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21 BBA, United International University

Excellent for studying BBA in bangladesh

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22 International Business School (IBS), IUBAT - International University of Business Agriculture and Technology

I personally think that...IUBAT... is the best than others University in our country. I contain it has provided better education about our own groups and subject and take care over all students who admitted there for their better academic completion. It's atmosphere also nice than the others. It's building infrastructure sometime charming to me. Finally I can say it is the best for affordable costing. I expect about the university may it long live which many students get chance to complete their Graduation and post Graduation.

Best higher education provider compared to other private uni in affordable cost - MIM

Highly qualified faculty members, world class curriculum, rigorous grading policy and many other unique features have made it the best business schools in the country.

23 IBA, Army Institute Of Business Administration
24 American International University - Bangladesh

Good but there much hard.

25 BBA, Islamic University, Kustia
26 BBA, Jagannath University
27 Begum Rokeya University, BBA Department
28 BBA, Patuakhali Science and Technology University

Because they are also producing the most qualified products.

Its proficiency level is so high

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29 Dhaka Imperial College
30 Business Administration Department, HSTU

To my knowledge its good as I am graduated from HSTU

31 Faculty of Business Administration, BGC Trust University Bangladesh.

Provide skill based education to the business students so that they can meet the employers demand.

32 BBA, ASA University of Bangladesh



33 School of Business Studies, Southeast University
34 BBA, University Of South Asia

"Yeah It's a good university for BBA"..

Teachers are so qualified and experienced.
In future it will be the best university for bba in Bangladesh.

35 United International University
36 Faculty of Business Administration, Bangladesh University

Teachers are so qualified and experienced
it will be the best university for in Bangladesh.

37 The University of Chittagong

It is obviously one of the best universities in Bangladesh for business studies!

38 Canadian University of Bangladesh
39 Faculty of Business Administration, University of Chittagong
40 BBA, IBAIS University
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