Best Bruce Dickinson Vocal Performances in Iron Maiden

Bruce Dickinson is one hell of a vocalist! I forgot a lot so... Start putting your favourites

The Top Ten

1 Children of the Damned

I can't believe the vocals in that! Bruce is a god! - BlindGuardianValhalla

2 Run to the Hills

One of iron maidens most known songs, the vocals are killer! It couldn't be better! - BlindGuardianValhalla

I heard a screaming in this song.And that was awesome - zxm

3 Wasting Love

Iron maiden ballad. Great performance. He gives the soul it needs - BlindGuardianValhalla

4 The Trooper

Oh master... - BlindGuardianValhalla

5 Wasted Years - Iron Maiden

No words... - BlindGuardianValhalla

6 Afraid to Shoot Strangers

His low vocals are killer, and the power of the chorus - BlindGuardianValhalla

7 Stranger In a Strange Land

The whole album is just... Oh my god - BlindGuardianValhalla

8 No Prayer for the Dying

Underrated song! But the vocals are amazing - BlindGuardianValhalla

9 Hallowed Be Thy Name

The fact that this is at number 14 makes me hate humanity even more

10 Moonchild

Who doesn't love the vocals here? - BlindGuardianValhalla

The Contenders

11 Dance of Death

He goes between whispers and practically screaming. Great range on this song, one of his best vocal performances!

12 The Number of the Beast

That high-pitched yell I think always makes me smile while listening to that. - Feirceraven

13 The Talisman

Strongest and hardest vocals since the reunion

14 The Great Unknown

He is like 56 and he is still going that strong! Killer performance! - BlindGuardianValhalla

15 Aces High - Iron Maiden
16 The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
17 Journeyman
18 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Epic Vocals!

19 The Book of Souls - Iron Maiden
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