Top Ten Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces

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1 Blazin'

The hottest sauce there is. I bet my Uncle Chris and my father's favorite restaurant's waiter could try it. It also says on the Scolville scale on the menu:"Keep away from eyes, pets, and children. The hottest sauce we got."

2 Mild

If you don't like it hot, try this or Sweet BBQ.

3 Parmesan Garlic

It's usually served with French fries or a burger.

4 Wild

Wild. The name says it all.

5 Desert Heat

Rare, but still amazing!

6 Thai Curry V 1 Comment
7 Hot BBQ

Hot BBQ.2 words that definitely go together.

8 Asian Zing

I bet one time when an Indian worker gets hired as a waiter or waitress he'll go " Get the Asian Zing or I will punch you much hard! "

9 Medium
10 Caribbean Jerk

If you're looking for a wing with more flavor than heat, this is my first recommendation.

I love buffalo wild wing and this is the flavor I usually get. Should be in th top ten

The Contenders

11 Teriyaki

Why 12th?

12 Jammin' Jalapeno

Jamming. It says it all.

13 Hot

The perfect amount of spice!

14 Spicy Garlic
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