Top Ten Most Brutal Empires In History


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21 Libyan Empire
22 Ancient Egyptian Empire
23 Persian Empire

Best Empire

24 ISIS (Caliphate)

He is praticate terrorism

25 Greek Empire

Best empire! just kidding! they were amongst the most barbaric people of antiquity, who disguised themselfs as philosophers and freedom fighting people, which couldn't be farther from the truth! their philosophy for example named woman to be corpses which emprisoned the human soul! if that is the kind of philosophy that the west wants to see as their cultural heritage, I will be out! and th PERSIAN eir vision of freedom contained to be able to enslave which ever people they wanted without having greater forces like the persians who in fact forbid slavery throughout their empires history, to take away the hellenistic will to be immoral people! It's so absurd how they used to call the persians barbarians haha THE PERSIANS freed the Jews from babylon and helped them rebuild their temple! And the first charter of human rights was created by the persians too! what did the hypocritic greeks do? giving them credit for having "saved" western culture and values is straight up wrong and ...more

26 Italian Empire

Italy's colonial rule in Libya was a brutal one. Even when the war for Libya was going on the italians already commited crimes by creating the so called Tripoli massacre, 10 thousand turkish and arab tropps were put in concentration camps, there all turkish tropps were executed.
During ww1 libyan tribes men rose up against their colonial rulers, the italian didn't fully engage this until Mussolini came into power and 'pacificated' the region by bombing villages, men, women and children were executed daily and put in concentration camps. It was estimated that half of Libya's population got killed or 'relocated' during that period.
During the second Italo-Abyssinian war, due to international pressure Mussolini authorised chemical weapons, 1/4 of Ethiopia's population would die during that war.
During WW2 Italy commited autrocities in the balkans like the Domenikon massace in Greece. The italians used a very brutal tactics to quel rebellions in Yugoslavia, such as for every ...more

27 Swedish Empire
28 Imperial Japan
29 Ukrainian Empire

The kiled 6 billion people in the year 2030 they slaughter millions of italians

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