Top Ten Best BTS Songs

Bangtan Boys : 방�"소�"단 (Bulletproof Boy Scouts) aka BTS is a South Korean seven-member hip-hop boy group formed by Big Hit Entertainment

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1 I Need U

12?! This song is so catchy and show that break up is the worst and heart-breaking!

The scenes that they showed in their mv was really heartbreaking once you get to know the story behind each scenes. Furthermore, this song is about how are they doing if they breaking up with their lover in such a regretful way, (maybe mainly because the other side is cheating...). But above that, I really really love this song! Especially Jimin's high note, Jungkook's voice in the beginning, The trio's rap... All of them! It's really catchy and I can't stop myself from hearing this song!

This song bring me being an ARMY right now! BTS FIGHTING!

So catchy out of all the bangers and gets me hype

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2 Blood Sweat Tears

One of their best songs! Emotional and meaningful... The dancing is very cool too. Also, the boys look super handsome/cute in the music video!

This should definitely be in the top 3 because it had such fine aesthetics and the dance was just so mesmerising! The boys looked absolutely fabulous! The song itself was very pleasing since it had a powerful meaning and emotional background to it

Great song! Choreography is amazing and it's great seeing the rappers of bts sing a little as well! Of course the vocalists of bts also did a great job!


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3 Save Me

When I heard this song, I had to double take a look because I didn't think it was possible for BTS to surpass themselves with Fire n Young Forever. But they did and this is like amazing! it's got this sort of tropical beat so man... WHY ISN'T THIS #1?!

Definitely one of their BEST song yet. This song is gut wrenchingly beautiful.

I was honestly truly captured by this song and even after listening in for a whole month I never got tired of the song. I believe that is truly captures the beauty of BTS and their music as a whole. This song makes me proud to be a KPOP fan and I feel blessed that they graced our ears with such a magnificent piece of music.

It felt like they were so fluent in English and I just love the chorus when they sing Save me over and over again it was so catchy. Loved it

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4 Fire

This song is seriously cool. One of the best BTS songs I've ever heard. The rap, the music, the dance, everything is just perfect! BTS is the best band for me! #bts4eva

I like the lyrics, the dance is good, the rap is good, the vocal is good. Basically, it's perfect

It may be one of their newer/newest songs, but that doesn't change the fact that it is still as good as their old ones. The music is catchy, the lyrics are fun, the dancing's good, and their hair colors are hot. So all of these combined make Fire one of their best videos and/or songs.

The first bts song I’ve ever listened to. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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5 Run

My third favorite song. Should be rated higher. "Pitiful destiny go and point you finger at me." Sounds so good. I find myself singing the English lyrics while they sing the Korean, because the words can easily be translated in English to match the music.

It's the kind of song you listen to in the car at midnight while your speeding and the street lights plus a few headlights illuminate the roads in a distance, you get that sort of rebellious feeling, a catharsis, and sometimes you just want to cry because it resonates with you so much. This song is for those who want an escape, an adventure. My favourite bts song.

This has has the best choreo, like how is this not the top 3! I think this is their best song, it's such a powerful song and perfect too! When I first saw this I cried all day and weeks! The video was perfect and it looked like they had fun! This to me is DEFINITELY my favorite!

Hands down just the best. Jimin's high note gets me every time

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6 Dope

I've been a fan from the start and they have so many good songs but I keep going back to this one the most and I never get tired of it!

It's actually very energezing and it gives me a summer feeling and the dance is also very cute and the scenery. EVERYTHING is very cool in this song.

This is the song that got me into kpop, at first I had no idea what kpop was until my friend told me about it, she told me to look up this song and so I did, my jaw was dropped the entire time, I was so shocked and impressed with how great the song was, thank you BTS for making music and being you're happy self's,I really enjoy EVERYTHING about this group. Truly one of the best.

This is the song that made me an ARMY. The choreography, costumes, lyrics, everything is just LIT! This will always be my favorite BTS song.

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7 Spring Day

It's one of the best artistic and musical moves they possibly could have made, and you can feel the emotion behind it with each listen

Because no darkness, no season. Can be forever...

When you hear it you can feel emotion behind it, The song is so smooth yet still makes you want to keep listening. It also almost made me cry.

This song is just amazing!

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8 Boy In Luv

It's so catchy! Don't want to hop on the bandwagon, but I love this song.

I love this song, I think is the best

I agree, my friends and I have been inspired to enter a lip sync battle with this song. BTS fighting

Does anyone know why Jin was chilling inside the locker? And did Jimin washed his hands then?

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Bts surpassed themselves on this one... army everywhere died lol - parkl911

Fantastico - Miley

The meaning of the song is so cool

Really catchy and good. The dancing looks really cool

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10 Danger

Nice song, love to hear. Had an English version in the end of the song. Love it!

