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Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red. ...read more.


I really love Jeon Jungkook, I saw his smile at Blood Sweat and Tears Mv and it made my heart beat faster. I am so mesmerized by his good looks and amazing vocals. As I browse more BTS videos I got to know his personality and I can relate to him most of the times. He is my role model and I admire him not being afraid of anything unlike me who is afraid of everything. Well all of bts members are my bias wreckers and I love them so much but jungkook holds a special place in my heart. Yeah all of them are so talented but I know in my heart it was really Jungkook, although people send him hates and any other bad things, my heart will still pick him. I love him so much. He is also so ' talented! He always takes my breath away. In his moves, voice, drawing, strength, charisma, personality and many more! I like his competitive personality as I am competitive too. I will always love him and he will always be my favorite. Always and Forever.

When my friend told me to pick a bias, I simply couldn't. It was really hard to decide. But it was Jungkook who really caught my attention. He is good in almost everything -- and his good looks were a bonus! His cute bunny smile and his voice were the things I loved the most about him. That, and that he was really modest and humble. I just love him a lot, even though people think he's overrated because he always gets the spotlight - he doesn't deserve all the hate. He seriously doesn't. He works so hard to be loved. Such a cute cinnamon roll.

I remember watching the not today video as the second video after spring day. I clicked off spring day quite quickly, back then it wasn't my style. But I LOVED not today. I know y'all are gonna hate me for this, but I couldn't tell them apart yet, so I did it by clothing. The only thing was, I couldn't choose a favourite between the one in the dancing scenes with the red and black jacket, or the one in the running in the long red coat. I later realised that they were the same person: Jeon Jungkook.

There's no reason why, he just caught my attention the moment he sang. His voice, a voice that you would never get tired of, a voice that heals you and a smile that melts you. He's the youngest bias on my list and also the number one bias on my list. I've been chasing after BangTan since they debuted and watched kookie grows up into a fine young man. He was that small but look at him now, manlier than ever. With that young pure innocent face of his when he first debuted, he caught my heart right away. I'm not someone who's into dongsaeng idol plus, he's of the same age as my brother. But he just have this thing that caught me. And now, I'm trapped.

Honestly I don't know why I think Jungkook is the most attractive of all the bts members, because all the bts members are good looking. I remember watching fire and I just thought to myself Awwwe he's so cute. And I saw him in that policeman costume in Dope and literally died. After that I just giggle and swoon at any movements he does. How can a guy be so cute and then become so hot in like a few seconds.

Natural, humble, mutiple talents and handsome. The most I love him as he does not take anything for granted. Always thanks Army and strive to grow and perform better and better to rewards Army. Not attention seeker and always do everything with all his best. He was just 15 years old since debuted but he played a key role in the team and I shall say he should be given credit to popularity of BTS.

Jungkook is my favourite because of his accidental comedy and clumsiness. He usually always gets the spotlight, but I think its because he's really funny and sometimes he's really quiet. He has a blooming personality and he's always positive, while staying strong

Jungkook like even though he's not the main visual he's awesome, charming, and very talented, he was the first member to catch my attention in BTS, but I love all the members too

Jungkook has this certain charisma that makes your eyes look at him all the time. He's good at dancing, singing, sports. He may be shy sometimes but it makes him even cuter

He the cutest guy and at the same time so hot. He is so naughty but at the same time mature. I mean he even drank a glass of alcohol faster than the other members.

I heard a BTS song, and I really liked it so I wanted to "Investigate" In BTS. I first did a few quizzes about who your BTS boyfriend is and I got Jungkook and Jimin. (I did these questions before I knew BTS so I didn't choose a answer My bias would choose). But I completely fell in Love with his dorky personality.

I love jungkook. I just love him so much and my love increases for him every second. Love him so much. He is the best and my bias forever and ever and ever.

I love Jungkook! I want to meet him in person one day. His voice is beautiful, he can dance and he's very handsome. So much talent!

I remember him in dope and war of hormone but see him now, he is so funny and kind, he is by far my favourite Bts member.

He's amazing! I first saw him in dope And I completely fell for him. Something about him just caught my eye right when I saw him.

Honestly, even though he doesn't talk a lot, his competitive and innocent () personality is just too adorable!

He is SO talented for his age. I should know, because I'm turning 15, which is the age kookie started BTS. He is really adorable, I could watch him all day. I love his dancing style, which is powerful, sexy, smooth, and manly all at the same time. Not to mention he's HOT XP

Jungkook just caught my eye the first time I saw him. He's really outstanding and really beautiful.

Jungkook is Babe. He is adorable, he's funny, he's everything u can imagine. I know BTS by a great friend of mine. She told me about them and when I watched the music video Blood, Sweat, and tears, I instally fell in love. Jungkook is everything.

He is the best singer for me. He is the cutest of all the bts members. And he's young.

I like Jungkook because her is handsome cute and very funny JUNGKOOK MY OPPA

I just don't know how I fell for him. It's just... he is just so young and amazing and I reckon watching dope as my first bts video, and just his voice his looks, everything about him was just so... perfect. I have so much more o say...

I love you Jungkook, you are my favourite in BTS, I love you so much.

His hot and cute at the same time. I love everything about him.

My best only jungkook I am love jungkook every cute