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1 Tears Don't Fall Tears Don't Fall

Have to agree - the only contention for me is take it out on me or alone. But I love this song - everything about it is just awesome. Spot on

love this song. especially the guitar at the beginning

I love this song, but great guitar and best drum... The screaming is cool and smoothy.
Download this song, and you will find the best song ever,

I love the mix of intense screaming and melodic vocals great track!

2 Your Betrayal Your Betrayal

2010 album has a lot of awesome songs including this. Vote for this song it is one of my favorite songs in that album and of the band. It is also heavy.

I Agree it has limited screamo, but the other songs in Fever are great too. BFMV is musical genius. Ever since I heard " Your Betrayal" I thought "wow" I am more into traditional metal with no screamo and don't really like any screamo but BFMV is an exception. This song is Heavy and it gave me chills but I liked that Feeling.

It's my favourite song from the band, and I've liked them since 4 words to choke upon. I just really enjoy this song and I listen to it TONS of times everyday. although waking the demon and scream aim and fire are probably one of their better songs I just enjoy this masterpiece. Its Metal-core to its finest. "

This deserves number one place

3 Waking the Demon Waking the Demon

I love Tears Don't Fall, but this has the coolest guitar ever! Here's my list. 1. Waking the Demon 2. All These Things I Hate ( Revolve Around Me) 3. Tears Don't Fall 4. Your Betrayal 5. Hit the Floor 6. Hearts Burst Into Fire 7. Scream Aim Fire 8. Hand of Blood 9. The Poison 10. Fever Bullet for My Valentine is probably the best metalcore band of the time. Lamb of God sucks compared to these guys. Bullet For My Valentine forever

Awesome as song I love it can't stop listening to it

First Bullet for my Valentine song I ever listened to, and nothing can take the spot for #1 besides this song.

The song is a masterpiece and deserves to be their number one song. It's Metallica's one, iron maidens fear of the dark or Led Zeppelins whole lotta live

4 All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)

Should be 1/2 :D
First time I heard.. gave me chills.. "me.. yeahhh... all these things I hate revolve around me! "

One of the most primitive and memorable BFMV song

wow such a hard choice! there all awesome songs! no way I culd pick one but I have to:( - 7beach77

A beautiful song! Should be on one or two! Maybe the best Bullet for my Valentine song ever... Great refrain and amazing when he sings: "all my dreams turn to tears" This song make me feel muxh better

5 Hand of Blood

Best song ever wish their newer stuff was more like this song awesome mix of screams and singing

No idea how Hearts Burst Into Fire isn't on here... Whatever. Anyways, this song is amazing.

BEST INTRO GUITAR EVER! It rules! Best song of Bullet I guess My 2e best song of bullet is Waking the demon, than Tears don't fall

This is the first song I heard of bullet.. Nfs most wanted has this track, it boosts the adrenaline effect while racing.. And also their first song that I had learnt.. A very different song as they superbly mix screams/growls with clean vocals.. Simple riffing n killer melodic solo.. Also best breakup song (along with pretty on the outside :P)..

6 Hearts Burst Into Fire

Amazing, I can't really say anything else about it. The intro is beautiful the vocals are amazing and the drumming is fantastic. A Epic Song indeed.

Epic intro solo and chorus

What great starting music! Oh my god!

Best song na

7 Alone

The best not are other words

Extremely underrated. This song is one of BFMV's best! Y'all should give it a listen... Guitar riffs are powerful...

The drums really power this song through all its changes and really, the vocals and guitar are absolutely perfect.

Amazing lyrics, vocals and a sick solo. What's not to love?

8 4 Words (To Choke Upon)

Top notch drums and guitar. I love the alternating of screams and cleans and the way the drums set the mood. I like bullet for the metalcore stuff mainly and this is the best full on metalcore song with hand of blood a close second.

This is their best song, hands down. - Ronuh

INCREDIBLE AND UNIQUE IN EVERY WAY! If you listen to it, then you will love it. I have listened to it over two hundred times!