I have no wonder if its been a single with War of Hormone in "Dark and Wild".. And I think Let Me Know and Rain is should been a single too... I love this song, I think this is have a different taste... I love the dance too.

I love them so much, they are really amazing and talented. This is such a great song, I just can't stop listening to it.


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11 Butterfly

The prologue version of this song is something you must listen to if you haven't. Anyways, this song is so beautiful, both the composing and the lyrics are masterpieces. I love when their songs have sincere and innocent lyrics that make you cry because they are so sweet. The lyrics in this song is one of them.

A heart wrenching masterpiece with such beautifully written lyrics. It's a song that makes you feel like you would harm the notes and melodies if you like sing along with it. This songs demands for attention from you.

This song makes me cry, oh my gosh, but it is a truly amazing song and their voices just sound so perfect in this, and I love this song so much! BTS FIGHTING!

So sad

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12 Not Today

This songs is SO GOOD, I've had it on repeat, I'm trying to learn the lyrics, I'm trying to learn the dance... I wasn't that big of a BTS fan before this song, and suddenly I've gone in DEEP in the past few days after my friend introduced me!

I knew it was going to be a bop just from the teaser. Just when I thought another Fire couldn't be produced, great song to break it down!

The beat drop is amazing and the song in general is really catchy

This is the most amazing song ever

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13 Just One Day

Sweetest song.. Just make a girl melting so hard

Love very much this song. When watch this mv it's like you gonna fall in love with them!

I know them by this song, and I can't stop listening! I love this song very much!

All of them are so good..but my favorite just one day

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14 Baepsae

One of the catchiest songs ever! Definitely one of the best BTS songs, I love it!

Not only does the entire song sound incredibly catchy, the lyrics are also filled with salt and a great inspiration to keep striving to fulfill your aspirations because in the end, you're the only one who can make your goals possible!

I feel that especially the lyrics of this song is so purely BTS. When I listen to this song I can imagine the struggles they went through and feel their push back against the critics. This song is everything that got me hooked; an amazing beat and even more amazing and personal real lyrics

They call me PEPSI
You want Jin, is that GAY
probably, I can't say
There is only one explanation. My mind is screwed up.

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15 Mic Drop

The grungy beat and catchy hook makes this song one of their best. I love it even though Hip-Hop isn't my thing. You know a band is good when they can make you love a song that is not even you're favorite genre...Love BTS!

Did you see my bag

Really good song and base I dance to all the time!

Superb lyrics! I learnt the full song by listening only 5 times, sort of for only rock and roll personalities... excellent

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16 Fake Love

They just blew all their other songs away with this song that encompasses everything that is amazing about BTS!

Its production is so on point. One of their most well produced songs for sure and it has a melancholic romantic lyrics, I simply adore it!

This song deserves to be in the top 10 but I can't deny that all of them are just as amazing

I'm an EXO-L, but BTS introduced me to the K-pop scene, I personally think they surpassed themselves with this one

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17 War of Hormone

I think this is their best. This seems weird when first time you heard, but actually when you repeat it again and again you will overdose with that! Seriously! I can't control myself to stop this song! HELP!

They all look good, funny, cute. Watch them like they're actually in front of you. My favorite mv and I always watch it, never seem boring. Watch it for yourself, you don't regret it.

Their dance is epic and damn this song gets me all the time

This song gives off a different vibe from the others (obviously we know why) but besides that the song makes me want to sing along and dance as well as swoon. The kind of rock genre music it what I like more and this song is the closest BTS song to that. Hello Hello What Hello Hello What Tell me what you want right now

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18 Idol

Such an amazing song love its lyrics too much encouraging

I love it to much

It's a BTS song, of course I love it. it's a very inspiring song too!


19 Tomorrow

I think this song should be in a higher place, It has such a powerful and inspiring message!

I can't catch why this song is not a released as a single. This song is so beautiful with inspiring meaning!

Love this one, when it is performed live it is truly beautiful

I used to think BTS was an average boygroup (the ignorant me) after this I became an army

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20 Lie

This, for me, is the best song in the WINGS album... Jimin's not my bias nor my bias wrecker, but seriously man this song is so good, if u haven't listened to this yet, go listen to it, also read the lyrics for +++feels

Jimin's voice is beautiful and his vocals are so soothing. I could listen to this song everyday for the rest of my life. I also has a great beat through the whole song. To be honest, I kind of like this song better then blood sweat and tears. Sorry../

I love this song so much! Everyone go listen to it right now! Jimin's voice is so beautiful.

This song made me fall in love with kpop for a s second time.

