Best Bromances in TV and Film


The Top Ten

1 Joey & Chandler - Friends
2 Merlin & Arthur - Merlin
3 Sherlock & Watson - Sherlock
4 Kirk & Spock - Star Trek
5 Walter & Jesse - Breaking Bad

This one was weird because they once were teacher and student. But they play off one another really well.

6 Harry & Lloyd - Dumb And Dumber
7 Wayne & Garth - Wayne's World
8 Bill & Ted - Bill And Ted Franchise
9 Peter & Sydney - I Love You Man
10 Harry & Ron - Harry Potter

The Contenders

11 Seth & Evan - Superbad
12 Troy & Abed - Community

How are Walter and Jesse even bros? They just fought a lot! Troy and Abed on the other hand, we're the truest of bros. They rapped about how Cameron Diaz is the goat's moustache. They decorated troy as a Christmas tree singing "Christmas Troy". They are the creators of "Troy and Abed in the morning! NIGHTS! " for God's sake.

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13 John & Russell - Stripes
14 J.D. & Turk - Scrubs

Easily number 1

15 The Dude & Walter - The Big Lebowski
16 Drake & Josh - Drake and Josh
17 Shawn & Gus - Psych

These guys are hilariously tight. Easily #1

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18 Blondie and Tuco - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This one's a dysfunctional one. One is a bounty hunter, the other a feisty, scruffy Mexican bandit. The two come up with a scam to get bounty money by saving Tuco from the noose, but the bandit starts complaining, their partnership ends, and hilariously Tuco reacts like he got dumped and starts finding ways to get revenge on the man with no name. What follows is our bandit refusing to stay away from Blondie, and the two grudgingly working together to find buried treasure. Also, they seem to love tying each other up. That's an amusing bonus.

These two are so obsessed with killing each other yet they don't go along with it because they have a grudging respect for each other and the former has started to feel pity for the latter. They like making each other suffer to the point where you're wondering if you're watching the Spaghetti Western equivalent of a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

19 Son Goku & Genjo Sanzo - Monkey

Also known as Monkey and Tripitaka. - SourNote2014

20 Cheech & Chong - Various
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1. Merlin & Arthur - Merlin
2. Joey & Chandler - Friends
3. Kirk & Spock - Star Trek
1. Harry & Lloyd - Dumb And Dumber
2. Wayne & Garth - Wayne's World
3. Bill & Ted - Bill And Ted Franchise



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