Taehyung is interesting because you never know what to expect with him, he often surprises us with the things he says and does, and in performance as well. If you think about it, Taehyung has the most duality out of all the members, he has the widest vocal range- his deep voice and his high notes surprised us when we first heard them. He has quite distinct and multiple vocal colors, which is always interesting to hear how the producers use his voice in different ways every comeback. He has many other facets that make him the perfect idol such as dancing skills, charisma, good looks, and a genuine love for music and art (beautiful mind). He's already a paid actor so I'm interested to see what other solo activities he will do, I will always support him in everything he does and hope others will as well!

I started stanning this man before I could even properly tell him apart from the other members. His personality just hooked me and I couldn't get enough of his confidence and kindness and sense of humor. The way he thinks fascinates me because he doesn't take into account the opinions of others - he just loves himself and is himself. His satisfaction with his appearance, completely independent of the standards of others, inspired me to accept myself. He's my opposite, so he always surprises me and leaves me stunned with his creative brilliance. His vocal talent floors me and his voice is so warm and soulful it always relaxes me. (Just listening to him talk relaxes me, lol.) I also love how he tries things outside of the music industry, like photography and drawing. His respect for his parents and love for his family are so sweet and remind me to better appreciate my own family. His love for children is so heartwarming - he treats them like equals. He can make me laugh or bring me to ...more

He is my bias since 2013 now and I'm always tired but never of him, everything he says or does make me happy I just can't control it. I like all BTS's members but Tae is something else, he has that little "something". I can't get over him, his cuteness, his smile, his voice, his dance. I'm so proud of BTS... I mean look at where they ducking are now, I'm not even an army, I'm literally a trash

I love his natural talent! He is so handsome! He honestly is so adorable and I could listen to his voice all day! Lets not forget about his surprising dance skills along with his variety skills!

I actually feel he's really underrated as a vocalist and musician, its not people's fault though, he's not often given the opportunity to show his true talents and some people just see him as a visual. He composed many songs that we haven't had the chance to hear because bighit didn't include them in the albums. I hope he releases them anyway or keep showing us more snippets, even if they don't meet bighit's standards, they are his work and he has the right to share and be proud of it.

I'm loyal to V. He is a weirdo and an alien. He is the real life Korean version of Mr. Bean. He has a warm personality and affectionate. That's why he is being dubbed as the social butterfly among bts members, qualities that I really wanted for a human being. If I'm gonna be reincarnated I desire to be like V. He is effortlessly natural in all aspect. He is the Korean boy version of Jennifer Lawrence and Maine Mendoza. They are all an inborn star.

I love this dork. He always being himself without afraid looking ugly. Watching him goofing around with the other member always made my day. Love his smile, personality, everything

I can't explain how beautiful I find him as a person with a heart of gold,and his own unique personality and deep ocean voice is just cherry on top. He is aesthetically very pleasing, has profound taste in art, photography, music, always strives to do better and is a pure soul. He doesn't try to be something else with fans... he is what he is...I sometimes think there is a deep emotional side to him to which he doesn't show and many people are unaware of. His fashion sense is always on point. I got introduced to BTS after AMAs, then watched DNA official MV and he was the one who looked amazingly out of the world to me, then I started learning about BTS and its members and the more I came to know, the more I liked him.

When I first watched a BTS mv, I immediately noticed V first, and fell in love with him at first sight. He's very kind hearted, caring, funny, cheerful, handsome, cute, beautiful, sweet, adorable, family loving, and lovable. I can't think of anything bad about him! He's the ideal person I would want to marry! I also LOVE his voice (it's soulful, deep, and beautiful). I love everything about him, and will love him forever!

V is so amazing! I wish I could meet him at a live performance! He is so goofy, cute, and out of all the other members in the group, he is the only one that is different in a good way. He is very cute and I hope he never changes his personality. I LOVE YOU!

He has the best personality, he's care-free, free spirited, and super friendly. He's full of original thoughts and ideas, and can express emotion well. I love being his stan because he is unpredictable which is exciting. He usually stands out in MV's because of his expressions, while other members usually have blank face, he puts out ton of emotion ranging from goofy to intense or even menacing. He is truly a character, and I love and support him dearly.

I only became a fan of BTS this year and V is already one of my favorite people in the world. He's handsome, charming, has great stage presence, but also super adorable and humble at the same time.

YAS I LOVE V! He's my bias because he makes me smile when he smiles or laughs. He's so cute and adorable but hot and good looking at the same time. His soothing dark voice is seriously so addicting to listen to. He's just so talented. But although v is my favorite I love all the other bts members as well

V is just so adorable! He's super cute, funny, and sings like a boss. He'll always cry with his other band members whenever they cry and he'll do whatever it takes to make them smile. Plus, he can rock any hairstyle and hair color, and looks super hot in headbands. I also love how when he attempts to speak English but ends up cursing instead

Taehyung is an adorable little alien. His personality and how he interacts with fans amazes me. He gets along with his fellow members really well. His singing is distinct in the videos. His boxy smile is just too cute. And he plays like a little kid. His dancing and stage appearance are very great too, (He plays a lot on stage though.)

I love all the members, but V is exceptionally cute and adorable. His voice is really deep and beautiful, and his personality is the cutest I've seen.

Taehyung is a handsome and expensive man! For one, his facial proportions are near perfect. He always buys expensive high quality clothes and objects for himself and his members. Everyone who knows him seems to love him because he's really friendly and sociable. He's the strongest vocalist in BTS and only one with an acting career. Other idols or T.V. personalities mention him more frequently than the other members; complimenting his good looks, his solo song, and just generally saying that they like him! These are the reasons why I think he's the best BTS member.

His voice is amazing, his personality is amazing, he loves kids and animals. And have you seen how he looks at fans at fan meets! Netizens have said that he's the best one at giving fanservices as, "...he looks at you like you're the most beautiful person in the world! " Not to mention he's in 1st place for most handsomeness man in the world for 2016! I really do admire him and I hope he continues on to be happy and successful in life!

I just watched V on Ellen Show and I was almost having a heart attack. V said that he never hooked up with an Army and once again showed us how truly innocent and sweet he is. His friends and his family are the luckiest people on earth because they are close to Tae. I wish I could be that close to V. From Turkey with love...

Once V catches your eye it's a bit hard not to have your attention glued on him. His stage presence is remarkable, fascinating even. His looks and fashion style lets you see his uniqueness and individuality. He has a deep, soothing voice that both contrasts and complements the rest of the vocals in BTS. He can shift from badass mf or cool guy to pouty, whiny baby boy in a heartbeat. He seems to have a lot of surprises up his sleeve and we ain't seen nothing yet.

V is like the cutest person ever, he is so funny and weird. He can turn from cute to sexy, sexy to cute we never know what V can do to us. I honestly love him so much

V is the one through whom I came to know BTS he seems so cheerfull person, he loves to have fun, he respect his senior, he love to play around and when you actually spend watching V whole time I mean when you really start to look as much as videos, news related him you would know how much pure his heart is, sometime although he seems happy but I feel deep down he feel something missing (just my view). He is really cool, stylish, innocent, nice person.

" V is so adorable and he has this playful and warm aura and with just a glance he can lighten up the mood. I love his unique personality he's definitely opposite of me that's why I fined him as an interesting person. "

I LOVE V so much because he's literally the most attractive member plus he's has such a soulful voice and such a good personality that shines so much in every interview that it's so hard not to notice him. Also, he's going to be in a drama which showcases his acting abilities! he's PERFECT AND I STAN HIM THE MOST.

I love V he is unique. Like every time I watch bts my eyes always go back to him. He is so charming and always has a smile on his face.