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We all drink tea

Sad but true. I would say mainly in England though.

Sad, but true.
Just helps me relax after school

This is the only true one. We are all addicts!

Don't forget the fish and chips!

We all wear top hats and single-lens glassed with chains

We are not all posh.
We do not all live in London.
We do not all dress posh. (e.g. top hats)
We do not have one accent.
We do not eat the full English Breakfast everyday. (I hate black pudding)
We do not all drink tea, many could dislike tea. (I hate iced tea)

We only wear single-lens glasses to parties and funerals. Other wise we wear strictly three-lens glasses

Maybe about 200 years ago

All our accents are amazing

That's a stereotype I have! But well, not every British can be like the amazing Britgirl! I guess we just met the top british citiziens here in The Top Tens!

Yep, our accents tend to be unfortunately put under one wing.

British people are from England and English people are from London

I am from England, I have never been to London.
I live in the North.
Yes the dreaded so-called unhealthy North.

Britain has 4 nations. England has 48 counties. There is a lot more there than just London.

When foreigners say all that crap, I go insane.

We say stuff like "Good day to you sir" and "Jolly good"

My dear fellow, how is your reading of the Potter novels going?

Jolly good sir, jolly good. I do think that it is a fine day to read. It is only drizzle today. Why, yesterday it was spitting and the day before it was raining cats and dogs!

I find it awfully strange that foreigners think we have lots of words for rain. Why, my good fellow, we only have cow quakers, deluges, downpours, drenchers, driving rain, drizzle, flurry, 'it's beating it down', 'it's coming down in sheets', it's getting biblical out there', 'it's chucking it down, among about 100 or so ones used in various parts of the UK

Yes, my jolly good fellow, I do not understand these claims all the time in Britain. 2 out of 3 days is not all the time. In fact it is jolly well two thirds of the time.

Good day, my dear fellow. That is probably my longest conversation with a stranger in my entire life. I will not do it again.

But Americans say "How are you? " when we think we should say "I'm fine or I had a cold week."

Oh, good day HollyRolo. Jolly good list I must say! May I get back to my tea now? It's getting jolly cold!

Sometimes we say that, not always though

We all have big noses

Umm well that is my family we have big noses.

I would find this very offensive

We are basically Oliver Twist
We hate France

Then why do we say Cinema instead of the American word "Theatre"
Why was The Magic Roundabout popular and even came back for a short time.
Why do they teach French language in school.
Why did Tilly speak French in Tots T.V..
We do NOT hate France.

With good reason; they invaded in the year 1066 and never left!

Then why is French promoted in schools of Britain?

This is not true. We love France!

We talk about the weather 24/7

We have well over 100 words for rain - not without reason, seeing as it rains 2 out of 3 days on average.

This one sums us up

We are sarcastic
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We have bad teeth

I'm NOT British myself, but I know that most of them (British people) have very good teeth.

We Worship Harry Potter

He is our eternal supreme being. We all strive to be more like him

He is our lord.

We are snobbish
We eat bland, boiled, awful food
Our traffic is horrendous

My dad got let off a speeding fine (not fully, just didn't get any points on his licence) in the US because the judge noticed that he was English and asked if he was from the South-East. My dad was, and the judge said that he had been to the South-East and understood why he wouldn't be used to the open roads as the traffic was so bad in England. He only go a fine, instead of a fine and points on his (new) licence.

We are anti-social
We all live in thatched cottages

Been watching too much Lord Of The Rings?

We want to conquer the world

Whoever made the comment about Americanis obviously a racist

No. It is a fact. Everything all started going downhill after America got their independence. It is not racist, it is factually correct. Also, it would not be racist so much as Anti-american anyway. And I'm not a brit supporting my countrymen, I'm an American who know history.

We tried. Then America happened

We're extremely polite
We obsess over our music, and we hate American music.
We are lazy
We are all pirates

No, those are the Irish lot

We are not funny

No, we're not funny at all, nor are we sarcastic. What a ridiculous thought!

We are all punctual

Haha this is what the lovely Keyson's always saying to me!

We love talking about the weather
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