Best Business Architecture Software

A list of best in class business architecture software.

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1 Business Architecture Software

A list of best in class business architecture software.

2 ARIS Business Architect & Designer

Aris allows you to create, analyze and manage the enterprise model for business architecture

3 ER/Studio Business Architect

Business users can easily model and better understand the often-complex relationships between processes, people, and data.


Capstera. Com is a business friendly business architecture and capability management software. Capstera. Com goes beyond boxes and arrows and enables business transformation thru capabilities-based management. Capstera bridges the business/IT gao with a common language and links execution to strategy.

5 Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect provides advanced tools for business modeling and software Engineering


Enterprise architecture management (EAM) connects the business and technology needs of an organization into a cohesive and dynamic blueprint, providing key capabilities for managing the impact of business-driven change.

7 Interfacing

Interfacing bridges the gap between business operations and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) management to create a sustainable process improvement and governance culture across the organization

8 Orbus

IServer is an enterprise architecture repository and collaborative modeling tool for Microsoft Office and Visio users

9 Mega

MEGA’s business architecture solution lets users describe, understand, and optimize your organizational structure, business processes, and assets

10 Troux

Troux provides the solution that documents, manages and governs the Business Capability definitions.

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