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1 School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh

Along all other university in Bangladesh IUB is one of the best. This university gives opportunity to its students to become more smart intelligent and prepare for the job market. it can also be named as best private uni in Bd. and its campus is really awesome. no other private university has such awesome campus in Dhaka...

No doubt. it's one of the best school for business in Bangladesh.

Among other private university... This is best


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2 School of Business, North South University

Highly qualified faculty members, world class curriculum, rigorous grading policy and many other unique features have made it the best business schools in the country.

Best for their way of teaching, faculties and all the facilities that they give the students. Really a pioneer of Higher education. It should also be mentioned that only NSU provides the best business club along with its 34 other active clubs, so the students also get the practical knowledge. - joyy

It's one of the best school for business in Bangladesh reason best faculty and best system.

Best For Business Studies

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3 IBA, University of Dhaka

Comparison here! Seeming unwanted!

Bested not profit university in bangladesh where education only priority. Not north south university where money and harassment are top priority.

Don't compare with's the best

It's the best undoubtedly

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4 School of Business, BRAC University

This is one of the best business school in the sub-continent. They provide world class education. They have a great amount of intellectual bodies.

Best not only business but also all subject

Best of the best

Best university

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5 IBA, Jahangirnagar University

It is such a top-notch university which possesses the most knack faculties.

Obviously we are better

Programs are very organised & meaningful in present context.

Its teaching method is really better.

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6 School of Business, East West University

"One of the best learning schools for the students." It is well equipped with all other extra facilities along with excellent faculty members.

I voted because it's not 7th for sure. It deserves a better rank.

The students of East West University are acquiring practical knowledge with academic knowledge.


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7 School of Business, University of Dhaka

Think thrice before compare

The mother of all business school.

Pioneer of all business school in Bangladesh...

No need to comment

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8 Faculty of Business Administration, Bangladesh University of Professionals

Best teachers. Green and safe campus.

Disciplined university in Bangladesh. it is the university which is gaining reputation so quickly in BBA...

It should be in top 3

Best Business School In Bangladesh..
It's a Leading University in Bd.

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9 BBA, Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)

One of the best faculty in Bangladesh. Teachers are so qualified and experienced.

In future it will be the best university for bba in Bangladesh

100% true that one day BUBT will be best in BBA in Bangladesh!

BUBT has Good Environment for all students for quality Education

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10 Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka

Certainly it should be in the 2nd position not only for the admission test but also for the rich faculties and the amenities that are provided to the students.

The best business school forever.

Should be in 2nd position. every year more than 50000 students seat for the admission exam and 1000 is selected.

It must be in the 2nd position in ranking for it's wuality of teacher's, student & also teaching method.& There is no doubt the best students of business faculty across the world are here.Because it's admission test is also highly competitive.

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11 Faculty of Business Studies, Jagannath University

Top ranked university in Bangladesh for school of bussiness

It is obviously one of the best business faculties in Bangladesh.

It is one of the top two public universities in Bangladesh for Business Studies.

I have found it's the best and will be the very best

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12 BBA, American International University of Bangladesh

How come number 1 business school is in number 14!?

I like it so much...

Yea best university

This is one of the best Business school in bd

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13 IBA, Rajshahi University

Iba ru is the best

IBA is the brand in BD. For providing better education so its no doubt that IBA RU is Best.

14 School of Business, United International University

United International University rock

It's one of the Best university of Bangladesh.

Outstanding teaching system


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15 The School of Management and Business Administration, SUST

SUST business school is one of the most prestigious one in Bangladesh.

Undoubtedly best syllabus and promising school of the world.

It's a good one

Good syllabus and nice product - mahmudnu07

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16 BBA, Chittagong University

The pioneer business school in Bangladesh is still holding it's reputation through better quality education, research and a good corporate relation. It is the best business school in Bangladesh for its good academic atmosphere, faculty, state-of-the-art technology education and strong presence of it's graduates in job market.

It's a grate pleasure to be a part of the prominent school of Bangladesh. Excellent environment, big campus one of the most biggest Library with abundant quality books, theses, journal...

Among the business schools both in undergraduate and graduate levels, University of Chittagong is the best because of its state of art.

The first BBA program in Bangladesh was launched by the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Chittagong.

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17 Faculty of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University
18 BBA, Daffodil International University

Ever best business school in Bangladesh

It is the most valuable University in our country.

Best university in our country

Best business faculty

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19 BBA, Southeast University

Not bad. Its well. and I think it is very good for just BBA department.

I think it is the best

It is the best for bba

Its really goods for bba students

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20 Army Institute of Business Administration, Savar

It's new but already it started to prove itself.

Having a great future

Its wonderful leading institute

Furure leading institute

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