The first song they ever wrote, and easily their best. Great, great song. I like tears don't fall, but so does everyone. This song rules T.D. F

9 Scream, Aim, Fire

my fave song by bullet for my valentine, love the vocals, the drums and the guitar solo... number one for me

One of the most HARDCORE BFMV songs

Awesome intro, really hard to play though, cool lyrics awesome screaming, YEAH Bullet For My Valentine

"Scream Aim Fire" is a song by Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine. The first single from their second album, Scream Aim Fire, the song was released on the American iTunes store on 18 December 2007, and has also been released on the band's MySpace profile. Featured in the video games Guitar Hero World Tour and non-US versions of Guitar Hero Modern Hits, it is the band's highest charting single worldwide. It is also available as downloadable content in the video game Rock Band 3. -Wiki - michealjosephkennard

10 Tears Don't Fall, Pt. 2

This song is almost as epic as Tear Don't Fall 1 + it is simply beautiful :')

I actually prefer this to part 1 in some ways (the chorus is a bit better in part 2 in my opinion), and it's certainly one of my favourite songs by Bullet For My Valentine and my favourite on Temper Temper (closely followed by Truth Hurts for the epic chorus and Dirty Little Secret for the intro).

They crash around me

It shows the flipside of the first part, the meaning is immense and the riffs are AMAZING! The intro riff beginning is awesome as well.


The Contenders

11 Bittersweet Memories

Top ten. No question!

Ya why this is on 11th its totally unfair this song is far better than tears don't fall and the other songs so please put it to top 5 at least

I really like this song, it's very sweetness, yet still has the classic Bullet For My Valentine sick guitar parts and it's just great

Now that's what I called music!

12 The Last Fight

This is my favourite BFMV song.
Good riff, good solo, powerfull vocals... I love it.

This song has a epic solo and chorus

Single handedly the best song to apply to real life. It can explain so many different situations

This song is the best Bullet For My Valentine song ever. The powerful and loud vocals of this song are just awesome. Excellent guitar riffs.

13 Pretty on the Outside

I just fell in love with that song. It reminds me my past. Top song!

The best lyrics I've ever heard!
Its so amzing...
This song fills me up every single time I hear it...
It should be at no. 1 spot!
In top 3 for sure..
Listen to this and vote it its really awesome!

This song and 4 Words have the best lyrics and they're my favorite songs of this band, and I can't understand why this song is 27th! It must be top 3, or at least top 10! Please listen to this music and vote for it, please! So annoying typing too many words to post!

It should be in top 3. My favorite song.

14 Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do)

It's a very underrated song. The riff and everything in this song is fabulous! Definitely the 2nd best song after tears don't fall. It would have been number 1 had it's video been better!

Best Guitar solo of all Bullet for my Valentine songs. 2nd only to All These Things I hate (revolve around me).

Much better than the place would suggest.

WEW ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THIS IS THE 2nd BEST SONG AFTER 4 words to choke upon MAN these guys who vote z

One of their truly best songs! How is this #14? 1st or 2nd place for sure.

15 No Way Out

This song is the song that got me into Bullet For My Valentine.
I love "No Way Out" so much!

Lots of fans were disappointed with Temper Temper and these guys needed to give them something heavier to show they are still alive. Then this song came out and I only have to say this: BULLET IS BACK! - tiagocowboy11

The single of their 2015 album called Venom. Perfect riffs, screaming and brutal. I love it!

Needs a place here, the band went above and beyond with this song in terms of instrumentals. Shows that they've still got it.

16 Cries in Vain

This is a top 3 song in my opinion, but then again, it’s hard for me to put very many of their songs ahead of anything from the poison album. Absolute masterpiece. - Ronuh

Easily number 1 don't know why it's at such a poor position... Easily a deserving top ten...

I'm just voting on this one, because I'm shocked its not on the top 10!

I listen to this song when I'm sad and it makes me feel better. Awesome song it is basically the best.

17 Say Goodnight

This song is fantastic man. It deserves much better position than rank 25.
How come nobody voted for it.
It is one of my favorite song from this band. Its just that as it is comparatively new this song got fewer votes.

Awesome man... Best song ever made... Sleep tight say goodnight... Come on guys listen to it and sure to vote for it

Begins with trance music.. Good lyrics.. Addicting.. Please vote for it.. Sad to find it at position 26..

Feel the pure guitar melody. Stop for a moment and enjoy this awesome piece of art. You will be greatly rewarded at the end of the song. For me it's no. 1

18 Deliver Us from Evil

Great song, catchy chorus & riff - petrucci75hammet

This is like one of their best songs! It definitely should be in the top 5 at least. Okay, maybe top ten. It has such a wonderful tune to it

Deliver Us From Evil was the first Bullet For My Valentine song I ever heard andit has remained my all-time favourite

Probably best song Bullet For My Valentine ever made, can't wait them new album coming 2017-2018

19 Don't Need You

It was grate, the 2018 album 'Gravity' Was gay though

Honestly such an amazing song

That's certainly one of the best songs I've ever heard, with its medieval background and tragical dark atmosphere, all the screams and the addicting chorus, it's simply breathtaking, Bullet For My Valentine you did it again

After Venom, Bullet just show us that they never be "Temper Temper" anymore. And then, this song is coming up. Love this song so much

20 P.O.W.

20?!?! Have y'all even listened to this before you voted for smth else? Come on! This is one of their best songs, if not their best, along with Tears Don't Fall (for me personally), but even if not one of their best, 20th is a bad joke. It should at least be in the top 10.

