Top Ten BTS Songs that Should Be Played on the Radio


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One of my favorite thing to listen to and I love it 💜. It is one of the best songs ever. Should 100% be on the radio.

This song should definitely be on the radio, it's not my favorite BTS song, but it seems like it should be on the radio! - lionsforlife

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2 Dope

Dope songs, exactly. - Sofiaaaaaa

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3 Fake Love

These songs are "fake love" - Sofiaaaaaa

This is a great song and should be given more credit.

This isn't really needed anymore! - lionsforlife

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4 I Need U

Nobody 'needs' Bts - Sofiaaaaaa

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5 Not Today

I'm not listening to bts today because I can't stand it. - Sofiaaaaaa

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6 Butterfly

Nope. - Sofiaaaaaa

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7 Save Me

Save me from trashy bts - Sofiaaaaaa

This shares my favorite BTS song spot with Airplane pt. 2 - AllenTheCritic

This song should be played everywhere. One of my favorite songs ever.💜

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8 Run UListen to Sample
9 Blood Sweat & Tears

I'm bleeding, sweating, and crying with how much I hate these songs. - Sofiaaaaaa

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10 Best of Me UListen to Sample

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11 Lost UListen to Sample
12 We Are Bulletproof, Pt. 2 UListen to Sample
13 N.O

NO, I HATE BTS - Sofiaaaaaa

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14 I'm Fine

Irl friend asks (welp shes not my friend because she is arrogant from bts): Wanna listen to bts?
Me: I'm FRIKIN FINE, OKAY? - Sofiaaaaaa

15 Idol

I hate this one, THE MOST - Sofiaaaaaa

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