Brock is a character from Pokemon and is created by game freak & Nintendo. He was the first gym leader in pewter city, and specializes in rock Pokemon .

In the anime, he travels with Ash after he defeats him . His parents left Brock to take care of nine children by himself while he ran the gym till his dad returned . So he knew how to cook, treat wounds/sicknesses, and took care of Misty's & Ash's arguments. He also helped ash and co . to get where they needed to . His dream was to be a Pokemon breeder, so he spent a lot of time treating Pokemon wounds and illnesses . He also knew some information about Pokemon like their characteristics and what food they liked . But after 12 seasons, he decided to be a Pokemon doctor and finally left permanently off the main cast then . Before, he left for the Orange Islands league and was replaced with Tracey, as he stayed with professor ivy . She needed his help to take care of her place and help the Pokemon there . But some unexplained thing happened between him & her (that Brock gets depressed when her name is mentioned), so he returned in the Johto league. After the Johto league ended, Brock continually left at the end of each region only to return sometime, till he become a doctor .

He was known to flirt with every attractive woman he saw, but was mostly stopped ether by his ear getting pulled, or by being poison jabbed by his Croagunk . He mostly flirted with nurse joys or officer Jennys, which he knew the difference between all of them, and was the only one shown to know the difference between them .

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