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41 Pleasure and Pain

Come on people haven't you heard this one or what? Its amazing! Lots of energy, bass and rhythm throughout the entire song. Among my top 10 for sure. But it could easily be top5

The best song off of Bullet For My Valentine's best album yet. Great song all around and very underrated. Go Bullet For My Valentine

Really? Come on this is easily the second best song on Fever, besides Your Betrayal. The Last Fight is overrated

This is a great song that deserves more votes

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42 Disappear

This is definitely better than rest! Got to be in top 5!

This song is so much awesome to be at this place!

Are you kidding me?
This is one of their best songs and definitely deserves to be on top 10 or at least top 15! How is this trailing at blimmin 42? That doesn't make any sense, it has one of the most amazing guitar solos ever - amanmulji

In Bullet For My Valentine style. Must be at least 11

43 Ashes of the Innocent

I can't believe that nobody voted for this song? I love a lot of songs by Bullet For My Valentine but Ashes of the Innocent has to be my favorite! I'm sad to see it is at the bottom of this list.

Its an awesome song, the chorus, the screamo, I just can't believe its not on the top five, ten or at least the top twenty, its obviously my favorite song of them, and should be more known to their fans

I love this song! I love how the lyrics are saying something extremely deep... I believe they are about the Holocaust...

"Darkness, screams of agony... They're begging "set me free! ".

Wonderful Bullet For My Valentine song
Really incredibly underrated

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44 End of Days

End of Days #38? This is Bullet For My Valentine's BEST song in my opinion!

Come on people! Vote for this wonderful Track! Please.

Man! How come End of Days is 40? :-O
Seriously underrated! Disappointing! Please get some life people!
Just listen to this song n surely you'll feel lucky to have listened to it!

All I can say you guys are insane f you listen to this one

45 Curses

I think this song is extremely pretty, despite the fact that this is obviously not Matt's best vocal work. The lyrics have the potential to touch a lot of people, as I feel that they are extremely relatable. The guitar work is fairly good, and the riffs are very catchy towards the end of the song. The lyrics are really where the song shines though. I feel that this song never gets the same amount of attention that other Bullet For My Valentine songs do, mainly because it wasn't on any of their albums and you have to do a bit more digging to get to it (or even find out it exists), which is sad, because this song definitely deserves more attention.

Beautiful song... can't believe it's this low down on the list. I know Tears Don't Fall would be at the top of the list before I even saw it. Pretty on the Outside should be higher up as well.

Why is this on 59, WE BECOME line is enough for me to get me on hook

Really good should be at least in the top 30

46 Worthless

Heavy, disturbing, total Bullet for my Valentine! Dark and twisted!

My favorite one from the new album. What a track!

47 Take It Out on Me

Everyone has their opinion and their specific tastes. Can't fault people for not voting this song higher. However, while I don't think this song is their best, it sure is awesome. The main riff is killer but the bridge is what makes this song top 10 quality.

Awesome, with the driving riff and the half-tempo section in the middle is great as well! - petrucci75hammet

Sick, need go top ten my opinion

How is this #46? Should be top 20 minimum, in my opinion top 10

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48 Livin' Life (On the Edge of a Knife)

Everything in this song is just so heavy and simply AMAZING, truly one of the best songs I've ever heard, also has a good amount screams!

49 Turn to Despair

The best Bullet track and one of their earliest.. Dirty epic screaming.. Diverse guitar melody and riffs.. A very angy violent song.. It is a BEAST!

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50 Dead to the World

The best song in the Temper Temper album. Sounds too much like Say Goodnight from Scream Aim Fire! And obviously an epic guitar solo. So vote this up! :P

Best song of the album Temper Temper.

Riot higher in the list then this song?! LMAO

Best outro I've ever heard

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51 Dirty Little Secret

Winning melody (not unlike all their other stuff)

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52 Spit You Out

Too good! Its one of the best by them! No words to describe it... Especially the chorus... Lots of screamo too...

Amazing song, the best bonus song ever!

Really powerful song, great screamo and heavy, has a great screaming solo and combines, matt, padge and jay

53 Last to Know

Huh I think the ears of every one were blocked when they started listening this song... I don't blieve what he hell this song is doing up here...

the people didn't even vote once for this truly catching song
please just listen to it once and you'll love it

Why is this not on the top ten? You've got to be kidding me!

54 No Easy Way Out

Bullet on form and letting fans know they're back! Brilliant track

55 10 Years Today

What! There is only one bad thing about this song and that is its too short otherwise this is the perfect Bullet For My Valentine song ever made

This song has meaning, rhythm, catchyness and is just perfect. Definitely give this song a listen before casting your vote

The hell? No. 48 for one of the most epic Bullet For My Valentine songs?

Great Bullet For My Valentine song. Very catchy, awesome chorus, and too true. Nothing less than expected from Bullet For My Valentine.
B4MV forever.

56 Truth Hurts

Amazing song from the new album...

Very underrated.

57 Not Invincible

Best song of the album by far just truly amazing

58 Broken

Broken is really epic song! This song needed between the top 10 and 15. - Nimbusman

This is the most amazing song by bullet ever, its vocals are much broader and incredibly hars to aing, and you hear the three guitars+matt's voice playing different melodies at the chorus which is more than amazing.come on.this deserves the top three not 64. Keep on voting guys!

59 One Good Reason Why

Awesome song... Great intro...

60 No Control

Good song with great lyrics and vocals. This song although it is an older song it is my favourite. Other reasons include the screaming is heavier then the bands latter songs and it is really under rated

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