Top 10 Britney Spears Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single


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21 Gasoline Gasoline

Also Hot as Ice, Toy Soldier, Perfect Lover, Ooh Ooh Baby and Trip to your heart should have been released as a single.

Wow! The song titled "Gasoline" is very catchy! Should release as single! This song set you on a FIRE!

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22 Bombastic Love Bombastic Love

This is powerful and yet romantic!

23 Scary

Britney wrote this song - it sounds fresh. Should have been a single indeed! - AtlasUniverse

One of her best songs, you better listen to this, it's just perfect!

24 What It's Like to Be Me What It's Like to Be Me
25 Amnesia
26 (Drop Dead) Beautiful (Drop Dead) Beautiful
27 Get Back Get Back
28 Mona Lisa Mona Lisa

Was planned as a single but it never happened? :/

29 Quicksand V 1 Comment
30 Ooh Ooh Baby Ooh Ooh Baby

One of the best songs of blackout

31 Lonely Lonely
32 Can't Make You Love Me Can't Make You Love Me
33 Till the World Ends Till the World Ends

This songs is a 2nd single from Femme Fatale

This song is awesome... If she could only rap

34 Everytime Everytime V 1 Comment
35 Chillin' With You Chillin' With You
36 Selfish Selfish
37 Showdown Showdown
38 Trip to Your Heart Trip to Your Heart
39 Passenger Passenger

In my opinion, Britney Jean would've fared better if Passenger had been released as a single, and if Britney had done more promotion for the album! Passenger is where she shines! - LukeP26

40 Now That I Found You Now That I Found You
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