Top Ten BTS Songs that Should Be Played on the Radio

The Top Ten BTS Songs that Should Be Played on the Radio


This song should definitely be on the radio, it's not my favorite BTS song, but it seems like it should be on the radio! - lionsforlife

One of my favorite thing to listen to and I love it 💜. It is one of the best songs ever. Should 100% be on the radio.


This song is fire it's happy and shows you to work harder.

Dope songs, exactly. - Sofiaaaaaa

Fake Love

I fell in LOVE wiht BTS because of this music video, their talents, their dances and also in Blood Sweat and Tears. I DIEED

This is a great song and should be given more credit.

This isn't really needed anymore! - lionsforlife

These songs are "fake love" - Sofiaaaaaa

I Need U

My ultimate FAVORITE! Such a good song, the song that got their first win, the song that started the BTS universe.

Nobody 'needs' Bts - Sofiaaaaaa

Not Today

This song help me in life and told me when this go wrong not today. I will still keep going,

I'm not listening to bts today because I can't stand it. - Sofiaaaaaa

Save Me

this song is so calm and you can listen to it when your sad happy or whatever it's so good.

Save me from trashy bts - Sofiaaaaaa

This shares my favorite BTS song spot with Airplane pt. 2 - AllenTheCritic

This song should be played everywhere. One of my favorite songs ever.💜


Nope. - Sofiaaaaaa

Blood Sweat & Tears

I'm bleeding, sweating, and crying with how much I hate these songs. - Sofiaaaaaa

If I want something I have to put my Blood Sweat & Tears in to it.

Best of Me

ALWAYS show the best of yourself


The Contenders


I love the fact that they did not care what people were hating on there for. they just did them.

I hate this one, THE MOST - Sofiaaaaaa

Should be 1st

We Are Bulletproof, Pt. 2

shoot me down I will get back up.


This help learn to say no when need to and not get boss around by people.

NO, I HATE BTS - Sofiaaaaaa

Go Go

It's a good song

MIC Drop

"Haters gonna hate players gonna play with your life man good luck."
- Kim Namjoon
I love how this song is so true you just have to keep going you find who you are I know it.

I'm Fine

I'm Fine was like the song I needed because so times you are just fine.

Irl friend asks (welp shes not my friend because she is arrogant from bts): Wanna listen to bts?
Me: I'm FRIKIN FINE, OKAY? - Sofiaaaaaa

No More Dream
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