Top Ten Best BTS Songs

Bangtan Boys : 방�"소�"단 (Bulletproof Boy Scouts) aka BTS is a South Korean seven-member hip-hop boy group formed by Big Hit Entertainment

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41 Jump

My favorite bts song, it's so catchy and it gets me pumped- Trenton Hawn

Best Non-Title Song By BTS I Think

Ths is their catchiest! This song make me get spirits when I'm wake up.

42 Mama

Beutiful song love it

43 Rain

It's such a beautiful song and BTS sings it with so much emotion, you can feel it even if you don't know the meaning

Rain touches my heart, and fills me with warmth. The singing melts me, and it's a bit sad.

Unlike their usual style but the song can really provide warmth. very nice to listen to

Definitely my favorite BTS song, and the lyrics are so dramatic and the chorus reads as though it's narrarating a story while the rapline are the main characters

44 Go Go (Gominbodago)

This song is so insane...i really can't stop watching it

It is such an amazing song. Why is it so down

Epic song with flossing - parkl911

CAtchy as hell

45 Converse High

I like this song. And I like the title who converse consums here?

Best song in "In the Mood for Love pt.1" along with I Need U & Dope.

What! 24th really?!
This probably one of their best!
Top ten deserved
24th smh😪

46 Graduation

This is Kookie, Jimin, and J-Hope pre-debut song! They are so cute in this song! I love this song especially the ending ^^

47 Second Grade

Whoever has rm as your bias, you are my bff. - ananya882

This song is very catchy for me. And I love the lyrics. Especially Rapmonster's part (RM bias lol)

48 Hip Hop Lover

So far down! That is just wrong. Should be on the first page. One of my favourites. I know nothing about subbing or even Korean but I just had to figure it out and sub the live hyyh performance video.

49 Boyz With Fun

This song shows of the members personality greatly! I highly recommend this to new ARMY

My favorite non-title song!

This is a song you listen to to have fun and be lit up. It's so fun and V's dance skillz are off the hook

I like BTS musiccaly style like in this song~

50 Bapsae

This needs to be way higher on the list, for sure. Who's with me?!

The lyrics are so good, and the boys' voices all sound amazing here!

Take this out. The other Baepsae in num 11 at this list

51 Move

This song is one of their saddest songs in my opinion. It represents their friendship and their bond with each other so well and the fact that they wrote this simply because they were moving to a new dorm makes it better because it shows that they're grateful for everything that made them a family.

I of course love all of their song but I just love Move's soft part! It is just sooo beautiful!

Agree, very underrated song. I love the beat it's beautfiul

This song is underrated but it's honestly so amazing! the song is about them leaving the home they had as trainees and moving to a bigger and better place, but they had a lot of memories in their trainee home and they dwell on it in this song. the song is mostly rap, and a very calming chorus that I could listen to anyday.
hwaiting, bangtan!

52 Dimple
53 Miss Right

This is such a good song! When I first heard it, I thought the chorus would be over after the first part, but then it went to the second part and it was just really unique sounding somehow. The raps are all nice, and when performed live, Jimin's voice is incredible during the chorus!

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54 We On

An amazing song with amazing meaning to it!

55 Road
56 24/7= Heaven

Definitely one of the cutest songs by BTS!

I don't know why this isn't higher on ranking

57 Sofa

Love this cover by Jung Kook

58 Adult Child

I love this sing too.

This is Rapmon, Jin, and Suga pre-debut song!

Jin's part is Eargasm

59 At That Place

It's the sexy pelvis moves...

60 Crystal Snow
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