Top 10 Best Bullying, Cyberbullying, Etc Films

The Top Ten

1 Elizabeth (A Cyber Bullying Movie View)
2 You Are You (Short Film On Teenage Bullying)
3 Cyber Bullying Movie Freak
4 Cyber Bullying Virus
5 Nothing Lasts Forever (a Short Bullying Film)
6 Abby's Story - a Bullying Story
7 Cyber Bully Short Film
8 43 (A Short Bullying Film)
9 Unheard - Short Bullying Film
10 Anonymous (A Short Bullying Film)

The Contenders

11 Carrie

I feel very sorry for Carrie that she got dumped by a bucket of pig's blood, which is very cruel and I also feel very sorry for the pigs that got killed. Whoever is that cruel to Carrie has a lot of mental issues to deal with.

12 Mean Girls
13 A Cinderella Story

I love Cinderella!

14 The Ant Bully

He's 2 lessons that I've learned in that movie:
1. "Don't bully others (off course)."
2. Treat others the way you like to be treated."

15 Koe No Katachi
16 Strain
17 Lady in White
18 An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong
19 Fat Albert
20 The Outskirts
21 Harriet the Spy
22 Mean Creek
23 Max Keeble's Big Move
24 Valentine
25 The Muppet Movie
26 Pokémon the First Movie
27 Avengers Infinity War
28 Avengers: Endgame
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