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21 Graduation

This is Kookie, Jimin, and J-Hope pre-debut song! They are so cute in this song! I love this song especially the ending ^^

22 Pied Piper

Honestly, learning the story behind the 'Pied Piper' really brought the song full circle and I honestly feel such deep emotions when listening to it. It is way too underrated.

I always wanna Dance, but this song hit me hard...

It's a really good song

I. Can’t. Stop. Listening. To. This. Help.
It’s amazing though - ParkJiminDemons

23 Whalien 52

You must listen to this.The lyrics is so meaningful and I think most of us can relate to the meaning of the song

So underrated, a great song - YOUnique253

The lyrics are brilliant!

Listen to it you get to hear Jin say "I'm a whale". - Silverfroststorm

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24 Young Forever

It is such a powerful song with a powerful message once you know the mean behind the lyrics and the theories

When you know Bts this is the most beautiful but also saddest of their songs

I bought some expensive shirt just because it has 2 words on it "Young Forever'.

21? underrated!
the meanings behind the lyrics are deep. we can hear yoongi singing. the rhythm is so soothing.

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25 Anpanman

Disregarding similar songs on other albums, Anpanman is an upbeat song about being the weakest super hero, and giving pieces of yourself to help others. The music is fun and the performances (choreo, outfits, and all) are so fun and cute. One of my favorite songs from LY:T

Definitely one of my favorites... oh wait, I say that about all their songs. Anyway, it’s really upbeat and happy sounding compared to the other songs of the Love Yourself: Tear album. Also, the lyrics are meaningful. - vVKimTaehyungVv


26 Silver Spoon

I really like this song - YOUnique253


This song is catchy and has a beat you'll be humming all day. The lyrics are like a middle finger to societal hierarchy. All the vocals sound great, though the rap dominates the song.
Deserves to be way higher on this list.

THEY CALL ME... BAEPSAE. - vVKimTaehyungVv

27 Go Go (Gominbodago)

This song is so insane...i really can't stop watching it

Epic song with flossing - parkl911

For some reason I think the song is... cute. Just like the dance. - vVKimTaehyungVv

It may not be the most meaningful song but it's certainly the most fun song =^-^ - Myst

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28 Autumn Leaves

I do really love the lyrics. it was just too sweet

29 Awake

Just because I cry to this song and his vocals so this song so much.

It's so meaningful and I cry every time I listen to it. Its one of the bets songs for me with one of the best lyrics that touch my heart every time

This song is so heartbreakingly beautiful. Jin's voice really suits this song so well as he sings about his fears. Best song in Wings after bs&t for me. Give it a listen you'll surely love it.

TOOO GOOD jk I have not heard this song

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30 The Truth Untold

It teaches us how to love ourselves, so that we could have happier life

You guys have 2 days to make this number 1... That's how good it is

This song is so beautiful! You need to listen to it. It all connects to the story about the smeraldo...I don't know if I spelled that correct. Anyway, this sing is so amazing!

I love the vocals and lyrics. - vVKimTaehyungVv

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31 Cypher Pt. 4

MY favorite, all the rappers just blow my mind with CYPHER 4

Dam s0n its lit

32 House of Cards

It gives off this smooth jazzy beat in the back which matches the tone of the lyrics and vocals perfectly! I love this song so much - it's perfect to listen to when just staring out the window at the night sky.

It such a good song and their voices in it is amazing

I feel like this song really demonstrates BTS' vocal strength! Overall, it's really nice to listen to and I really enjoy it.

Should be in top 10. THE BEST

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33 Never Mind

BTS is my bias group in all of kpop. I love basically all their songs heck I even learn their dances though I am a bad dancer. I became a fan boy after listening to Boy in love on Music Bank. Then, I started listening to all their songs. For me Suga kill it in Nevermind, the rap just incredible and the message it delivered to live life the way we want and run towards our dream and not caring about what other thinks. This is probably my favourite.

This is my favorite BTS song. Not cause it's the most catchiest or it's fun to listen too with others. It is Suga's bio saying duck the haters. He worked so hard on this song and it's his. He raps with such passion because it's about him.

This song Is so inspirational and suits suga so much. Every time I listen I get drowned in his voice and get chills with goosebumps all over my body. WHY IS THIS NOT HIGHER IN THE LIST? JUST BECAUSE IT'S NOT A 3 MINUTE SONG DOESN'T MEAN IT'S NOT WORTH YOUR TME, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!

Yoongi always gives me chills - Sierra2050

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34 We Are Bulletproof

I love this song! I have no wonder why this song and No More Dream is released as single. CLICK! CLICK! BANG! BANG! WE JUST SING IT LIKE!

THIS SONG IS SO GOOD LIKE so I first heard of BTS by listening to some of the newer songs like I Need U and Dope, and then I hear this and IT'S SO AMAZING I love it so much

This song just like addicted me. This song is much better than No More Dream I see, sorry. But all is best though. You should vote it! #BTS1000Days.

