Top 10 Burn Up Ecxess Characters

For this list we will be looking at the top characters from the anime series Burn-Excess that follows a group known as Team Warrior who are a special police force who go on dangerous missions and later uncover a sinister plot that unfolds over the course of the series.

The Top Ten

1 Rio Kinezono

The main character who comes off as as incredibly arrogant, pushy and is always strapped for cash as she constantly finds herself in debt, despite this she is skilled in combat and usually the one leading the attack when on missions. - egnomac

2 Maya Jingu

Team Warriors weapons expert and also a loose cannon as she loves nothing more then to fire her guns with reckless abandonment and will get incredibly restless if she goes long periods without firing her guns.

3 Nanvel Candlestick

Team Warrior's engineer who creates a lot of the high tech gadgets the team uses and takes great pride in her work so much so that she treats her inventions like her own children as seen in the episode "Nanvel Kidnapped" where she was forced to help the transvestite gang into building a machine to change their appearances so they can steal and she is so attached by her new invention that she refuses to let her team destroy it until she is later forced to shut it down herself. - egnomac

4 Maki Kawasaki

The leader of Team Warrior who is a no nonsense woman who gives the group their missions. - egnomac

5 Lilica Ebett

The computer expert who has the abilities to hack computers and provide assistance to the other members. - egnomac

6 Anna Katagowa

Appearing in the episode "An Idol Never Sleeps" Anna is a pop star whose life is threatened by a stalker and to everyone's surprise she handpicks Rio to be her bodyguard, while Rio isn't too happy with this the two end up bonding as Anna confesses that she's a fake and really just wants to sing music that she likes. - egnomac

7 Ruby

A woman who works for Harry who coordinates a lot of criminal activity that Team Warrior fights against. - egnomac

8 Harry

The real main antagonist of the series whose been working in secret for most of the series until finally putting his plan into action near the end of the series as its revealed that he was Maki's husband Masako who was also her mentor who was allegedly killed during an explosion on a boat during their wedding after surviving he turns to a life of crime becoming an international arms dealer and later reveals to Maki that he was the mastermind behind the diamond smuggler operation and responsible for the killer androids that have been let loose in Neo Tokyo. - egnomac

9 Yuji Naruo

The only guy in the group and the team's vesicle's expert and an all around pervert who constantly has a habit of barging into the girls locker room and video taping them mostly Rio. - egnomac

10 Chi Mama

The leader of the transvestite gang who also ran a transvestite bar until Rio and the others discover their involvement in the jewel heist, he refers to Rio by a pet name Stephanie. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Maya's Father

Appearing in the episode "Rogue Father" where its revealed that Maya has a strained relationship with when he kicked her out of the house when she wanted to be a police officer but later visits after learning that he's ill which turns out to be a lie as the real reason why they called her home was because a construction company is trying to take over the area including her families home, Maya's dad is hot tempered who gets easily riled up just like her but deep down does care for her though he doesn't always shows it in the best way possible. - egnomac

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