Top Ten Bunsen is a Beast Characters

The top ten best characters from the brand new Nicktoon.

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1 Bunsen Bunsen

This show reminds me of Sidekick.

Hey, I just saw him in that new animated short named "The Fairly Odd Phantom" that Nickelodeon released recently! He's a pretty fun and lovable character in my opinion. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

His voice is so annoying.

i like him

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2 Mikey Munroe Mikey Munroe

Mikey Munroe Is A Sausage I Wish To Eat Him In The Hot Dog

3 Darcy Darcy

Darcy Is The Only Good Character Of Bunsen Is A Beast She Is Very Funny

4 Amanda Killman Amanda Killman

I don't really like her, I just added her because she's a character

You're not supposed to like her bro. She's the villain of the show. - DCfnaf

She's an evil girl with braces! Reminds me of Trina Riffin. - DynastiSugarPop

She looks like a bad Helga Pataki and Angelica Pickles hybrid.

5 Miss Flap Miss Flap

She is a really funny teacher

6 Sophie Sanders Sophie Sanders

I hope we get more episodes with her

7 General Lance
8 Preschool Sycophant Preschool Sycophant

If you don't know who she is, she's Amanda's assistant from Body and the Beast

Her name is beverly

9 Boodles Boodles

Bunsen's invisible pet

10 Bunsen's Mom Bunsen's Mom

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11 Beverly
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