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61 Seven Days

Great song, very powerful.
A message to help you realize hard work is good and to not take handouts

Lol, seven days this low, lmao. This is a comedy. Should not be anything Less than 5th..

62 In Loving Memory
63 Leech

One of the best songs of Temper Temper after "P.O.W" definitely deserves a better place!

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64 Intro
65 Army of Noise

After Temper Temper album this is the refreshing song, bring back Fever in this song!

Thrash metal song! Very fast and heavy.

Better than all Temper Temper songs - Nimbusman

The old Bullet For My Valentine we have been craving has returned after the huge let down of temper temper and you can clearly understnand that with this song great job bullet

Ok. 74? This song is a badass song. Thrashing, heavy, and brings us back to the old bullet. Raise this up to 20 at least 🤘🏻

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66 Skin

Really good song,one of the best in the album Venom! Definitely deserves a much better place.

Skin it's one of the best musics off this group, I recoment it to every one who enjoys this generer

67 Domination
68 Playing With Fire V 2 Comments
69 Playing God
70 Run for Your Life
71 Ace of Spades
72 Whole Lotta Rosie
73 One
74 The Harder the Heart (The Harder It Breaks)

Such an awesome song!

I feel its pasrt 2 of Hearts burst into fire.. Nice hard rocking guys.

This is in my opinion THE BEST SONG IN VENOM. Awesome song,good lyrics and a really melodic and good chorus! Deserves a much much better place! Definitely in my top 20 songs! Awesome peice of art by Bullet For My Valentine.

75 Saints & Sinners

Pretty good song that deserves to be higher up. My only problem with it is the lazy rhyming patterns in the chorus (i.e. Literally 'thunder' 4 times). They could've swapped one for 'sinners, I wanna hear your rage, let it out for the beast down under' or something.

76 Hell or High Water
77 Pariah

Really good fast paced song with good riffs and a great solo! Vote this up guys!?

78 Riot

This song rocks, and should be at least in the top 15

This song is amazing! Should be a lot higher...

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79 Creeping Death

Really did justice to one of the best metal songs of all time, great take on the original

80 Temper Temper

Not that bad as everyone says.. I like this song very much...

Its not my favorite but its really good after listening to it a couple times

I don't get why everybody hates it. It's my Favourite Bullet For My Valentine song and favorite song in general

This song is underrated. I found this song a week or two ago and that opened me up to Bullet For My Valentine. it's a pretty epic track. Always gets me fired up and makes me feel ready to get in a fight. Killer song, but highly underrated.

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