When I first got into BTS I only knew the songs Boy in love and Dope, I didn't even know who to bias because they all were so beautiful and unigue in their own way I love them all very much but through out my time I developed an undying love for Jimin, I loved ( and still love) everything about him. Jimin is the most beautiful person ever, I love him with all of my heart. He dances, he sings, he is a visual( even though they all are), he is adorable and can rap (Tony Montana by AGUST D/ Suga ft. Jimin). His vocals are life and his high notes make me feel a way I just cannot explain. When he tries to speak English I swear it's the cutest thing ever. I love everything about him, his eyes, his smile, his small cute little hands, the way he sings, when he dances and everything else about him. He needs to be more appreciated for his dance and those high notes that bless my ears. It hurts me when people say he got plastic surgery because I know that's not true and even if he did I would ...more

Jimin is a hard-worker; he puts a tremendous amount of effort in everything, and always tries to improve himself. He is so nice to the other members, and cares about ARMY A LOT. I respect him..

Jimin is literally the sweetest angel ever. I can't even begin to describe all his qualities- he is humble and cares for ARMYs and his hyungs very much. He has a heart made of pure gold and truly would do anything for his fans. He works so hard for us ARMYs and you can tell the hours of training in puts in for his vocals and dancing. By the way, his dancing is amazing. I'm not sure if you've ever seen the perfect man performance but you should check it out because he is wonderful in it. He never is negative in any way and is always cracking jokes and smiling. His eye smile is just the cutest thing too. So handsome. Love you jimin!

He is my bias because when it's time to get serious he is on it and when it's not time to be serious he is just so funny. Also he is so sweet to all of the members and his smile makes my day so much better

I love him so much... I just love everything about him... sometimes it hurts so much because I can't stop loving him but he makes me happy... He is just so perfect. He is my first human crush ever and I don't think I could love someone too much like this in my life ever again..

I got interested in BTS because of Jimin. I was casually scrolling through my news feed in Facebook and I saw this dance. The first person who took my interest was this guy who was wearing a beanie with shorts on. Turns out it was 'I need u' BTS dance practice. After that I slowly started getting updated with BTS

Slowly slowly Jimin took all my heart and soul. He is the one who is so kind and cute then. But now he is a handsome and kind person. Whenever he perform on stage he left me with my mouth opened. He is amazing. Though I love all the members if I choose I will definitely choose Jimin. I love him being himself.

Jimin is my bias in BTS because he has AMAZING vocals, he can dance to contemporary and hip hop, and he has looks that can steal your heart. Like legit his cheeks are the cutest. I love his personality because he is just so nice, polite and sometimes shy/awkward. Although he can be timid because he hates losing and can get competitive at times. He is one of the most kind-hearted,considerate and comforting person in BTS. He always listens to the members troubles diligently and always offer help to them whenever they're in need. He also loves his members very much as well as all the ARMYs. Although he says that he can't do any aegyo, I STRONGLY disagree. He doesn't even need to do aegyo to be cute, he's just cute on command.

He's cute like little black kitten. Amazing dancer and have a nice abs! :-)

I really like jimin no matter what it doesn't matter his popularity rank it doesn't matter his height rank it doesn't matter anything to me

I love jimin solo much when I saw him at the beginning of blood sweat tears I was like damn

Jamless jimin is my ultimate bias he is so cute and he have a beautiful smile he is so handsome and attractive he is so nice and talented. He can dance and sing high notes...i find him extremely cute when he speaks English, I will not forget his abs I have to mention how hot and sexy he is. he is wooow I can't I am done

He is my bias because he so cute and funny, great dancer and singer, he is very kind and has a great body

He's just getting sexier and sexier by the year. His stage presence is probably the most overwhelming in all of BTS (I love all the other members as well) but Jimin is def my ultimate bias with his dancing and aura

, I watched MAMA in Hong Kong of Youtube, their performance was so amazing, oh my boy Jimin, I can't move my eyes from him, focus on his everything. I wish they can have the concert in Canada. I can see Jimin xi. Fighting!

He gave me a shock when I first watched the MV blood sweat and tears, his vocal is so nice at the beginning part, also his face looks very attractive, and his dancing amazing. Actually he is a little bit shy and cute person. I wish BTS can come to have concert in Canada. Especially I can see Jimin.

I watched the performance of fan meeting of the song pied piper, I repeated Jimin's part of the dance for more than 20 times yesterday,, the body roll and wave were crazy.

BTS had the concert in Taiwan, I watched some videos, Jimin was very good at the stage. Wish they will have the concert in Canada in next year, hopefully I can see Jimin.

Bubbly personality, bias wrecker for sure. His cute and cool moments make me fall in love with him 100 times over.

HE SHOULD BE UP TOP HE IS THE BEST. He is the best dancer and singer out of all of them. He worked the hardest to get where he is and he should get more recognition

They will come to The USA to attend the music awards, however I am in Canada, I can't see Jimin xi. Hopefully he recovered to be the performance. Fighting!

I watched the music awards of the beginning of Jan if Korea, when bts performed the song GO GO, Jimin was so cute with the suspenders jeans, my baby boy.

Pied piper of 4th fan meeting, the killing part got me chills when I saw Jimin body rolls and waves like a snake, smooth, sexy and attractive. I will die.

He is my everything, I love you smile,! I'm Shy shy

Jimin is my ultimate bias. I love him so much. He can dance and sing like a total pro. And, he's funny and cute! According to the Bangtan members, he's the easiest to talk to which I think is important. I love Jimin and I love all BTS members. BTS fighting!