This song is incredibly underrated it. A lot of people hate them for their newer stuff but screw them this song is a middle finger to them it shows that they are still one of the best metal bands ever ( my second favourite band, right under iron maiden) listen to it and you will not be disappointed

The best song on Temper Temper for me. How the HELL is tears don't fall part 2 so high up?! P.O. W is WAY better.

Great song. Glad they came out with new material. This is what I showed my army buddies and they loved it

21 Begging for Mercy

This song is lowkey kinda sex

This a new song, just released from their upcoming album, Fever. This song is AWESOME and you can get it for free off of Tweematic just post something saying you downloaded it onto your Facebook from the site and the download button appears. They do this to get the word out about the album, and I think it's pretty damn smart.

54th? This song should be at least be in the top 5. Come on! The rhythms, the solo, the riff, the vocals. What's not to like?


22 Room 409

This song is what is Bullet for my valentine, Awesome


Why is this not in the top 10? This song is AWESOME. - killerkiwi23

This song is very brutal, number 1 in my eyes.

23 The Poison

This should be in the top 3! This is easily one of their best songs, some of the stuff in the top 10 are really overrated and are no match to this!

This one should really be in the top 5... It is AWESOME!
I never get bored of this song... Its my favourite after tears don't fall!

*Facepalm* This is easily one of their best songs from their best album. This is the title track of the said album, should be in the top 3.

The intro is sick as hell. The solo is sick as hell. The ending is sick as hell. The whole song is sick as hell. Top 3.

24 Raising Hell

Bullet For My Valentine back on track with this one... love it and please vote for this new killer...

Absolutely brilliant new song, in more of the style of their first two albums.

This song should be in the top 5! One of the best song they ever made since their album "The Poison"

This song is just awesome. Definitely better than any of the songs in Temper Temper album

25 Letting You Go

Amazing song.
Just the perfect music

26 You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)

Holy crap this song is amazing. Better than No Way Out on the same album.

Just stunned. What a piece of work. Great job Bullet For My Valentine!

Great new song, Venom looks promising

This one should be much higher on the list.

27 Hit the Floor

Awesome drum work. Truly an epic Song. Matt's Voice is truly a great Catcher in this song!

This is my favorite song out of everything they have made

This song is just so epic

I love this song so much

28 Fever

"Fever" is the fourth and final single from Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine's third album, Fever. The band were planning on releasing a video but as of yet there has not been one released. The song is said to be a "classic" Bullet for My Valentine song as it opens with a very fast "heavy metal" riff. -Wiki - michealjosephkennard

Maybe at the first time you listen this song it don, t sounds very good but if you start to listen it many times you realize that it's awesome!

Great song! Lyrics rock! Riffs rule! Love this song it's such a party tune

My favourite song on the album Fever. Most interested and awesome intro, awesome chorus and Matt's clean vocals.
This song deserves on the top 10.

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29 Forever and Always

This song should not be at number 28! It's an amazing song, it's addicting. It's a slower song than most of their songs but it is simply amazing! The guitar lyrics are just phenomenal. It get stuck in my head so easily. The vocals are top notch. Probably the best vocals of any of their songs.

Should be in top ten! It really resonates with me and has so much emotion in the guitar rifts and lyrics and raises a fire in my heart every time! The acoustic version is just as good too!

The Guitar lead is so awesome! The coordination between drums and the guitar is so awesome that you can never get bored in any part of this song, AMAZING!
After hearing the lead you think you're in a different world

Beautiful song, so underrated in this list, in another ones its always in the top 10

30 Venom

30th is far too low.
Got me out of my depression.

I love this one. Deserves to be in the top 20 at least. Plus, to me it's sounds like it's from an anime.

Should be in top 15

Totally worth being top 20 at least! This song gives me bone chills!

31 The End

your hair reminds me of a time when we once were...
this song is one of the best bullet for my valentine songs I have heard. deserves to at least be in the top 10.. just listen to the lyrics

One of the most underrated Bullet For My Valentine songs out there. Listening to it reveals a deeper, more complex and bitterly beautiful song equipped with outstanding clean and heavy guitar parts, great drumming, a nice breakdown, and one of the most piercing, bitter, yet beautiful outros I have ever heard.

