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Joey & Chandler - Friends
Merlin & Arthur - Merlin
Sherlock & Watson - Sherlock
Kirk & Spock - Star Trek
skekGra & urGoh - The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Even though skekGra gets impatient with urGoh, the two have a great affection for one another and are literally each other's half. In other words, skekGra is very much a tsundere to urGoh.

Troy & Abed - Community

How are Walter and Jesse even bros? They just fought a lot! Troy and Abed on the other hand, we're the truest of bros. They rapped about how Cameron Diaz is the goat's moustache. They decorated troy as a Christmas tree singing "Christmas Troy". They are the creators of "Troy and Abed in the morning! NIGHTS! " for God's sake.

Trobed is the purest form of bromance. I aspire to have this kind of a relationship in my life.

Troy had feelings for Abed. Everyone could see that.

Blondie & Tuco - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This one's a dysfunctional one. One is a bounty hunter, the other a feisty, scruffy Mexican bandit. The two come up with a scam to get bounty money by saving Tuco from the noose, but the bandit starts complaining, their partnership ends, and hilariously Tuco reacts like he got dumped and starts finding ways to get revenge on the man with no name. What follows is our bandit refusing to stay away from Blondie, and the two grudgingly working together to find buried treasure. Also, they seem to love tying each other up. That's an amusing bonus.

These two are so obsessed with killing each other yet they don't go along with it because they have a grudging respect for each other and the former has started to feel pity for the latter. They like making each other suffer to the point where you're wondering if you're watching the Spaghetti Western equivalent of a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

Sam & Guy - Green Eggs and Ham

Sam is very touchy-feely with Guy, and while Guy's feelings towards Sam are platonic, he likes Sam but won't easily admit it.

Edd & Eddy - Ed, Edd n Eddy

Under platonic circumstances, Eddy has kissed Edd under blackmail, the two have slept in the same bed (Rolf's), Eddy has landed in Edd's arms by accident (to which Edd snarks "What? No flowers?"), and in the movie Edd gently took Eddy's hands and they exchanged smiles. And Eddy doesn't normally like to be hugged or touched. Furthermore, although they're a dysfunctional pair they're better parents to Ed than his actual parents.

Walter & Jesse - Breaking Bad

This one was weird because they once were teacher and student. But they play off one another really well.

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? Forrest & Bubba - Forrest Gump

The Contenders

Harry & Lloyd - Dumb And Dumber
Wayne & Garth - Wayne's World
Bill & Ted - Bill And Ted Franchise
Miguel & Tulio - The Road to El Dorado
Harry & Ron - Harry Potter
Peter & Sydney - I Love You Man
Balki & Larry - Perfect Strangers

This one's weird because they're distant cousins. But it is so bromantic.

Seth & Evan - Superbad
Grumpy & Happy - The 7D

Classic yin-and-yang comedy duo. Happy is overly affectionate towards Grumpy; Grumpy finds Happy a nuisance most of the time but deep down he really likes him.

J.D. & Turk - Scrubs
Buck & Larry - Time Squad

Buck and Larry are kind of like Otto's adoptive parents, with Buck being the lazy father and Larry being the doting maternal figure. Also, they were implied to have done "it" at some point.

John & Russell - Stripes
Shawn & Gus - Psych

These guys are hilariously tight. Easily #1

Abu & Iago - Aladdin: The Series

These two have a shared love of wealth and luxury. You can say that they're partners in crime. A reformed villain, Iago is the one who comes up with all the plans. Abu is a bit more level-headed, but constantly lets Iago talk him into such things. Iago can play Abu like a zither, but more than enough he has shown a deep concern for the monkey that's very poorly hidden.
The two constantly grab, tackle and collapse on top of each other. Iago even went as far as to kiss Abu on the forehead in one episode.
Iago does have a female love interest, whom he seems to care about very much, but being a workaholic, she only has a few appearances in the series.
All the same, these two seem to be more into each other than they are into getting rich.

SpongeBob & Squidward - SpongeBob SquarePants

Sometimes Squidward doesn't like SpongeBob, other times he always sort of has.

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