Top 10 Britney Spears Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single


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1 Cinderella

The most of songs written by max martin should have been released as singles in that era.

I love this song! Something a lot of girls can relate to, and this really makes her sound like "the girl next door". Amazing, just like the rest of the Britney album.

Amazing song from "Britney" album - Irina2932

I'll take bets that not only would this song be a huge hit. Cinderella would also have a very good music video

2 Shattered Glass

This song really shows off the Circus album's edginess and dazzling fierceness. It's like a hybrid of Womanizer and Circus (the album's best songs). This definitely should have been a single.

The ' song wasn't even released, and was a bonus track on the album Circus, but still hit #70 on the billboard hot 100, and could've hit even higher if it was released as a single.

Beautiful song indeed! It's pretty different from the other singles but it's perfect.

I agree: this should've been a single! - LukeP26

3 Heaven on Earth

Most beautiful song in Blackout

4 Freakshow

"Blackout" is very unique album and deserved much more singles - Irina2932

This song along with "Got a Plan (Get Naked)" should have been released as a single.

5 Breathe On Me

Her most sexiest, most edgiest track ever, Breathe On Me would've been a better choice for as single than Outrageous! It is one of the stand outs! - LukeP26

This song is very sexy, very dark, and make you hard to breathe!

Breathe On Me = Britney's Erotica

6 Alien

This song represents what music should be like! This song has so much meaning and it is just beautiful

I'm shocked this isn't a single. This is a great song Britney jean

I have to say, this song is very beautiful!

7 Out from Under
8 I Will Be There

I'm surprised it isn't released as a single, so much better than than gross toxic and Cinderella, reminds us of the old, wonderful Britney Spears, and hit me baby one more time

My favorite Britney non-single song on her debut album - Irina2932

It's better than the entire Britney Jean album and half the stuff on In The Zone and Circus

Amazing song. better than so many of her other SINGLES

9 What U See (Is What U Get)

Basically, Britney is saying, if you want me, you have to take me as I am; I won't change, I won't be someone I'm not. One of the best tracks on the album Oops!... I Did Again. - LukeP26

This is much stronger song than don't let me be the last to know and would have ended the oops era perfectly.

Inspiring song take me as I am or watch me as I go.

This song should have made radio.

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10 Toy Soldier

All Blackout's songs should have been singles...

This song is very catchy! I love this song...

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11 Don't Go Knockin' on My Door

The Oops! Album should have had more singles. This, alongside Satisfaction, What you See and Can't Make You Love Me, would have been massive hits

This song is beyond catchy

This song is so catchy!

12 Inside Out

Amazing smash song!

13 Touch of My Hand

Orgasmic euphoria! - theOpinionatedOne

14 Kill the Lights
15 Everybody
16 Hot as Ice
17 Get Naked (I Got a Plan)

Why is this song lower than the others from Blackout? This is the best song on blackout! Everything is perfect about this song if it was released as a single it would be very big. It makes you want to dance and sing it at the same time - JESUSISKING

The best song in Blackout. Should release as single!

One of the best songs of Blackout!
Love the beat.

18 Where Are You Now

The highest britney notes EVER


19 Phonography

This song should release as single from Circus, 'cause this song is very catchy!

Should be a hit in the world! But its a deluxe track :(

This should have been a hit single

Only Britney Spears could get away with singing about Phonography! - LukeP26

20 Gasoline

Also Hot as Ice, Toy Soldier, Perfect Lover, Ooh Ooh Baby and Trip to your heart should have been released as a single.

Wow! The song titled "Gasoline" is very catchy! Should release as single! This song set you on a FIRE!

Everybody and Ooh Ooh Baby also.

21 Mannequin

Planned as the first single from Circus... Shame they scrapped it for generic Womanizer

22 I Run Away

I think perhaps a lot of people don't know about this song, but it is truly one of the best of Britney's slower-tempo songs. Very meaningful with a good performance and good production.

I love this track. It has that Madonna-"Power of Goodbye"-vibe

23 Mona Lisa

Was planned as a single but it never happened? :/

24 (Drop Dead) Beautiful

The Good Songs From Britney!

B-Boy you know!
You beautiful
I know you heard it before

25 Bombastic Love

This is powerful and yet romantic!

26 What It's Like to Be Me
27 Amnesia

Catchy fun song and it's a throwback to her earlier bubblegum sound.

28 Scary

Britney wrote this song - it sounds fresh. Should have been a single indeed! - AtlasUniverse

One of her best songs, you better listen to this, it's just perfect!

29 Ooh Ooh Baby

One of the best songs of blackout

30 Get Back
31 Quicksand

It supposed to be a maga hit

32 Chillin' With You
33 Lonely
34 Can't Make You Love Me
35 Showdown
36 Till the World Ends

This songs is a 2nd single from Femme Fatale

This song is awesome... If she could only rap

37 Everytime

This song is a single already

38 Til It's Gone

One of the best

39 Autumn Goodbye
40 Tik Tik Boom
41 He About to Lose Me
42 Selfish
43 Trip to Your Heart
44 I Wanna Go

This is already a single! - LukeP26

This song is different and amazing. The rhythm of makes you want to take it out and parade!

45 Unusual You

Shattered Glass and Out From Under over Unusual You? Are you kidding me? Shattered Glass is one of my favorite songs from the album and I adore Out From Under but Unusual You easily beats those two. People who reviewed the Circus album even pointed this song as one of the highlights (alongside Kill The Lights).

My number 2 of Britney Spears. The number 1 is "Circus" and they are the only Britney Spears songs that I like. It should be a great B-side for Circus.

Most beautiful britney song

46 Passenger

In my opinion, Britney Jean would've fared better if Passenger had been released as a single, and if Britney had done more promotion for the album! Passenger is where she shines! - LukeP26

47 Now That I Found You
48 Rock Me In
49 Perfect Lover
50 (I Got That) Boom Boom

Featuring the Yig Yang Twins it is one of Britney's greatest songs from in the zone and has many amazing and sexy lyrics

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