This song is immensely underrated, I have been a fan of bullet since '06 when they released this album, and this song deserves to be in the top 5 no doubt

This should be so much higher! What is wrong with people. You want a sad song,here ya go!

32 No Easy Way Out

Bullet on form and letting fans know they're back! Brilliant track

33 Her Voice Resides

Deserves a spot in the top ten for sure! Poison is a classic album with so much classic songs in it including this one. Epic screaming epic guitar solo epic song! - wolphert

It has such a good solo matt's screaming... dis song is damn underrated! -

Should be in top three at least because it's one of there best songs I believe

Best lyrics of any song they have ever made. Truly beautiful...

34 Last to Know

Why is this not on the top ten? You've got to be kidding me!

Huh I think the ears of every one were blocked when they started listening this song... I don't blieve what he hell this song is doing up here...

the people didn't even vote once for this truly catching song
please just listen to it once and you'll love it

35 Breaking Point

Great intro and solo I love it its not the best but it's a sold build song its simple yet it gets the job done though.

I thought it was in top 1 spot. why aren't there any temper temper songs in the top ten list

Not even in the top ten? This is the song that got me hooked, and it needs to be higher.

Really good song! Deserves a place in top 20!

36 Crawling

Really awesome. One of the heaviest on Gravity. And the chorus me likey

37 Worthless

Heavy, disturbing, total Bullet for my Valentine! Dark and twisted!

My favorite one from the new album. What a track!

38 Road to Nowhere

Such an underrated song. One of the best power ballads of the 2000s. Should have been more than just a bonus track

Keep calm and listen to This song

Suprisingly underrated. This is truly a brilliant and powerful song.

On a road to nowhere

39 Dirty Little Secret

Winning melody (not unlike all their other stuff)

Like this song good song

40 Dignity

Along with Bitersweet Memories and Your Betrayal, Dignity has the catchiest chorus on the album, Fever. The song shifts from an upbeat verse into one of the most tuneful choruses made by Bullet. Sure it's nothing like Waking The Demon or Tears Don't Fall but it's insulting that it isn't in at least the top 20. Give this song the dignity it deserves!

Top ten

This song definitely deserves to be the in the top tens. Just love it

Such a underrated song... it's really good!

41 My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars

It's just the best song ever from Bullet For My Valentine. I'll always love it, the screaming is awesome, I always sing it when listening to it) THE BEST) PEOPLE VOTE FOR IT

Awesome song don't know why it's down here

One of their best songs ever!

Super underrated song overshadowed by the more "popular" songs on the CD. Still one of my top 5 songs from Bullet For My Valentine.

42 Skin

Really good song,one of the best in the album Venom! Definitely deserves a much better place.

Skin it's one of the best musics off this group, I recoment it to every one who enjoys this generer

43 Leech

One of the best songs of Temper Temper after "P.O.W" definitely deserves a better place!

I thik it's their best song, I like it so much ^^ -

44 Disappear

This is definitely better than rest! Got to be in top 5!

Are you kidding me?
This is one of their best songs and definitely deserves to be on top 10 or at least top 15! How is this trailing at blimmin 42? That doesn't make any sense, it has one of the most amazing guitar solos ever - amanmulji

This song is so much awesome to be at this place!

In Bullet For My Valentine style. Must be at least 11

45 Saints & Sinners

Pretty good song that deserves to be higher up. My only problem with it is the lazy rhyming patterns in the chorus (i.e. Literally 'thunder' 4 times). They could've swapped one for 'sinners, I wanna hear your rage, let it out for the beast down under' or something.

46 Eye of the Storm

Why Isn't this like #1?!? The musicianship and lyrics are so amazing! This is their best song in my opinion!

47 Riot

Come on peeps! This song rocks!

This song rocks, and should be at least in the top 15

This song is amazing! Should be a lot higher...

Come on guys! This song is great!

48 Breaking Out, Breaking Down

Everyone can relate to this song in some way or another, it truly is powerful - thumbs up Bullet For My Valentine

I am disgusted that this is number 31, this is clearly one of their best songs ever, just listen to it and you will be in love.

We can't blame this world forever!

I used to play this song always.

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49 Creeping Death

Really did justice to one of the best metal songs of all time, great take on the original

50 Not Invincible

Best song of the album by far just truly amazing

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