It's one of the most beautiful songs by BTS, the melancholy lyrics mixed with the superb vocals and rap make for an absolute masterpiece.

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35 Ma City

Wow. Just wow. RM's part is like awesome

36 Let Me Know

I love this songs. and I really like Tae's voice

Personally my favourite BTS song. It's just so deep and emotive I love everything about it

If you look at the English lyrics to Let Me Know, it will make you feel so emotional. I think this should be in the top 5 best songs of Bangtan Boys, since it literally makes you ball up in a corner and cry nonstop. The lyrics are so heartbreaking

This song is just so beautiful...the words are put so beautifully and the music is extremely good and catchy. Tae's deep soulful voice is a big thumbs up. 👍👍

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37 Hold Me Tight

Why is this song placed so low? It's so beautiful and meaningful, and it's about someone who just misses their lover and is desperate to be in someone's heart, even though they know their love would soon end. The vocals are amazing too! This song deserves a high ranking.

I love everything in this song, emotions, raps, vocals, lyrics, its just perfect and V help in the production of the song, so... PERFECT.

In my opinion, best song along with Butterfly and House of Cards.

For some reason, this song won me over. I suppose it's the soft melodious beat and vocals that really does it for me :^). I can't help but tear up a little whenever I listen to it!

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38 Best of Me

I love the lyrics and meaning, I love the tune, I love the beat, I love their voices. I love everything about this song. - vVKimTaehyungVv

I don't care about BTS at all but hearing that The Chainsmokers were in it dragged me here.

And apparently I didn't find it bad at all. - StarlightSpanks

39 N.O

What can I say to this song? I love everything in this song from the song, lyrics, and MV!

This song is favorite. Why this is just 27? Should be voted!

They are so cute in this MV! I love kookie and taehyung here! This song is so catchy and build your spirit! Vote! This need to be in TOP 10!


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40 Interlude: Wings

Honestly so catchy I love the beat and everything about it, it reminds me of a summer pool tune and I wish it was longer

The fact that they used lyrics from one of the songs from sugas recently released mixtape made this song extremely special for me. Beautiful lyrics and the best way to end am album

41 Crystal Snow

I love this song very much. It's about someone waiting for their special someone to come... This must be higher!

Beautiful song! It warmed my heart to the core. The boys sound so great!

I love this song - Tannyrainy52

42 No More Dream

A very nice debuts I've ever seen.

This is one of the strongest debuts I've ever seen.

No More Dream is such a fun song! One of THE strongest debuts in the KPop industry! It is a great song to dance to, and each one of the members did such a great job singing/rapping. I highly reccomend this song and video. In the video, the dancing choreography is mind blowing! Love this song, BTS fighting!

It’s definitely good for a debut song.

sorry I had to do that. - vVKimTaehyungVv

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43 Outro: Propose
44 Fallen Leaves

This is my favourite song along with I need u... you can feel the intensity of their feelings oozing out and it makes me feel sad and empty but in a nice way

Best Song of The Album('.')

Man I LOVE this song!

I LOVE this song; especially J-hopes rap!

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45 Born Singer

I feel like even though it was only a cover song but contained different lyrics, I find it very inspirational and poignant!

I really like this songs one of my favorites

Hits me right in the feels

This song proves that BTS is multitalent and good at cover too. They should cover many song next time

46 Rain

It's such a beautiful song and BTS sings it with so much emotion, you can feel it even if you don't know the meaning

Rain touches my heart, and fills me with warmth. The singing melts me, and it's a bit sad.

Unlike their usual style but the song can really provide warmth. very nice to listen to

Definitely my favorite BTS song, and the lyrics are so dramatic and the chorus reads as though it's narrarating a story while the rapline are the main characters

47 Spinebreaker

Seriously can't stop listening to this song! Should be higher

How is this so low? This song is so damn good! It sounds really unique and Taehyung's voice in this is just heaven!

I love it because of Taehyung’s low voice. His voice is my life. - vVKimTaehyungVv

48 BTS Cypher, Pt. 3: KILLER

This song kills me every time I listen to it... A fan favourite so I'm super surprised it isn't on this list yet. Well, it is now!


49 Coffee

This song is very beautiful and sweet

"Baby, you're as sweet as a cafe latte", I love this song so much. It has a beautiful and sweet melody. I love Jhope's part and V's voice is just adghhgg

I love soft voice from jungkookie and jimin, also jin and taetae... The rap from rapper line is good too. love

50 Attack On Bangtan

Bang! Tan! Sonyeondan!


Love it

Even I don't know the meaning of the song, this always make me have a spirit in the morning to wake up :3

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