Top 10 Britney Spears Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single


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41 I Wanna Go

This is already a single! - LukeP26

This song is different and amazing. The rhythm of makes you want to take it out and parade!

42 Unusual You

Shattered Glass and Out From Under over Unusual You? Are you kidding me? Shattered Glass is one of my favorite songs from the album and I adore Out From Under but Unusual You easily beats those two. People who reviewed the Circus album even pointed this song as one of the highlights (alongside Kill The Lights).

Most beautiful britney song

My number 2 of Britney Spears. The number 1 is "Circus" and they are the only Britney Spears songs that I like. It should be a great B-side for Circus.

43 Passenger

In my opinion, Britney Jean would've fared better if Passenger had been released as a single, and if Britney had done more promotion for the album! Passenger is where she shines! - LukeP26

44 Now That I Found You
45 Rock Me In
46 Perfect Lover
47 (I Got That) Boom Boom

Featuring the Yig Yang Twins it is one of Britney's greatest songs from in the zone and has many amazing and sexy lyrics

48 Til It's Gone
49 Soda Pop

This is her catchiest

50 Autumn Goodbye
51 How I Roll
52 Hold On Tight
53 It Should Be Easy
54 Up N' Down
55 He About to Lose Me
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