat terrible food

Isn't America the home of the fast food?

8 The only popular place is London
9 We send all our kids to posh schools

Everyone is not upper-class.
I went to a schools that was just like other countries.
We just had the uniforms and Americans don't. But we had non-uniform days.
I would've hated to go to a posh school, living there. Its not Hogwarts.

Chav schools are sadly everywhere and they're nasty places! I could not feel more blessed that the nearest schools to me are a couple of posh ones just around the corner from my house. - Entranced98

10 We like to queue

LOL in the shops?
At the till?
If it's a really busy day.

I can't speak for you personally, but I, and many others despise queuing but it's a necessary evil. Although more and more nowadays the "form a queue" has become "former queue" there are some places where this civilized tradition is a thing of the past. - Britgirl

Form an orderly queue, please!

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