Top Ten Best Burger of the Day Puns from Bob's Burgers

The Top Ten

1 To Thine Own Self be Bleu Burger (Stand by Gene)
2 New Bacon-ings (Human Flesh)
3 Texas Chainsaw Massa-curd Burger (Tina and the Real Ghost)
4 Heads Shoulders Knees and Tomatoes Burger (Sexy Dance Healing)
5 Foot Feta-ish Burger (Crawl Space)
6 Pepper Don't Preach Burger (Sacred Cow)
7 Take A Leek Burger (Hawk & Chick)
8 Let's Give 'em Something Shiitake 'bout Burger (The Runway Club)
9 Parma Parma Parma Chameleon Burger (Bring It On)
10 Bean Spirit (The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene)
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