Top 10 Britney Spears Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single


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21 Mannequin

Planned as the first single from Circus... Shame they scrapped it for generic Womanizer

22 I Run Away

I think perhaps a lot of people don't know about this song, but it is truly one of the best of Britney's slower-tempo songs. Very meaningful with a good performance and good production.

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23 (Drop Dead) Beautiful
24 Amnesia

Catchy fun song and it's a throwback to her earlier bubblegum sound.

25 Bombastic Love

This is powerful and yet romantic!

26 Scary

Britney wrote this song - it sounds fresh. Should have been a single indeed! - AtlasUniverse

One of her best songs, you better listen to this, it's just perfect!

27 What It's Like to Be Me
28 Mona Lisa

Was planned as a single but it never happened? :/

29 Get Back
30 Quicksand V 1 Comment
31 Ooh Ooh Baby

One of the best songs of blackout

32 Lonely
33 Can't Make You Love Me
34 Till the World Ends

This songs is a 2nd single from Femme Fatale

This song is awesome... If she could only rap

35 Everytime

This song is a single already

36 Chillin' With You
37 Tik Tik Boom
38 Selfish
39 Showdown
40 Trip to Your Heart
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