Best Bully SE Couples

These aren't actually couples but they are the ones that are really good friends or should be in a relationship/are in a relationship or they are just cute together.

The Top Ten

1 Jimmy and Zoe Jimmy and Zoe

This is Jimmy's last girlfriend and he obviously cared about her enough to get her back into Bullworth. - taytayxtaytay

2 Gary and Pete Gary and Pete

These two had one of the best game friendships iv'e ever seen, Gary trusted Pete even though he treated him like dirt. The reason why this friendship is one of the best in Bully is because Gary deep down liked nobody but Pete and in the end they ended up not even being friends.. - taytayxtaytay

3 Ted and Mandy Ted and Mandy

It's like school, you have that jock everybody wants to be with and you have that one popular girl who boasts because she has the jock and she is beautiful. However Ted wasn't really interested in Mandy he mainly used her, whilst Mandy liked him a lot and would make herself sick just to be perfect enough for him - taytayxtaytay

4 Lola and Johnny Lola and Johnny

Even though Lola cheats on Johnny he would still do anything to protect her and have her. - taytayxtaytay

5 Derby and Pinky Derby and Pinky
6 Pinky and Gord
7 Kirby and Trent Kirby and Trent

I hear more about these two than any other bully couple, these two are pretty cute though right? :3 - taytayxtaytay

8 Gloria and Pedro
9 Trent and Jimmy Trent and Jimmy
10 Mandy and Beatrice Mandy and Beatrice

These two arn't friends or in love but they certainly hate each other. You've got your insecure Cheerleader always picking on someone with faults to make her feel better - taytayxtaytay

The Contenders

11 Gary and Jimmy
12 Johnny and Derby Johnny and Derby
13 Pete and Jimmy Pete and Jimmy
14 Christy and Angie Christy and Angie

Friends that Gossip! Gossip Girls - taytayxtaytay

15 Wade and Christy

These two arn't in a relationship in that way, but they are brother and sister so that's why they are on this list - taytayxtaytay

16 Davis and Wade Davis and Wade

Bromance - taytayxtaytay

17 Lola and Tad
18 Lola and Gord Lola and Gord
19 Jimmy and Christy
20 Jimmy and Lola
21 Mandy and Jimmy
22 Russell and Jimmy Russell and Jimmy
23 Jimmy and Gord Jimmy and Gord
24 Vance and Jimmy Vance and Jimmy
25 Kirby and Jimmy Kirby and Jimmy
26 Eunice and Jimmy Eunice and Jimmy
27 Duncan and Jimmy
28 Damon and Christy
29 Dan and Kirby Dan and Kirby

Bromance! - taytayxtaytay

30 Gloria and Bo
31 Vance and Lola
32 Bif and Derby Bif and Derby
33 Johnny and Peanut Johnny and Peanut
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